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  1. I still remember you Karen. </3

  2. KarenB88

    Dev Bait Post (Shhh!)

    *trapping increased +1* Excellent. Finally got all I need to try my new recipe - Dev Stew. Mmmm...
  3. KarenB88

    Dev Bait Post (Shhh!)

    Shhh...you'll scare it away....
  4. KarenB88

    Dev Bait Post (Shhh!)

    *puts out dev bait within comically large lasso tied to a tree, grabs other end of rope, hides in bush, waits*
  5. KarenB88

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Granted. There's a lot more chemistry now...between people. Bad chemistry, good chemistry. You soon get sick of constantly hearing about all the drama. I wish I would never get sick.
  6. KarenB88

    The Truth Game

    I LOVE rain when it's not storming. Mostly because of the scent....and the sound Who's your favorite Disney character and why?
  7. KarenB88

    Make up an odd reason to ban the person above you

    Ban Thatonesandwitch for having a name that makes me hungry.
  8. KarenB88

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Granted - for one hour every day it's raining waffles. Lots and lots of waffles. The waffles are piling up quickly, the ones below going gross and stale and moldy within a few days. The stench is overwhelming. People barricade themselves within their homes, and soon every neighbor is isolated from the next, the mass of waffles blocking every exit. Animals attracted to the rotten waffles creep in everywhere, bears and roaches take the lead in common health threats. An online petition to ban waffles altogether garners more than 5000000 signatures within 48 hours. Likewise, a Facebook post suggesting how to rid your home of the waffle menace is shared extensively, seeing a temporary drop in popularity before peaking once more after being 'liked' by celebrity Samuel L Jackson on his official Twitter page, while referring to the situation as "that m*therf*cking Waffle weather! :(". The hashtag #WaffleWar becomes the third most used hashtag of all time. Politicians around the globe start serious planning towards relocating Earths population to a waffle-free planet. Mercury is suggested, or one of those planets past Pluto that no one can remember the names of. At the same time, maple syrup demand skyrockets, leaving Canada the only winner in this whole mess. I wish I could finish every project I start, and do so in record time.
  9. KarenB88

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Granted, you're now a very expensive hooker. I wish someone would pay me to procrastinate.
  10. KarenB88

    General Creativity

  11. KarenB88

    General Creativity

    My roleplaying character Vesper again, now in a digital painting. ^^
  12. KarenB88

    Ask the User below you Anything

    Why, certainly. - I used to collect dolphin themed items, but I don't anymore. - I have a patch of skin without pigmentation. Like I'm 1/167th albino. - Um...something about crochet. [DISCLAIMER: All Previous Items Are Subject To The Subjectivity Of The Term "Interesting". Reader Experience May Vary. Poster Cannot Be Held Responsible For Lack Of Interest In Previous Items.] A real-life skill you wish you had, and/or is currently working towards getting?
  13. Nice. Feel free to lock this thread.
  14. Hehe, yeah, I thought about that too. It could be changed back to default, or something else. I don't mind. ^^