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  1. You know what, you've forced my hand. I was going to just shut up and accept your post but after re-reading it I realize I simply cannot do that. Ok, let's just pretend you didn't just imply an insult there and move on. I mean, you do realize using that is pretty unprofessional for a moderator? Yep. In the past. I left the forum, came back and have made every effort to be as civil as possible. However you're clearly not going to let any mistakes I've made in the past slde. No, thanks. I'll be banned from the forum for this so before I go I'm going to explain exactly why I think you're an
  2. That's cool. Not sure I'd trust it in icy weather but cool nonetheless.
  3. Ok, but I have to ask. How can this be a forum if you're prohibited from disagreeing with one another? Isn't the definition of forum the free exchange of ideas? Now I know I've not been rude to Enigma. I've been very careful this time around and i'd respect your comment if Enigma and I we're being rude, impolite or insulting one another but we're not. He disagrees with me, fair enough. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Beatrice Hall
  4. No, not at all. I've been at pains to explain that this should exist only in first bite or a difficulty below it. I think that this might have applications on harder difficulties but only to make the game more difficult. I'm not sure about that. With the reworked menu it's quite clear what the game considers difficult and what it doesn't. It's all explained well enough. Shirley a player wouldn't play first bite and then come to the forum and complain that it's too easy before playing the harder difficulties? It seems to me that your main reservation is that it coddles the user. It might do
  5. And for the most part I agree. I enjoyed the unforgiving nature of this game, it's part of it's appeal. Just remember that people have different levels of proficiency and some might not have the option to plough hours upon hours into this game. Does anyone know how many people have bought this game and stopped playing it because of it's difficulty? When Enigma said level scaling I cringed because he wrote one line, shrugged and left. He didn't explain what he considers level scaling to mean. Level scaling (as I understand it) has little to nothing to do with what my idea is. I don't remem
  6. Ok, just so we're clear. I'm not speaking about the rate or breadth of level 1 or level 2. I'm talking about the game adjusting it's difficulty on the easiest setting or even this being an entirely new sub-difficulty for the game although I do agree with Blasted_Taco that first bite is where the player learns the game. Just try and appreciate the harder difficulties you used to face or likely less tasking than the easiest difficult right now.
  7. Lifting the ladder is something I hadn't considered. It's a good idea but I think it'd be limited to the strong because you'd not only have to lift it up you'd also have to lift it through the window. That would mean supporting it horizontally too. I think that'd be quite difficult. I suppose if the ladder was aluminium then it might be different but even then I think it'd still be quite difficult. And that doesn't even account for the width of the ladder and the window respectively. I like your thinking though.
  8. I was just reading about a bloke on the PZ subreddit that was having difficult as a beginner. He had enquired as to what else he could do to make the game easier. See it strikes me that many of us have spent many hours in PZ dying repeatedly and learning the various crafting recipes and making their mistakes in a less aggressive PZ environment. That's because PZ is a lot more difficult now than it's ever been and don't for goodness sake, think that this is a complaint because it isn't. Now that the difficulty has jumped it's less jarring for those with experience and to new players it's a
  9. Actually. Wood that is wet would be extremely difficult to chop too. Now that wouldn't apply to cutting down trees (as far as I can tell) but it might effect the players ability to saw them into planks. Perhaps someone with actual experience of woodwork might have a better idea.
  10. It seems to me on higher difficulties there are two ways to go about your day. 1. Put a sheet rope on a house and destroy the stairs 2. Live in the woods. Sheet Ropes TIS are evil. I'm evil (when it comes to thinking of ideas) and it occurred to me that sheet ropes are fantastic method to escape a house when it's on fire but they're certainly not a great thing to rely upon long term. I mean think about it logically. You tie some bedsheets together or worse, jumpers or pants and you use that to scale two stories (or more!) to your house every day and down every morning. Now let's assume
  11. Two parts to this suggestion: 1. Wet wood (stop that giggling at the back!) 2. Campfire proficiency 1. Wet wood. So as I'm sure you all know. It's a bad idea to set wood on fire when it's wet. It makes a huge ploom of grey smoke that can be seen for miles and would invariably attract the Z's. I'd like to see this reflected in the game. Keep wood stored in a dry place. If you don't it would be extremely difficult to light with a notched plank and stick and would be awkward to light otherwise unless you had some sort of primer like lighter fluid. Even if you did light it the consequences
  12. Now before anyone jumps in and tells me that TIS have added the possibility of rescue to the 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' list, yeah, I know about this. Right, now that that's out of the way. The idea in brief Vehicles / bases placed into the game with soldiers / armed civilians guarding them implying rescue which are there to make the player think they're going to be rescued but are in fact traps. The idea de-briefed In zombie books and film there are often set-pieces where the protagonist thinks they've reached a safe house / bunker / army base / army humvee / army helicopter only to find th
  13. This is a very well laid our and useful guide, thanks. Haha. TIS are fucking evil.
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