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    jacksonap got a reaction from _Gold_ in Kentucky National Guard   
    You know who else says "You're in"? MY MOM! Oh wait...i messed up....i mean YOUR MOM!
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    jacksonap reacted to _Gold_ in Kentucky National Guard   
    *cough cough* Y'know who else is waiting for that 'You're in' um...*cough cough*
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    jacksonap reacted to LemonCutie007 in Kentucky National Guard   
    Name- Casey Marks
    Race- Caucasian 
    Age- 23
    Sex- Female
    Role/Division- Sniper
    Character bio- Amy grew up as a Military Brat in Muldraugh, KY She got into West Point Military Academy and deployed soon after graduating on her first tour of duty. She served 4 tours of duty in Iraq as a mechanic, before applying for a newly formed female snipers program. She was the only female out of 22 to pass the course and become an official sniper for the united states army. Shortly after completing the course her father passed away, as a result of that she decided to use her vacation time for the first time in her career in the military. She returned home to Muldraugh KY to see her family, Shortly after the zombie virus reached KY, and she took her family on the road to look for a safe place to hole up. She met a group of people on the road 2 weeks later while searching for a place to fortify, they took her and her family in. That night, she awoke to the screams of her mother, she ran into the room where her mother was and saw the body of her 2 brothers and sister laying strewn across the floor and a man aiming a gun at her mother. The group she had joined were murderers and bandits, she lunged for the gun, to late, it went off, a loud bang pierced the night, she wrestled with the man for awhile for the gun, footsteps in the hallway, running ones, approaching fast, the gun dropped hit the floor, went off. A cry of pain from the man, the bullet pierced his leg, she ran and jumped out the window landing outside just as the footsteps reached the room, She took off through the dark running for hours, everything a blur, in shock of what just happened she finally collapsed, laying on the ground everything getting dark, consciousness fading, she hears a voice are you ok? Everything will be fine, we are the remaining members of the KY National Guard, we'll get you to safety, and she passes out. -STORY STARTS-
    Time Zone- EST, But I keep a very odd sleeping schedule
    Usually Online- I can be online whenever, Just tell me the most active hours for you guys and count me there.
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    jacksonap reacted to migulao in Kentucky National Guard   
    I completely forgot about the server! oh god, I havent been online, ive missed so much ;__;
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    jacksonap reacted to _Gold_ in Kentucky National Guard   
    I'm literally just spamming f5 in hope someone else will post ;-;

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    jacksonap reacted to HappyDays in More Apocalyptic Music   
    The Flash game 'Rebuild 2' has some epic gritty, and distorted tunes that befit a zombie apocalypse.
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    jacksonap got a reaction from Narnobie111 in More Apocalyptic Music   
    Lel, i don't know what the instrument the composer had when he did The Last of Us theme song, it was either acoustic or spanish. Either way they both would sound really nice
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    jacksonap got a reaction from Narnobie111 in More Apocalyptic Music   
    I was playing the game when a thought popped into my head,"Oh my god, spanish guitar would fit this PERFECTLY! It fit The Last of Us well, didn't it? So why not this!?" and so that's the story. Just some dramatic depressing spanish guitar to fit the atmosphere of the game.
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    jacksonap reacted to rotacioskapa in Kentucky National Guard   
    who should i send this to?
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    jacksonap reacted to noxiousd in Kentucky National Guard   
    Name- Adam Lambert

    Race- White

    Age(18 to 40)- 27

    Sex- Male

    Role/Division- Runner/Supplies

    Character bio- (Optional,just to flesh out the rp)- After watching his entire family get eaten alive, he has lived for months now as a lone survivor in the wasteland, but after his last group imploded from within he decided to search for a new home, upon stumbling across Muldraugh, he breaks into a house to sleep for the night, this is how he dies.

