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  1. Hey! I'm away from PC for a long time and cannot really test IWBUMS, but here's a tip for smithing so it doesn't feel unrealistic: perhaps you can make all smithing-related structures unobtainable, and make actual factories outside of town (in less populated areas far away from the city) so going there would be an adventure to plan. Probably 2-3 factory buildings would be enough for the whole map, scattered on the edges. They would be enterable like the Logging Corp, big on the inside. Instead of log cutters there would be big advanced machinery structures which need 8-9 LVL in Metalworking to operate and demolish, so no trolls would join and instantly break them. Those machines inside factories are the only things that you can use to make advanced stuff. Imagine a clan war on a server, people fighting for technology. Factories would be difficult to locate and operate, maybe you need 3+ players to use them. Maybe you can upgrade them and maybe it's not that easy. And what if someone already took over the factory? If it's all barricaded and trapped? I'll make a full suggestion as I get home. TL;DR unobtainable stone chimneys, limited on the map, can be broken, respawns if not seen for x days.
  2. Hello! Long time I haven't posted here, but just got that idea in my mind and decided to share with you. Currently, pills and tablets do simple things: -5 fatigue, -5 stress, beta blockers, etc. and do not pose any threat but rare overdose. I suggest a total remake of how the pills work in game. First of all, medical items are special and do not just "add/remove stat when used", they differ from items like bread, matches or apples. When the player first connects to the server, game would loop through all registered pills (both vanilla and modded) and generate unique names for a given player. Algorithm would take random latin medical names from a special dictionary and connect them, so the output would look like a medical name for a drug, only fake: Then it would check if that name was ever registered on this server, if it was, then a suffix would be attached to it, e.g "Hydrochlorothiazide" -> "Hydrochlorothiazide-1". Afterwards the name is stored on that list to check for later. As this procedure is completed, player would spawn as usual. Drug names are unique and individual for each account. Each player will see pills differently to avoid confusion. If player A has vitamin pills and sees it as "Hydrochlorothiazide", drops them on the ground and player B picks them up he sees them as, for example, "Clindamycin". It will kinda work as unidentified potions/scrolls in a roguelike game. Until you take them and experience its effects you don't know what they do. As you take the pill, you won't see it's real name though, but a prompt would pop up, telling you to name them. If you have a specific trait however, you will see what it really does (only once taken). Pills should have many different effects and act interesting. Rare pills might only work if a specific pill was taken previously. Some pills knock you down, some pills kill you if taken when drunk, some pills conflict with each other and are incompatible. This diversity of effects and rules would make gameplay challenging and immersive.
  3. I'm on mobile right now and cannot access PC, so here's a reddit post explaining everything, I was told to post it here, so there it is! Go to https://redd.it/3l1z5l. Thanks!
  4. Dying in Project Zomboid is rather a common thing, so you have to see this screen often. It's something that haven't been really touched a long time, so here we go. A new character creation screen will start of your own character picture to the left and settings that only affect your look. So, screen 1: look of your character. Here you can customize your gender, hair, pants / shirts, etc. Also note the screen shouldn't be semi-transparent and a different sound loop should be played. The background for this screen is backpack with clothes coming out of it. When you're happy with current look and press NEXT button, a flash should appear and a sound of a camera should play, that's like your photo will be taken. A flash would be the transition for the screen 2. Once flash go away, you will see another screen, this one will look like a passport of a Knox County citizen. An animation will play as your photo miniature is placed (glued) on the passport. The passport will look like an, uhm, passport I guess? Here you can enter your desired name, surname and a spawn location which will say birth place or something like that instead so you enter this in the empty passport's fields. That is a screen 2, the character profile. As it's the second screen, there will be BACK button, and once you press it a "rewind" animation will play, GUI will become glitchy as the old TV and it will reverse back to screen 1. As you're satisfied and you press NEXT button here, a Knox County stamp animation will play, passport will slide away and reveal another screen: screen 3. Here you choose your occupation and traits, however I haven't really thought of this yet. I'll update my post then. So what do you guys think?
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