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  1. throttlekitty

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    @Legoland99, that extra tile isn't extra, the walls/door/window are all sitting on the northen tip of the tile. Ringo, I have one question about zoning that I can't dig up still. Does the game use the Nav zone for anything?
  2. throttlekitty

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Your details are looking better and better! And what's this data map?
  3. Yeah, there's a few tutorials on setting those up. I think there might be custom sets around in the Buildings or Resources subforums, but there's so many dead dropbox links stretching back many years. I know the AIZ2 map includes a bunch for the maps it includes, you might be able to use those if you can get permission.
  4. throttlekitty

    Starting out help with WorldED

    In WorldEd, you've got a panel on the right with some tabs: Properties, Layers, Maps. Maps is where you'll drag the files from, navigate to your map\bmp\ folder. The UI is a little bit goofy here; you need to click to select something, then click+drag. Alternatively, you can drag files from windows explorer. If it still doesn't let you, double check that the yourmapname_veg and yourmapname_ZombieSpawnMap are spelled correctly.
  5. throttlekitty

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    You can try editing the for this mod, and change the tiledef value like it suggests (100 through 1000). Also, I think you need to be playing in 2x tile mode for these texture packs to work, but I'm not 100% on that.
  6. throttlekitty

    All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/3/2019

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. throttlekitty

    Map questions: Problematic spawns, Road Tiles and Zones

    So I got the spawning thing figured out. Kind of. Having the AIZ Enhanced map mod loaded is what's causing zombies to spawn in my standalone map. Didn't expect that, considering one picks which world to play in. Though a quick glance at the lua scripts shows that the map is making corrections/adjustments to spawns for the various map it includes based on cell position, so I guess that's getting ran on the 0,0:3,3 range when the game inits. So that's a load off at least, I was doing experiments with tile properties last night and did a lot of new games in the process. Kinda sucks to get bit ~1 second after "THIS IS HOW YOU DIED", as funny as it is
  8. I'm getting all my ducks in a row to work on a map + tiles mod, and here's some questions I haven't been able to figure out. I'm a fan of not having to redo a bunch of stuff late in a project, so any help is much appreciated! Are the road tiles behavior hardcoded? I'd like to make a couple more, but I don't see any properties or relevant scripts that make a road tile give a smooth ride (compared to driving on grass). I just want to make some tire marked roads so they aren't so uniformly clean; I could do this with an overlay, but if I'm going to do that, then why not save a little and make them a full opaque tile? In my test map, I can't get zombies to NOT spawn. I have a sandbox preset that works just fine with the vanilla map, no zeds spawning. The same preset on my map has a small amount of zombies everywhere, including where I spawn, and inappropriate places like water or in kitchen counters for example. In this case, I was using an all-black spawnmap. I thought maybe some slight noise was getting saved or something, but that wasn't the case. I also tried other combinations of spawn settings with some painted white spots in my spawnmap, but still seeing the loose zombies peppered across the cells. The map with the painted spots is increasing population density there, so that works as expected. But having them spawn on top of the player spawn or anywhere else they shouldn't is a problem. What am I missing here? (afterthought to point out that I am using the correct pixel size for the spawnmap) I've gathered that most of the named zone areas (TownZone, Forest, etc) relate to trapping and scavenging through a couple thread and looking at scripts. Since I can't open the vanilla map in the editors to see exactly how things are laid out, just a few questions here. Nav zone: What is this used for and where? I assume I would lay these zones out on roads, but what about say, a sidewalk system on a school campus? And should a Nav zone overlap a Town Zone, or does the game expect them to be broken down so they don't overlap? Also, is it possible to use custom zone definitions? I've got a half-baked idea for adding random barricade type things similar to the car wrecks.
  9. throttlekitty

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I've got some problems that I haven't been able to solve after reading many forum posts here. As far as I can tell, I'm using the latest versions: and Are these the most recent? I do have the programs set to use the Tiles folder, not the 2x folder, I've checked that a few times now. 1) I see a few things like this here and there, but the tileset is mostly intact otherwise. 2) And according to the documentation, I should be able to drag this roof out and the gap should be filled. But I do get a gap, like so. Any fixes to either? I've already tried downloading and reinstalling, as well as deleting the config folders in case I had broken something there. 3) For zoning, the OP only covers vegetation and parking stalls. What are the intended uses of the other zones? I can see that the vanilla map uses them, but haven't found any info otherwise.
  10. throttlekitty

    WEATHER TEST BUILD - New thread and full changelist for 40.6

    The 'locked door' sound is playing very quietly, had to crank my volume to hear it. I'm not too sure about this progression toward hypothermia. Yesterday, I started a new character in mid-April and nearly died early in the second day, wearing a sweater indoors. I was able to find some car keys, so I hung out parked in a corner with the heater blasted. The following days I never even approached a cold moodle. Also have you considered adding a thermometer item? It's not uncommon for houses(in the midwest at least) to have them mounted outside on window sills. Either way, it would be nice to have some feedback now that weather is going to take a bigger role, or even have our characters say "it feels like..." in our Info panels. Did anything change with Environmental Attacks? I usually have it turned off with zombie hearing set to Poor. In this run I've got it off but hearing at Normal. I'm not exactly banging around inside when I sleep, but when waking up, there's been groups going relentlessly after two particular metal-barricaded windows for about 3 game days now. I've kept this option off for many patches now to avoid the constant barrage. I like the idea of them trying to get in, just that the frequency wasn't fun; adding "repair barricades' between every task was too much.
  11. throttlekitty

    Project Zomboid Needs YOU! (Yes, you!)

    Win 7, i7-4790k, 32GB RAM GTX1080ti @ 3440x1440, driver version 388.13. My only mod is BookCollection, but I've disabled that for now with no change. So far very smooth and stable at 60fps, even if uncapped. I've dipped down to the 40s zoomed out and driving a couple of times. However, the UI as a whole has a delay to it now, almost like it's on a low refresh. Dragging items or windows around, there's a noticeable frame loss, and item transfer appears to move choppy as well. Edit: The UI is not flickering, just looks like it has low FPS. I'm having trouble deciding if I'm able to click in between (what i assume are visual only) updates and not have that click register. I was trying combine vitamin bottles and it wouldn't go twice in a row, and a few times with items not going to or from my backpack with no other actions queued. I've restarted the game client a couple times just to check, also no change. However, my character was Unpleasantly Hot during one game load, and was animating/moving/pushing extremely slow for a couple IRL minutes until I took off some clothes. Like maybe 5 seconds to perform a push kind of slow, no other moodles or even close to weight limit. I didn't have any zombies around at the moment to see what anything else looked like, but I was still at 60fps.
  12. throttlekitty

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    I haven't noticed a difference here. I just got back into my safehouse after a while of playing, and suddenly they were in full effect in the center of the house. The place has been clean of corpses and blood for about a month IG time.