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  1. heyyyyyyyyy

  2. daorkboypl

    Remove lucky/unlucky trait.

    Good solution would be nerfing it a bit just MP side
  3. So post your PZ lore snippets caught while listening to the radio and watching the TV in-game
  4. daorkboypl

    LAN Server Setting Help

    The .exe file changes should work just fine. As for the password, I don't know how to change that
  5. PZ Translation helping

  6. daorkboypl

    Tunnel Vision?

    There is the trait like that in-game. Don't remember the exact name, but it says it increases view cone.
  7. daorkboypl

    Yet Another Weapon Mod

    I like this. But pls add the mod version to the post name. It helps a lot.
  8. daorkboypl

    Warm meals

    Ok, I do like that idea. It could depend on food type/meal and perhaps a trait. Warmer food it better for you overall.
  9. daorkboypl

    Warm meals

    So this idea came up today. It's simple. The warmer the food the tastier it gets. That means the happiness variable goes up and down with the temperature of the meal. Cause no one want to eat old, cold meat when the grease or sauce is a chunk of jelly fat. DICE PLS NERF
  10. Exactly what I'm expierencing. i bet it's the new netcode
  11. daorkboypl

    Horrible Lagspikes in MP

    So me and my friends have been getting horrible lagspikes on MP on build 30.12. Is this a build issue or server side or client side problem? I don't have a SP problems. Please help
  12. daorkboypl

    Fletchery Mod

    Yes. Yes. YES!
  13. daorkboypl

    Fletchery Mod

    Really nice mod. Kudos
  14. daorkboypl

    Leftover Abandoned Foods Mod

    It's a shame you stopped modding. Liked the idea.
  15. daorkboypl

    Your Favorite Weapon?

    Nailed baseball bat. It's so cliche!