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  1. Hey guess who is back! Come by and join us if you have time! http://bit.ly/1GJrA8x twitch now!
  2. How I feel about the dev team right about now - Still love you guys! Dude, Melissa got tired and I was out of options so I just logged out as well. From what we say the south wall... was a bit singed. We have 5 players playing on the server tonight. At some point I really need to move the server to a hosted site. Little more power and more reliable. We got kicked due to low ping... the server is literally 2 feet behind us LOL
  3. One word sums up this evenings play... FIRE.
  4. Guess who is live!! We are! Come hang out with the derp family... er I mean my wife and I http://bit.ly/1GJrA8x
  5. So here is a new clip. (Not sure if I should start a new thread, just in case I will stick to this one) Anyway one of our viewers from Twitch showed up and well... he brought a few friends along ... https://youtu.be/Jqo25TUMvuw
  6. Aiight we aww on if you are at all interesting in dropping by and saying hi! twitch.tv/thedonaldharri…
  7. Aye... thats the one. I am trying to upload the full video from twitch but it keeps failing
  8. Ah sorry its been a very long and super awesome day
  9. We are playing multiplayer in fact I have a server that is listed publicly that we want more of viewers to join in.
  10. I assume that with joysticks, you aim with the joystick and hit with another button? Well, you charge by aiming your weapon a few seconds before actually pressing the attack button. btw weapons like the axe and bat do most damage when you attack with them at the longest range they can hit. You know that part in the Matrix where Neo say "....I know kung fu" That's what I feel like right now. Also I can't believe this but that video is 2 views away from 1k
  11. Wait... charge up? Why don't you tell me exactly how to do that and you know... I will pass it on to her since she is a newb scrub. Also we play with Joysticks... also if you can't tell I was being sarcastic and I don't know how to charge up either :/
  12. I figured I would start a thread on this. I posted this video of my wife and I on reddit playing and losing the safe house... My wife obviously can't keep it together in the heat of battle. Enjoy ...
  13. The idea is not really a mod but an application to make running the server easier. Not that its terribly hard right now. My idea is to make an application that will start/stop the server show current user count (if this is possible) and would be able to send any commands to the server like kicking/banning users or changing the server name things like that. I am looking for suggestions as well.
  14. Just wondering if there is a frontend application being designed for the server? If NOT, I would like to under take that task personally. Let me know. What I am thinking is just an app that can communicate with the server, send commands, keep current count of the players online and so on. My hopes is to make it easier for people to run the server. Thoughts?
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