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  1. You lucky son of a female canine. I once, after freshly starting a new game, went into a house. Setting of the alarm. In my stupidity I decided to just snatch everything, since I just started, and to run after that. Needless to say I got grabbed in the kitchen and subscequently eaten.
  2. There is a possibility this happened because your system is a bit outdated. I don't know what you have. So I'm just taking a superwild guess. Or its a small glitch in the code?
  3. Yup. The zombified girl he has locked away is his biological daughter. Do mind I only watch the tv series. So I don't know how accurate to the comics it is. Oh and I haven't watched the latest season yet!
  4. I have an idea! When NPC's are implemented, why not build your own community! With your own rules! And eyepatch with fitting zombie daughter! I like the sound of that Althought I would rather be a sherif's deputy with a non-zombie son so I can yell CORRAAAALLLL!!! We both would. But knowing us we'd chain that kid to the goddamn wall! If you fancy Roleplaying a bit then there's always this: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6249-the-walking-dead-prison-v2-tv-show-updated/ Someone made the prison. As authentic as can be done. Now all we need is a server and enough people to re-enact the place!
  5. I have an idea! When NPC's are implemented, why not build your own community! With your own rules! And eyepatch with fitting zombie daughter!
  6. Nice! But keep an eye on the shoddy plank part on the top. They can squeeze through! The stairs to the right of that, where do they lead to?
  7. What's happening in your world at the moment? Did you just find lots of canned food? Are you planning out a looting route for the next couple of days? Did you just stave off a horde in your front yard? Has that scratch you got in that fight hours ago started to make you feel sick? Tell us all about it! And if possible, provide us with some juicy screenshots!
  8. Hey Jatta. This Legacy game of yours is going to become one big chaos once it's gained enough popularity. If I were you I'd use a queu. Let people join the queu and wait for their turn. A really great example of this is the succession fort "Boatmurdered" from the game Dwarf Fortress. Here's a link to the archived game: http://lparchive.org/Dwarf-Fortress-Boatmurdered/Introduction/ These are the things you 100% need to keep this orderly: - a queu - a time limit - a basic set of rules (example: don't burn down the entire town just for the sake of doing it) And if I were you I'd make players have to do a mandatory story about what happened. So people who just want to read are attracted as well so this gets superduper popular! Other players can chose to read or to go in unknowing of the former player's actions. I made my account here just to tell you this. Because I have faith in this growing big with the needed guidance. And also netting some extra popularity for the game as well. Happy surviving!
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