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  1. So my friends keep on getting a notification stating 'The host must allow you to join" how do we get rid of this? As i want everyone to be able to join.
  2. Hi everyone, Me and a few buddies are planning to start a server however it would appear that anyone who attempts to join gets a notification stating the host must allow them to join as such of course I go to invite friends and allow them. However we are looking to make the server truly public yet we are still getting this issue where the host must allow each player to join. How do we fix this?
  3. My friend is going to be making a Strict Roleplay Server i am not sure which company will be hosting the server but it should have pretty good quality and good ping. The server will start out public but once we get issues with trolls we will whitelist it, if you guys are interested private message me and i will give you more info on the server
  4. The game really needs more types of injuries like if you got in a big fight with a group of zombies and took some hits maybe you could get bruises and different varieties of scratches such as Light, Broke the skin, Deep I just think that these would be really interesting in the game. because i recently got in a fight with a horde of infected in single player and I nearly died due to being cornered by twenty zeds and all i had was a baseball bat i somehow did not get bitten but I was on the verge of dying so i checked my medical sheet and i just had a couple of scratches i would like to see huge cuts across my body and bruises etc.
  5. Very nice server but i feel like a Hard Reset is sorta needed the entire map is practically destroyed
  6. Hello i am considering this server for my new group "The Marauders" how many players are usually on at the servers high?
  7. Yeah i am getting the same issue i currently have build 30.. but the server is using build 30.2
  8. Just wanted to advertise and get this new game noticed, it is an very complex and amazingly fun and commonly updated Real Life Country Building Simulation Game. In the game you are capable of creating your own nation and paving the way from there, you can choose your industries and decide if you want to be an economic power or an military power it is all up to you. Here is a link to the game i really hope you guys atleast try it for it is probably one of the funnest games i have found in this genre. Referral Link: http://politicsandwar.com/register/ref=Zane Griffininski Non-Referral Link: http://politicsandwar.com The Link provided is a referral and will help me in my game slightly (Just thought i would tell people that) P.S. i am located in Ukraine
  9. Please state the name you wish to play as and the password you wish to use in a private message to Deadened
  10. Server is up! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10158-the-undertaking-origins-rpstorydriveneventsfactionswhitelistus-east/ Post in this thread or contact he owner of the server if you are interested in joining
  11. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10158-the-undertaking-origins-rpstorydriveneventsfactionswhitelistus-east/ This is the server the town is on and construction has begun
  12. Suggested over a thousand times
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