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  1. That makes sense, although I think the amount of positive points for traits obesity gives you will have to be reduced.
  2. Wasn't even aware it was possible to survive a bite. As soon as I get that little message saying bitten, I go to the bathroom and grab all the bleach I can find.
  3. Some of these might need a bit of modification such as generators also generating a lot of noise attracting zombies to balance them out, also some of your suggestions are already planned to be added but in total good suggestions.
  4. I've always dreamed of becoming merle, no need for a primary when you have one permanently equipped.
  5. Nails can be found in the hundreds if you visit the right places such as warehouses, sheds etc. Visit the warehouses in the outskirts of a town as they're not often looted on multiplayer. No need to make them renewable as like I said they're easy to find.
  6. "Don't worry I have an axe I'll just kill the zombies at the door and come back."
  7. Love the leaving notes and painting signs implementation, great for the RP server I play on.
  8. Watched a video by 'YOGSCAST Hannah' years ago, got intrested with the game and waited until it was out on steam years later before buying.
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