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  1. Using chlorine bleach as a disinfectant is a bad, BAD idea even if nothing else is available. Diluted.....it's possible but is still not advisable unless it's an absolute last resort, chlorine bleach will kill just about any living thing known to man including viruses and bacteria, it's just plain deadly stuff. There's a reason drinking it will kill you. Think of it this way. What happens when you expose your skin to concentrated bleach? Keep in mind that the first couple layers of skin are basically dead tissue. Now imagine the soft tissue underneath the surface of your skin being exposed d
  2. Hopefully someone isn't dumb enough to actually try it at home.
  3. Burglar could definitely use something to make it a worthwhile choice, at present it's a waste.
  4. That's about what I was thinking as well, that and eating nothing but junk food should reduce fitness and add weight over time unless you're also getting a lot of exercise, where fresh foods should have no negative effects unless you constantly overeat on them.
  5. Yeah, that's my line of thinking. If you get careless and take the same route every time you go out for something or leave trash/corpses laying around then it shouldn't be too hard for nefarious individuals to follow the breadcrumbs straight to your doorstep. And with molotovs and such back in the game it doesn't really matter how well fortified it is, a few of them get tossed into your base and you're SOL.
  6. Just remember NPCs are coming, and from how it sounds some of them will be just as bad if not worse than the zombies in wanting to kill people. I don't know about everyone else but given the choice between trying to make it in a city that's crawling with zombies and a-holes, or getting a couple like minded individuals and living in seclusion and relative safety I'll take door#2 any day.
  7. Yeah.....there are plenty of people who are perfectly content to live by themselves and eat the same things. If you don't want to live in a house out in the middle of the woods in PZ then don't, but some people prefer it, just like in real life.
  8. Makes more sense for it to show you what items you need, otherwise it's not really teaching you how to make stuff. Sure an Engineer could guess his way through it as he goes, but average joe would probably have no idea how to put most of this stuff together even if you give him the ingredients, hence the need for recipe books. Which aren't really recipe books if they don't tell you what you need and how to do it. When you read a recipe for baking a cake it doesn't just tell you how to put mystery ingredients together, it gives you a step by step on what to use and how much.
  9. It would add something to the game to be able to collect water in any container, but making it too complicated would make it just as limiting (if not moreso) than it is now. If we have a dozen bottles of water saved up only to have them all break open during winter, what's the point? Sure you can take them 1 at a time and drink 1/4 from each one then drop them on the floor so they don't stack with the rest in the container you're trying to take them out of, but imagine having to do that with 2 dozen, or more. I like the idea of open containers of water evaporating or becoming tainted on thei
  10. You're kinda overthinking this, It's easier to just bust a vending machine open to get what's inside all at once rather than putting money in and buying things one at a time.
  11. Sounds like a good feature for NPCs. Having NPCs be a tossup whether they're reliable or not would make you think twice about whether you want to join up with a group early on or go it alone until the weak had mostly died off. Think Alexandria in the last TWD season, they were essentially a bunch of zombpocalpyse n00bs and had no idea what to do with zombies so they tended to overreact or straight up panic then cut and run, if we have that kind of behavior from some NPCs it would definitely make things more fun. Picture it, you join a group of NPCs right away and you're out looking for suppl
  12. It shouldn't be too hard to build the boxes on platforms to keep zombies from breaking them. That way they can make all the noise they want, you'd just have to clear the zombies from the area periodically when you go to collect the honey.
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