    Time Zone- GMT

    Usually Online- Most nights, sometimes during day

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    jacksonap reacted to Daman453 in Kentucky National Guard   
    Name-Jack Rusket

    Race- Black

    Age- 40

    Sex- Male

    Role/Division- Cop

    Character bio- From the rugged outbacks of australia, This cop came to the USA for the "American Dream". After years in the L.A Police Department, he moved to Muldraugh, little does he know what would happen. He held up in the police staion, locking the doors. He then went on a run to get more food, when he came back he heard "Shit, it is locked" Pulling his pistol out, the story begins.


    Time Zone- Eastern Time Zone

    Usually Online- Almost always on steam, not on here. I am going to be on and off for a while on steam, please PM me if you want steam.

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    jacksonap reacted to Strang in Kentucky National Guard   
    Name- Connor McCall
    Race- Cacuasian
    Age- 23
    Role/Division- Swat Officer
    Character Bio- One of the last remaining officers of the West Point ,Kentucky SWAT, I went to Muldraugh after the police station was overrun. With only my pistol and my wits I hope to find a group to survive with.
    Time Zone-Eastern Standard Time
    Usually Online- from 10 est to 9 est, I am afk until Monday August 11 on vacation
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    jacksonap reacted to Torhque in ApCom - HAM Radio's & Walkie Talkies [SP/MP]   
    You have got to see about getting this made into an official feature in the game.
    This is just too great to be left as a mod.
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    jacksonap reacted to GreenSilo in Kentucky National Guard   
    Is there a link to the forum somewhere?
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    jacksonap got a reaction from Necromatic_Corgi in New wilderness or keep the current one?   
    I personally think that we should absolutely revamp the forests and/or grasslands, but not before we finish/add Louisville,NPC's,Fort Knox, vehicles, and more weapons. Important stuff first, THEN cosmetics. Can't put the paint on the house when its still mostly framework.
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    jacksonap reacted to Rathlord in Commonly Suggested Suggestions   
    And also because PZ isn't really meant to be Gun Simulator 2014. We're working on getting fairly realistic firearms implemented with the upcoming patch, and in reality having named weapons adds nothing from a gameplay value standpoint.
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    jacksonap reacted to skyw4rp in Dude where are my cars   
    imagine the loot inside, damn, the possibilities
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    jacksonap got a reaction from Deadend in Multiplayer Town (Need Someone To Host Server)   
    http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.3678435114503816,0.16825794408094036,128 This place may be better, it's close enough to the town yet far enough (i hope so) from any hordes.
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    jacksonap got a reaction from MrZombifiedGamer in Mental Disorders   
    Oh my god.....we must implement this! This is a god send! May you be the father of meh babahs?   
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    jacksonap got a reaction from DareDunk in New Dawn RP Server [Build 30] [RP] [whitelist] [PVP] [vanilla] [24 slots]   
    This whole soup adventure makes me think twice before leaving a microwave unattended 
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    jacksonap reacted to magnum2016 in Kentucky National Guard   
    The Server will be vanilla with no mods but me and the admin do the have intention of adding mods if they become more user friendly in the future.
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    jacksonap got a reaction from PhantomWarlock in Mental Disorders   
    Oh my god.....we must implement this! This is a god send! May you be the father of meh babahs?   
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    jacksonap reacted to Deadend in The Outpost [PvP/PvE][Softcore-RP][Events][Trade][Whitelist][US-East][Active Admin]   
    After it turn out that the guy who would host this server wasn't able to I took matters into my own hands. i'm working on turning an old PC into a dedicated server at times during my free time. If it all works out I might be hosting this server soon. We'll see, I'll keep anyone that is still interested posted.
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    jacksonap reacted to Jatta Pake in Released: Build 28.3   
    Maybe note locks time out if a player hasn't been connected to the server for an elapsed period of time? Or Admins can unlock?
    Hats off to any griefer who manages to lock every note though. That's true dickhead determination.
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    jacksonap got a reaction from Mr. Monkey in New Dawn RP Server [Build 30] [RP] [whitelist] [PVP] [vanilla] [24 slots]   
    Wow, even when i deliberately TRY to burn a house down, i can't....whats your secret???? 
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