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  1. I have 13 different little suggestions: 494. Cots and folding lawnchairs fold up without breaking down. Even though they are both two tiles big I think it should be possible to fold them up to be moved. This would make the carpentry skill less necessary for characters who are going to live in a factory or commercial building. 495. Folding chairs should be lighter. There might also maybe be a very rare camp stool of some kind. Right now I carry a white plastic chair with me on long journeys, which seems silly. 496. Some foods should be destroyed by freezing, like cabbage, lettuce, radish, and potatoes. Maybe they could go straight to spoiled when they unfreeze. In a previous build, I would stash tons of food in the freezer and it would all stay frozen days after the power went out. I presume you could run the generator just enough to keep them frozen for a long time. This is a cool strategy, but it ought to require more trial and error. 497. A few rare zombies, if there is no activity in their zone for a long time, lay down and take a nap. They can get up to chase player if he or she runs really close by. I think this would add some surprise and freshness to zombie behavior. 498. Some zombies could seek shade instead of baking out in the sun during summertime. This might only be implemented when zombies are realized on the map, so that in summer they tend to be under awnings or just inside the treeline. I think this would make zombies more lethal in open spaces, as they will be more likely to appear suddenly. If it only happened in the summer, it would also add some more depth to zombie behavior. 499. Add the ability to dry some varieties of fruits, vegetables and meats. It is the most ancient method of preserving food. School kids build solar dryers and ovens in school, why shouldn't our characters? A deluxe solar dryer could be built from wood, nails, a lawnchair, and lots of foil. This would give foil another use. 500. Improve visual feedback for deaf characters. When you look inside the refrigerator, a light should come on. It would also be cool if there was some way to make it appear there is a helicopter overhead when the helicopter appears. Maybe a shadow on the ground, or a wind effect? Or, a little red icon in the bottom right. 501. Farmers should start with the ability to run generators. This is logical because there are generators located on many farms, and it makes sense because farmers often maintain farm vehicles themselves. 502. Engineers should be able to use two mirrors and some newspaper to start a fire. This would make mirrors useful, and enable engineers as an alternative survivalist character, especially if the ability to use a fire drill is restricted to rangers and other outdoorsy types. 503. Add a way to put 12 sticks into a campfire quickly. When a player uses the contextual menu to add one thing to a fire, then they go back into that same contextual memory, there is an option to add one item, or all the items of that type to the fire. 504. More long term erosion, especially for servers, which people will play for a long time. Burnt houses decay into ash piles after a year. Zombie corpses decay into skeletons after a month. 505. The ability to hide in dumpsters, camouflaged by the smell, and wait until zombies go away. Ought to be able to read and eat and sleep in there too. I think this would lead to funny situations where someone might jump into a dumpster, then the undead might bang on it for awhile, then forget they're in there. But the player would be trapped and have to deal with starvation and dehydration while they hope the zombies will be distracted by something like a dog or gunshot. 506. Teachers as a profession could have two or three points in a random skill, and get the fast reader trait at a higher level.
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    I like the idea of the chopper flights being tied to the radios somehow... Maybe every few days for a few weeks there will be a chopper flight that comes near to the player, and follows them briefly, not hunting survivors but counting them. Player might avoid them by staying invisible or using the radios. There might be a military broadcast to civilians in the zone to signal the choppers when they come by at a certain time for supply drops or later rescue (that never comes!). Then when the choppers cease flying, you'll know that even the army is screwed. I would be curious to know more about when there used to be more helicopter flights, and why they changed it to just one chopper flight per game.