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  1. Hydro, I seem to have a problem launching the game with Hydrocraft enabled. Done some testing, Definitely Hydrocraft causing the issue. I can launch game with no mods, activate Hydrocraft in the mods menu and reload Lua with no issues, but cannot launch the game from either desktop, steam, or folder locations, forcing me to either deactivate Hydrocraft before I quit or removing it from the 'loaded' mods text file before launching. When launching it cuts out right after completing the controller input config. Can supply more info on request. (I should mention the
  2. Keep working on it, I'm still between places so much going on, may be starting to build my own game soon so doubting I'll have much time to work on my Zomboid map, as much as I want the damn thing done. My map would span something like 56 cells, and I spent a good few months working on my FIRST cell and still only completed half of it. Given each of my buildings were individually furnished with no copies. If I can eventually a few cells I'd be likely to release it at that state and perhaps work on it as time passes. Good luck mapping! -TG
  3. The Googlator

    Union City

    Good work man, Please let me know when this is in a playable state. Ok, so here's my WorldEd; And here's my first cell almost complete: There's obviously a whole lot more than needs doing. When the map is complete we will be talking over 2000 buildings. There is something like 120/130 on the first cell and each building generally overlaps with another building, hence the difficulty when sharing them. I'm hoping I will find time to continue with this. Good luck man! -TG
  4. The Googlator

    Union City

    Hell, I've been out of the community for about a year after my mapping adventure came down with a crash, but dayumm you guys are working hard! So glad to see you took a look at my buildings! I hope they can be of some use Slightly motivating me to perhaps continue work on my map, if I remember rightly should be 56 or so cells mainly filled with buildings. Totalled up around 2000 or so buildings. I did only complete the majority of the first cell but then spent about 6 hours placing curbs making sure they were aligned correctly on both WorldEd and TileZed, exported and realised they
  5. Hey all, With my recent mapping adventures I bring to you: 34 buildings I'm not using. There's yours, yes YOURS I havn't checked these in quite some time and were made with the old tools, so would probably have a few issues regarding the 2x update. Here's a little screenshot with some of the buildings you'll find in the download -TG Unused.zip
  6. Oh Thankyou Ringo! I didn't realise the Zombie spawn map was used then, I only remember using it with the veg and ground files to generate my TMX files. Thankyou again !! -TG
  7. Hey all, I'm just looking at updating my Zombiespawnmap for my currently in-development project... I remember using the zombie spawn map right at the beginning when generating the TMX files, I think... So, can I update my Zombiespawnmap without having to re-generate all of my TMX files? I'm sure there has to be a way to do this without losing the work I've put in to the cell... Thanks -TG
  8. The new tools are out now if you guys hadn't seen... Although you will have to make amendments to ALL your old buildings.... woo hoo... luckily only took me a few hours to amend my buildings files and the check maps tool did the rest. Hows this project going Jim ? -TG
  9. Well, I finally figured out a way around regarding this issue. If I simply open the tmx file in TileZed, close the cell, then open it again and no overlap problems... strange... And just if anyone decided to look, a little look at the progress made -TG
  10. You guys need to update your Build status on Project Zomboid homepage. It's currently stating: Stable build 34.28 IWBUMS beta 35.11 Just in case nobody noticed... -TG
  11. Nice one for the explanation here! Glad you got it sorted! Shame that issue has occurred but it's better than being able to auto heal with armour! Keep up the good work you Modding Gods -TG
  12. Bug in armour mod: I burnt myself on the head using the Blast furnace, bandaged the wound, then equipped a welding mask on head, removed the bandage and ! wolla! the wound was healed. Not sure if this would also apply with other types of damage, but this effectively gives you as many opportunities as you need to block (magically heal) the wound. -TG
  13. Do you own the map? If your looking at opening other people's maps, first you'll need their permission, then you'll need there TMX and PZW files. -TG
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