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  1. Union City

    This... This is beautiful! I love all the new sprites you guys made. They really make everything look much better and lived in, its part of the reason why i slowed down on my project everything just started looking like everything else. Great job on everything and keep it up!
  2. [W.I.P.] Project South Zagoria - Chernarus

    Not sure what youre working with but in PS it was just a matter of grabbing the selection expanding and contracting and smoothing. But because I'm not working on a replica i could make my streets however id like, meaning a lot less curvature. Might i suggest taking some artistic liberties and changing the streets to be straighter, especially if those streets dont have buildings nearby. Itll keep things clean.
  3. Room Mechanics

    Another thing you can do is create the diverse rooms for one floor and then just use those same rooms for the other floors. There's no need to create unique rooms per floor unless you want every single room to be different. That should bring your room count down to 36. From here you can see what type of rooms need to be unique for you. Another thing you can do is use the wall tool to change the coloration of every room and go into tiles to change the floors
  4. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    I had to look up what you were talking about lmao All I have to say is it's pure coincidence they look alike haha. I made this map with a bunch of clouds and a few brush strokes.
  5. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    Progress Update Hello everyone! For the past couple of days I've been working on different bits of lore and some radio messages you'll hear every now and then. I've also been working on region naming but came to the realization that it's be easier just to put what towns/cities you'll be spawning in. An example would be "Anabasis; Bridgewater; Irin; Hickston". Choosing this region you'd have a chance to spawn in any one of those four towns/cities. Some regions will be 2 towns others might be 6. Some regions will be much larger than some others. I've also started work on Hickston. There's going to be lots of shops and apartment buildings and 2-3 stories tall houses. Lots of bars and cafes and restaurants many of which will.have housing above them. It will also have a bus depot for when vehicles come this could be a potential spot to get some vehicles early on. That's all for now! As always questions comments and suggestions are welcome.
  6. United (micro)States of Merica

    Legit as I got on the forums just now I get a notification saying a minute ago you quoted me lol kinda weird But that's a shame that you're not working on it anymore :/ Though I'd love to atleast put some of your hardwork to use
  7. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    Hello Everyone! I've just released a new update for the mod adding a bit more land for you to explore. In it you will find a new town, which is the updated town of Bridgewater. There's an abandoned factory and it's titular bridge which is a spawnpoint for players. However the town is not yet done. I'm still missing two buildings and i haven't fully populated the factory to be a settlement area for the town. The main roads also now lead to the cities of Irin and Hickston, north and east respectively, but those cities are a bit off from release. Over the next few days I will be working on the story and some planning. By planning what i mean is im going to start coloring in regions and naming stuff and also trying to see what type of POIs and cities im going to want to make. We're also working on a release schedule so that there's a new town every week or two. This isn't something set in stone so expect us to dance around those numbers if necessary. As always suggestions, comments and questions are welcomed! also for the nonsteam players the main topic has an alternative link to download the map at. sorry about the wait D:
  8. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    Progress Update Hello Everyone! Im glad that everyone is enjoying the map on steam. I'll be making a non steam release in the next update. On to what ive been upto. Ive set up a mega account so that things can run smoother for the group helping me out. I've also laid out the plans of the order you'll likely start seeing towns not including the area im trying to finish up so that I can have a larger playable area. I'm close to finishing up bridgewater so i'm trying to push that out as soon as I can. As always questions, comments and suggestions are always welcomed!
  9. United (micro)States of Merica

    How's the map coming along?
  10. Propane Tanks, Sewers, Power Lines, and Other Infrastructure

    Not to mention there are sewer walls available in the tools so I'd say they're planning on adding them to the larger populated locations.
  11. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    Progress Update: I've gotten another person on steam to help with town building so maybe you'll see more rapid updates with all the help im getting. that said I'm always looking for more and im sure the other mapmakers are looking for help too. So if you're interested let me know. Currently I'm working on a renovated Bridgewater and then will have to make my way through Hickston and Irin. Bridgwater isnt looking terrible and while one of the poorer communities the town will still have its houses and stores to loot as well as a bridge for you to setup tolls in! I've been working with some ideas for Hickston and right now it looks like the town has a major hobo problem (most spawnpoints are going to be behind trashcans with carts) and also a crazy guy propping up mannequins all over town. That concludes everything I've been up to. If you've found any bugs do start a discussion on steam so that i can check it out. As always questions, comments and suggestions are always welcomed!
  12. IndigoRebel Buildings

    So your apartment building perfectly fit into a slot in one of my poorer towns! It was as if it was meant to be. But on another note your buildings are great! I'll try to start releasing some of the ones I've made that way it doesnt feel like its just you lol
  13. Digging underground, Caves, Mining and Smelting

    Well they did release a video of basements being playable and without needing to be teleported. So its actually not far off. This is actually what im waiting on to remove some of the bridges on my own map. Here's a video cause I couldnt find the mondoid.
  14. Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    Playable Update: Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce that I am releasing an updated Anabasis along with its surrounding cells. The updated version has new buildings specifically crafted for its less blocky layout. Currently the only POI available is the ship. Download: I'd like to apologize for the slow pace that I've been working on this project. I've been doing that so I don't burn myself out too quickly. I've also gotten help from AlexHupsch, who is working on the Merill Resort Area. I am also taking in any other mappers and builders who would want to leave a mark on the map in anyway. Just get in contact with me on here or on steam (same name) and we can talk about what you'd like to do.

    Oh my god that bus is beautiful!