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  1. Thanks for the answer)) Of course I know about tile definitions in TiledZed. There is no setting for linking tiles and their overlays. Only the physical settings of the object itself are registered here. ((and by the way, not all parameters are entered, you need to add what you need to in Users \ IMops \ .TileZed by hand)). I think there should be some kind of file, similar to Rules in WorldEd, that prescribes the overlay ratios on items. (You need to order the tiles from books & misc to be superimposed on the tiles of the metal shelves when there are items on them (screen 1) I think a similar situation is on TVs. Something makes them show exactly the desired picture (at the moment when the broadcast is on TV in the game). The TV screen image tiles are on the same tile sheet. (screenshot 2) PS Sorry for my english. I suspect language is not very well through the online translator
  2. I've been making my own map for a long time, now I've gotten to the point where I'm drawing textures for it. And here is the problem I ran into. When items are placed on vanilla metal shelves - boxes and other junk appear on them. When you take everything - the shelves become empty. Can't find information anywhere on how fullness relates to texture. Please help
  3. Types of zombies are independent of rooms. They are distributed in WorldEd using zones, just like machines. I can’t find it now, but somewhere there was a topic about this.
  4. I think, this message can help u) As I noticed - zombies just appear in buildings, regardless of the spawn map
  5. Hi!) Intresting building, but have some problems) 1. U block stairs to second floor. Dont test, but think its a barrel under stairs. 2. When u put garage door - u need to remove walls behind they) Dont cool, when u open door and see bricks) No one has no problem. These shortcomings are resolved very quickly) Thx for publishing and good luck) PS. Im take u building to my map. Publishing in steam workshop about a mounth after MP in 41 build)
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