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  1. throttlekitty

    Build 41 IWBUMS animations feedback & issues

    I think most of us aren't too keen on the 180 steps. But TIS's goal was for proper human movement, so it's based on what the feet are doing. While correct, I don't think it's best for gameplay and hope they can smear it a bit so it's less jarring.
  2. throttlekitty

    Character creation bug on widescreen

    What's your GPU and OS? Reporting that it looks fine on ultrawide here. GTX1080ti, Win7, 3440x1440
  3. throttlekitty

    Custom Tile Templates

    Mind if I add to the thread? Here's the template I use in Photoshop, it's helpful for lining sprites up. I have two extra block grids for 45 degree/flat, for when I'm painting flat pieces. Heres a preview: Here's the file: _masks_basic_starter.psd
  4. throttlekitty

    Terraced and Semi Detached houses

    Yeah, they can sit right next to each other, just beware of overlapping tiles. Buildings behind others shouldn't have front-facing walls for example. If it's easier for you, make it as a single building first, duplicate the file as needed, then delete the housing areas in each.
  5. throttlekitty

    Project Zomboid BaseMap

    Interesting, I could only get it to tint the images, which wasn't particularly helpful.
  6. throttlekitty

    Project Zomboid BaseMap

    How did you make the vegetation image?
  7. throttlekitty

    IsoZoid Tool

    Way cool, I've only taken a quick look just now. It is annoying to move from flat to iso, this will make floor tiles much easier, thanks!! Any chance of adding support for a furniture tile? Working off a single input.png could get tiresome, think you could pull off getting all images in an input directory?
  8. throttlekitty

    How to get ALL TileZed Tilesets in BuildingED?

    In this case, yes. policestorage has only two container entries: "all" and "metal_shelves", both giving weapons and ammo. You'd have to insert a distribution table for "bin" if you needed to have a policestorage room that also has trash. You can check the full list of rooms/containers in this file: \media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua
  9. throttlekitty

    How to get ALL TileZed Tilesets in BuildingED?

    I had spent some time adding/fixing/reoganizing a while back, drop these in your %userprofile%\.Tilezed folder. You may want to make a backup of these files just in case. edit: I put the wrong files up a little bit ago. Also there's some references to some of my yet-unreleased tiles, so just delete those.
  10. throttlekitty

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    @Legoland99, that extra tile isn't extra, the walls/door/window are all sitting on the northen tip of the tile. Ringo, I have one question about zoning that I can't dig up still. Does the game use the Nav zone for anything?
  11. throttlekitty

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Your details are looking better and better! And what's this data map?
  12. Yeah, there's a few tutorials on setting those up. I think there might be custom sets around in the Buildings or Resources subforums, but there's so many dead dropbox links stretching back many years. I know the AIZ2 map includes a bunch for the maps it includes, you might be able to use those if you can get permission.
  13. throttlekitty

    Starting out help with WorldED

    In WorldEd, you've got a panel on the right with some tabs: Properties, Layers, Maps. Maps is where you'll drag the files from, navigate to your map\bmp\ folder. The UI is a little bit goofy here; you need to click to select something, then click+drag. Alternatively, you can drag files from windows explorer. If it still doesn't let you, double check that the yourmapname_veg and yourmapname_ZombieSpawnMap are spelled correctly.
  14. throttlekitty

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    You can try editing the for this mod, and change the tiledef value like it suggests (100 through 1000). Also, I think you need to be playing in 2x tile mode for these texture packs to work, but I'm not 100% on that.
  15. throttlekitty

    All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/3/2019

    Awesome, thanks!