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  1. Tried the new fishing GUI. It looks nice but... Before the update: caught 4 fishes with a single tackle without a single line break (skill level 9). After the update with the same character: exhausted two spools of fishing line for repairs, dropped fishing abundance from 100 to 28 (since it drops even on line break or trash catch), wasted a lot of worms and 3 tackles... Caught a pair of shoes and two small bait fishes one of which got me a pair of socks and the other one broke my line. No actual fish. Is this a rebalance or did I get really unlucky or is fishing broken?
  2. and there is. when you looking garbage with the big box on large junkyard - you only get an empty box It'll probably be fixed in the next release. Alternatively, you can fix it yourself: 1. Open the file (YourSteamPath)\SteamApps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods\Hydrocraft\media\scripts\Junkyard.txt 2. Find the typo (line 407, or you can search by "searchlarge") and fix it. 3. Save the file and restart the game (or server). I think, everything should work after that. But it's still 1/25 chance per large trash box, so you'll need lots of them.
  3. Blue barrel can be found by searching in the large box of trash (with the junkyard and the box), not the junkyard magnet search. And the chance for the blue barrel is 1/25. However, it seems that there is a typo in this recipe in the Junkyard.txt. The recipe states "OnCreate:hcjunlsearchlarge" while the required script is called "junksearchlarge". I didn't test it, but it should make this script unaccessible, and the recipe will produce only the empty box. Also, I think, the blue barrel should be craftable. Metal barrel + blue paint, as I suggested earlier. Blue barrel doesn't differ so mu
  4. When I try to plant seeds that require trellis kit, all trellis kits in my inventory are removed after planting a single plant that requires them. I use this mod as a part of Hydrocraft, so it might be Hydrocraft version specific bug. Hmm, it seems that I found the location of the bug. It's in lua/client/Farming/TimedActions/ISSeedAction.lua: ...for i=1, self.nbOfSeed do local seed = self.seeds[i]; if self.typeOfSeed == "Bean" or self.typeOfSeed == "BellPepper" or self.typeOfSeed == "Eggplant" or self.typeOfSeed == "Grape" or self.typeOfSeed == "Pea" then self.character:getInventory():Rem
  5. I found a pumpkin seeds packet by opening a mystery seeds packet. Didn't plant pumpkins yet.
  6. Link on separate map, without overlay: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFallsL0#0.3015058789408203,0.24153964856646232,104.62617623075528 I also encountered it and nearly died because there were tons of zeds in the building and I couldn't go downstairs. Managed to craft a sheet rope and escape through the window. And a few bugs from me. You can't go upstairs in some buildings, something is blocking the way. For now, I remember two of them: Abandoned police building http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFallsL0#0.3929700324829444,0.2721561865938418,125.55141147690632 Twig
  7. A furniture suggestion: make cardboard boxes convertible to vanilla furniture cardboard boxes (and back). That would make them more useful.
  8. No way to craft it, no way to get it (Methylamin is unobtainable too).
  9. Well, if I didn't miss anything in the scripts (and I used search), there is no way to obtain it. Therefore, biogas tank is also uncraftable. I think, we need a "Paint the barrel" recipe: metal barrel + blue paint (1 unit) + paint brush (keep) -> blue barrel. Or just a biogas collector recipe from regular metal barrel.
  10. A few small bugs with pigments and paints: 1)"Extract green pigment" creates red pigment instead of green. 2)"Mix White Paint" and "Mix Yellow Paint" both create pink paint instead of white and yellow. Also I've been looking at scripts and I don't know how to get a blue barrel. The junkyard seems to give only metal barrels. Am I missing something?
  11. It doesn't, because it doesn't require the game engine to be changed from isometric to full 3D.
  12. The xp meter isn't hidden in build 32. Open the skills panel and click the small button in the top right corner of it (the button with a triangle). The panel will swich to strength/fitness. Clicking the button for a second time will show skills again. Though I didn't notice any loss of strength/fitness. Maybe it's because of an active lifestyle of my characters.
  13. Well, I've read a few topics about viewpoints and game engine, but some things still look unclear. I understand why the engine doesn't allow free camera rotation and 1-st person view. But my suggestion is just making four switchable viewpoints (90° rotations). This will not require changing the engine. Basically, to rotate the view 90° or 180° you only need to swap map axis according to the viewpoint and re-render all tiles and 3D models with new rotation. So, the only possible problem can occur if the tileset is incomplete (for example, if some pieces of furniture don't have all four tile var
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