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  1. In 2053 a AI program in Japan will become self aware. A year later out of sheer boredom it will add NPC's to PZ.... 6 months later it decides NPCs were not needed and replaces them with a Zombie Overlord.
  2. Restless sleeper could use a adjustment...I'm a restless sleeper in real life and can work 8 to 10 hour days without being dead tired. Also sleeping pills should help with restless sleeping....at least it does with me, I take them when I know I'm going to have to work a 12-14 hour day.
  3. I make them pay by taking as many of the sorry bastards as I can out So it's load up the guns and go zombie hunting
  4. I must be hooked bad then lol 629 hours played and I start playing October of 2014
  5. Had a super base built stocked to the max..I mean tons of food, axes, guns and ammo. Then I got bit and decided to just end it all...I started a fire downstairs the went upstairs to sleep thinking it would be over. LOL woke up the next morning on half a bed and the only food left was some stale tomatoes stored by the garden. As I tried to build another fire in which to throw myself in I dropped dead.
  6. Hi FreedomFighter good to see you play this game too I think winter could be a big factor in making the game harder. Such as no crops growing also on really cold days you would have to stay indoors or near a fire so it would make a player stock up on supplies for winter. I agree with you about the zeds all it takes is one careless move by the player to end up infected. LOL happens to me a lot...last game was 6 months 3 days, over 2700 zombies killed. I just got cocky and careless
  7. Maybe good for MP or when NPCs come out it could work like this....if zombies eat a player or NPC they would become stronger and faster after having a meal.
  8. Not bothered by broken windows I'm always "Yay I cut myself..I hope glass is embedded in my arm :)" But so far just cuts...even got to the point of not looking for a unlocked window. I just break one out and climb in lol. Would like to see player made doors work better when placed on the backside of a house. Made one today on a little base I set up and it's hard to get it to open from the outside....you have to pull up the drop down menu to open it
  9. Started a new game..in this one I started in Muldraugh not far from the Doctor's office. I've looted it and every warehouse plus the logging camp..smashing crates and all. 4 axes, 2 shotguns (didn't find any guns at the police station) and 2 pistols. It's day 36 and I'm at West Point now I can pass between towns without seeing a zombie. Well not counting all the dead ones littering the road. I have every tool I could ever want and a big hiking bag full of shotgun shells waiting at home...once I get it I'll hit the hardware store in WP. I've adjusted how I play to counter the update..stay awa
  10. I guess they did what they wanted as far as survival mode goes (kill you before you get to have any fun). But in my testing runs it seems getting scratched has a higher chance of being zombified then what I heard it being set at 25% here are my five test runs. 1 scratched...died (13 days) 2 scratched and died (6 days) 3 scratched and lived but then biten and died (4 months 17 days) 4 scratched and died (24 days) 5 scratched twice and died (2 months 3 days) I have a old save that's at almost 8 months she's survived 8 scratches but haven't played it til I tested the new build. What even more
  11. See this is why I changed my game so I can't get infected. Laugh if you want but I find it even more silly here we are fighting hordes of zombies when WE KNOW one bite and were done for, yet we still have zero armor options in game. I mean really who in this zombie apocalypse would be like "Should I wear the heavy carhart jacket with the thick overalls and thick leather gloves or should I go with the jeans+t-shirt combo... Yeah lets go with the jeans and tee otherwise I'll sweat my ass off!!". When the game starts it's undies (yes I'd love to craft body armor ) but I can't play safe eve
  12. That's not bad was you inside... cause they give sneaky like that died like that a couple of times Nope outside. Generally I hear them coming, or at least have a quick second to sprint away, but she just came up and bit before I even realized it. Was it a fast one cause she just got me came from the side and clawed me. Game started me with a butter knife a can of dog food, can of beans lol no can opener and 2 leaks. 4 days and 7 hours and I had just found the holy frying pan and was testing it's powers in the front yard.... just wasn't playing it safe enough.
  13. That's not bad was you inside... cause they give sneaky like that died like that a couple of times
  14. Same here, just started on this last update. Windows 7 64bit AMD Athlon 2 x3 455 Processor 3.30 Ghz Ram 6.00 GB ATI R5450 1GB DDR3 All drivers are are up to date and I don't use beta drivers. Also my java is up to date.
  15. If I could mesh PZ with State of Decay I'd be in zombie heaven :)

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