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  1. Hello Fellow Survivors! I know I only updated this yesterday stating that I'd be starting soon...well I decided to make a start on It today and I've progressed much further than I thought I would do. The map layout Is done, I've checked It and It works fully. I've made a few houses which I'm going to change as I was just playing around. This Is what I believe Is left to be done. Build Houses Build Shops Build Industrial Lots Implement them onto the map Add Little Details Sort the settings out (Zombie Spawn Map etc) Fin As I complete these I will update this list. Anyway here are some images of the work so far and I look forward to getting more done! Keep Surviving
  2. Hey EUDOXIO I'm pretty glad that creative mode hasn't been implemented yet as I prefer using TileZed etc though creative mode seems more simple. This is something I haven't actually thought about, I would happily attach it to the vanilla map when It's done, though I haven't the foggyist idea how to but I'll ask around when the time comes. Should be pretty cool walking around a USA map then strolling into Northern England But yeah I will attach it to the Vanilla map and make sure It doesn't overlap the other custom maps
  3. Hello all! I'm going to be commencing work on this project again within the next few weeks, I'll be keeping this updated as I always have been. A huge apology for the delays, but at least the ball Is moving again! Not too sure whether the building tools got implemented into the game, so I'm going to have to download the map building tools if not. (any advice on this would be appreciated) I'm pretty much having to start from scratch due to PC issues, so It may be a while until my next update. Until Then Survivors
  4. Just to let everyone know, I'm delaying working on this map for quite a while as I've got way too much on my plate at the moment, nothing bad just uber busy! but I will get around to starting this up again soon! when I do, I will probably be starting it from the start again as I'm going to make it quite a bit bigger anyway I'll keep this updated!
  5. Yeah i checked the mondoid out dead looking forward to it but no harm in playing around
  6. Hi Guys & Gals! I've been quite busy today with my project, I have completely re-done the map to try to get it to be a better scale (which i think i have succeeded in doing), I've built a few houses, pub, factory and a shop (these are all rather basic models), I have used Doublebrains Abandoned Factory, Pridelosts Water Treatment Center and Vegeds ArmA 2 style Fire Station just to add some fun to testing! I'm just slowly going about improving the buildings, making different house models etc and then getting all the little details right, as i've just seen the latest mondoid Creative mode looks like it could really help me out so i'm really looking forward to that! so once that comes out I think i'll be progressing with this map a lot more! Again it's in it's early stages but I'm having a lot of fun testing it out! If anyone would like to test the map at all then PM me New Map Layout Top Left Corner Bottom Left Corner Bottom Right Corner Top Right Corner
  7. I've downloaded a few community made buildings and implemented them into the map (mainly to help with testing, but more than likely i won't be using any community made buildings in the proper version as theyre all a tad american though i may edit them with the right permissions) Glad to hear even a few people are looking forward to it! I'm gonna say a rough estimation of about 4-6 months to get the 2x2 map done (depending on what issues i come across etc etc) But I will keep this thread updated and will include screenshots etc
  8. I assume i need the Lua files aswell? I've put the rest in and nothing shows up
  9. Hello All Firstly I'd like to say that I started this project 2 days ago so it is in it's very early stages. At the moment It is a 2x2 cell map that revolves around where i live. As a UK player it annoys me that there are no UK maps (let alone UK based zombie games) so i thought i would try my hand at making one! I'm hoping that i'll be able to edit it so that guns are that rare you probably won't find one for years (as we don't have guns lingering around the place haha). But that is in the long run, I'm hoping to eventually make it into a 5x5 cell map which covers most of the Wigan area and Pemberton, At the moment the only building i have made is my own home and i'm pretty sure i need to tinker around with the road sizes and layout of them as at the moment i don't believe things are in scale. As it's going to take me a long time doing this on my own (also this is the first map i've ever made so i am slightly out of my depth but time will tell) I will gladly accept any help from anyone who would be interested in working on this project with me Screenshot of 2x2 map (at the moment it revolves around my street) Screenshot of the Pemberton area Screenshot of Pemberton and Wigan Now i know the map i've made may be really small at the minute but as i said i started this 2 days ago, the vision is to create a 5x5 (or maybe bigger depending on if anyone helps) map of the area i live in which is called Pemberton, a little town that is a mile or 2 away from wigan town center so ideally i want to incorporate wigan town center into the map (kind of like muldragh being a small town and west point being the bigger one if you get my drift?) Anyway yeah If anybody has any questions or wants to help out then just get in touch
  10. Hi Guys & Gals I'm wanting to test my map, but in Thuztors guide i can only see about testing it in last stand, my map at the moment is really small only 2 cells x 2 and i'm wanting to test it like that, so my question is how on earth do i implement it as a standalone map? Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  11. Firstly i would like to thank you for covering this in so much detail! and giving me screenshots! Secondly Thank you very much as "(assigned generated maps to the world)" was unchecked and that has solved it from what i can see! Thank you very much for you help Encrypted! My project moves onward!!!
  12. Hi Zomboids and Zombettes I'm currently making a map of my local area Wigan in the UK and i've hit a snag, I've made my map (using phtooshop cs6) BMP file etc etc, made my first building which is my house but here's the thing i'm following Thuztor's Guide and on page 20 I'm stuck, I double click on the cell of my map in WorldEd that i want to place my house into and on his guide it comes up fine, whereas when i double click the cell i get nothing but grey.... :/ I have had the problem with the Veg map not recognizing colours and I'm hoping that it's down to that but i thought i would ask on here and see if anyone has had this problem? By the way this is the first time i've tried doing anything like this, i'm no expert in computers so any help would be appreciated Thanks Guys! Screenshot of map in world ed Screenshot of cell i chose
  13. I haven't noticed anyone else suggest this but i didn't delve far into the forum! What i was thinking was having a flashlight attachment for guns that take two hands to carry, this would enable the user to see better at night time and would be a huge help on multiplayer! (say you're going out at night with a group or alone whatever your option to scavenge, get revenge on others or whatever it is you funky ass people do! you're going to need to see at night and isn't unrealistic in any manner) It could aid in accuracy in dark areas e.g houses once the power has gone out, going out at night, but would make you more visible to zombies as they would be attracted to the light. I don't think it would be unrealistic to find these flashlights in a gun shop, shooting range or police station...but i wouldn't really know as i'm a UK player myself and we rarely see guns, but i just think it wouldn't be very farfetched at all! Anyway have fun surviving!
  14. This has been mentioned quite a few times before i know i've mentioned it beforehand and its a good idea and generally quite a few like the idea i can imagine it being implemented at some point but not a very high priority so it will be a while Ohbal i Love the idea of the con of it is the smoke attracting NPC's (when implemented) or walkers!
  15. Exactly, I can't wait for it. I apparently was not the first either, it has been suggested many times before. (I didn't dig out of lazines either if you look at the last post ) Yeah i looked at that hence the i didn't dig out of laziness as well same, it would would add a nice level of atmosphere to the game IMO
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