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  1. I had originally tried that and seemed to have the problem on a few new saves. I've since verified the files on Steam after having all the mods disabled and everything seems okay at the moment. Once I have a bit of free time later I'll add the mods one at a time to see if I can replicate the problem and post the console.txt from there. I took a peek at the .txt I have now and I'm assuming that's from my most recent save which has no problems, am I correct on that?
  2. Hi guys, first time posting, not sure if I'm posting in the right place or properly, but here's what's going on: I'm on the 41.43 IWBUMS and had a few mods enabled, and was unable to pick items up. I'd double click them, the "picking up" bar would fill up and then go away and my character would be in the "picking up" animation for as long as I'd sit there, yet not picking up any item. I assumed it was from the mods so I disabled them one at a time until I had none at all enabled, and still am encountering the bug. Not sure if I can somehow get a log to post to show what's going on, so if anyone knows how I can, please let me know. Another thing I noticed is while this is happening, in the bottom right corner I see that red "ERROR" box going crazy flying through numbers.
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