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  1. and WOW it says car battery at 86% but battery is DEAD?
  2. things such as : door frame carpentry lvl 2 door carpentry lvl 3? framing a door is more work than putting up a door. also doors do not use nails why can i get under the hood of a car but ''need key'' to remove the battery? why am i using a screwdriver to take off the battery, when a wrench is needed?
  3. so if i had a bag equipped and then wanted to equip a weapon from the item wheel it will equip the weapon in both hands if that is an option, which then takes the bag off my carry slot and causes a change in carry weight. instead i contend it should auto equip it to primary weapon instead of in both hands weapon if i have a bag already equipped, or could be similar if i have any other item equipped secondary such as flashlight.
  4. id like to see more advanced and complex traits with conditions which need to be met in order for the trait to take effect for instance claustrophobia would be dependent not only on being indoors but in smaller type rooms and/or with npcs/enemies present this could also make it so you could develop certain positive or negative traits over time maybe. another example would be the ability to manage diabetes with diet, or maybe you could get diabetes from just slamming sodas and candy in excess.
  5. I cant remember if i even know how to do a backup install. I'd have to just get an installer or the game files and put them in another folder yea? anyway i'm using an xbox1 controller. i just couldn't do anything really. i couldnt open doors or do a whole lot. moving around it would tend to turn me in circles when i stopped moving. basically it works on the regular version as much as it can outside of some issues with the context menu items using the controller where i need to do a mouseclick.
  6. has this been updated/fixed? i couldnt do much playing with it previously. for me it was totally broken. i dont have net at home so i cant upgrade/downgrade whenever.
  7. Name1234

    Super Survivors!

    my wife got stuck climbing over a fence and froze. also the context menu doesn't work via controller button press, only with mouse click.
  8. R/L thumbstick buttons? or else the ability to remap the radial menu. the zoom is at an unnatural diagonal
  9. I joypad with an xbone 'troller
  10. I think he means rest as in to reset the lung meter. I typically set it to come back pretty fast to avoid having to rest constantly. I can see your point though, and regardless, it's unrealistic to assume I can't rest or even sleep on the ground.
  11. Good ideas. I like the one about reversing the naming for organizational purposes. Like whenever I go to cook a stir fry I always lose it in my inventory since the name keeps changing Lol
  12. I think the system needs some expansion since it seems like you need to be a fat nervous illiterate practically deaf and blind person to have any skills Lol
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