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  1. Muldraugh Map

    So its not possible to add things to muldraugh. The pzw. File youre looking for just isnt there. But as others have mentioned your best bet is to edit another cell for your structures.
  2. Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    This all looks fantastic and i really like the houses and greenhouse youve created!
  3. Performance Enhancements

    I wonder if we'll be able to play with the weather system a bit for custom maps.
  4. Map of Normandy, France

    This is amazing!
  5. Can't place furniture in Building Editor. (SOLVED)

    Press "o". See if that works.
  6. More Buildings and Mountains Release

    The second to last structure looks absolutely amazing! While i likely wont use the main bulk of em im going to try and copy some of your ideas for builds in my cities.
  7. Union City

    Sadly I do not I lost the mega account just cause i didnt feel like digging up the recovery key and thats why you cant access that link anymore. And while looking to get ya the files i realized those were my only copies after doing a cleaning of my computer of unnecesary stuff.
  8. Splitting a Building Between Cells in WorldEd?

    Definitely better to just make the road longer. Personally i always try to make the bigger roads go down the cell divisions so i dont come into this problem.
  9. Union City!8XARQZDR!4ZGSPpFYsBkW48788BtStg There you go. 10 or so buildings in there arent mine, a couple of them being a large condo and survival home. Now for the ones that are mine its about 50 or so furnished home and a couple stores.
  10. Union City

    Would you like the buildings I made for my old map? Im probably not going to use em on my new map just cause of how I make buildings, so might as well let them help elsewhere.
  11. Union City

    @Ciber Ninja to the question about editing the rules from a few months ago its actually really easy to do, in case you didnt do it already. Im curious to see an update on how the map is doing, can we expect one soon?
  12. The editor, the game and and a catalogue of questions

    Checkout Blackbeards tutorial for the editor, its honestly fantastic for getting started and i suggest it to everyone who's starting out
  13. [Released] {1.0} Chaparral

    This is a little bit of critique on a minor detail but your grass is repetitive, and its mainly because of the grass you went with. Now im not sure if you place the grass on the buildings themselves but it doesnt look like placement from a veg map. Anyways might i suggest changing the grass from the one currently to one of the ones in e_newgrass that have like an extra slit down the center. it would make things look more... natural I guess? Aside from that though im quite enjoying the map
  14. The editor, the game and and a catalogue of questions

    1. Yes you have to basically go through the process before you can place any buildings on a map. I would think the reason for this is because of how each cell is broken up into a different file type once imported. 1.1 you dont need to have it exactly. You could make a base image that's entirely just grass, a veg image thats entirely black which would mean no vegetation, and a zombie image thats also black for no zombies. I wouldnt suggest it and would say if you want to work with a plain map to atleast get your roads done and make the veg map and spawn map black so you can detail those later however you wish. 1.2 The only reason i see to having to set each room's walls and floors is because of the default selection but you could just make an empty room. 1.3 there is not. i think theres like 40 or so walls you can choose, but probably like 10 are really exterior walls. 1.4 you can, you can leave it empty. But again to me seems counterproductive as then you have to go back to each room and give them their def. which can be a hassle. 1.5 Assuming you're using an editor that has layers, it makes things pretty easy to edit, by simply removing the pixels on your street layer (or whatever youre editing). you dont have to remake it, you simply edit it, save over the bmp and update the changed cells. 1.6 from what ive seen it looks like itll be similar to foraging zones in that, the areas you mark have a chance at spawning cars. So like foraging zones, youll have to mark these "car zones" yourself. 2.1 its random. 2.2 Yes, and good examples of this have been made. 2.3 not sure what you mean, but just gonna go with no. 2.4 im assuming it looks if the area the building on spawns zombies and then based on that spawns zombies to fill the floors accordingly (except the roof) 2.5 Im sure they could be made but none are currently implement aside from the stairs. 2.6 look at the room def thread or even the file itself to see what each room spawns. 2.7 many have created different tiles, so potentially yes you just gotta ask the creators for it.
  15. [Released] {1.0} Chaparral

    Oooo, a new map to play on. I always like seeing your buildings too as they give me some inspiration with my own in how to layout the interiors! How many cells does it add?