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  1. I still remember you Karen. </3

  2. *trapping increased +1* Excellent. Finally got all I need to try my new recipe - Dev Stew. Mmmm...
  3. *puts out dev bait within comically large lasso tied to a tree, grabs other end of rope, hides in bush, waits*
  4. I LOVE rain when it's not storming. Mostly because of the scent....and the sound Who's your favorite Disney character and why?
  5. Ban Thatonesandwitch for having a name that makes me hungry.
  6. My roleplaying character Vesper again, now in a digital painting. ^^
  7. Why, certainly. - I used to collect dolphin themed items, but I don't anymore. - I have a patch of skin without pigmentation. Like I'm 1/167th albino. - Um...something about crochet. [DISCLAIMER: All Previous Items Are Subject To The Subjectivity Of The Term "Interesting". Reader Experience May Vary. Poster Cannot Be Held Responsible For Lack Of Interest In Previous Items.] A real-life skill you wish you had, and/or is currently working towards getting?
  8. Hehe, yeah, I thought about that too. It could be changed back to default, or something else. I don't mind. ^^
  9. I've decided to step down as head admin on the server and will instead be a regular player from now on. This is partly because I need to free up time for other projects, and because I miss playing the game, which I haven't had much time for in the last few months. I've left the server in the capable hands of admins Pann and SuperJack. I'll continue as a regular player, and occasional consultant. For more info please view the full news topic I posted on the community site. The current server has been closed and a new server will open in it's stead, and more info about this will be posted
  10. The server is back up. We're not sure of the full extend of the damage yet, but it will take some maintenance before the server is back to normal. The reason no one could log in was because the port was changed back to it's original - please check the community site and/or first post to see the updated server info. There will be some changes in how we run things on the site as well, and some added measures for security. These updates will be posted soon in the news section of the forum.
  11. The server is still being attacked, and as most of you know it has been down for some days now. I'm working with Fragnet to try and counter these attacks. More info will be posted as I know more.
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