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  1. Im not sure if this is the right place for this, but here i go: Server goes online 30min before the race starts. People may join, create and set up their traits/characters for that time. But can not actually get in-game yet. After 30 min passes noone else can join the server, and the game begins. Leaving the game means you are out. Is that even possible to mod like that?
  2. Name: Daniel Fodor Age: 24 Sex: Male Role/Division: Engineer Time Zone: GMT +2 Usually Online: 24/7 Character bio: Born in Hungary, his parents died in a car accident, thats when he decided to cut all his relations, and never searched for new ones, pulled up a wall around himself. After he finished the university with perfect grades, he tried to start a new life far from home. At Muldraugh he ran out of cash, and had to get a job to continue his lonely journey. The place he got accepted was the car repair shop near the highway, he was way over-qualified for this job, but he knew a lot more awaits, just have to get further. He slept in a garage near the shop while he was working there. After the apocalypse began, he realised, things might just go his way, the world where relationship is no longer the keystone of life, where money is worthless. He felt lucky, he is still alive, and everybody else seemed to be (un)dead. He went south on the road, trying to overcome his agoraphobia (which was developed with the apocalypse), he stopped in every single building to calm down, but soon he had no choice but to move fast before the zeds catch up. The panic attack was around the corner when he saw a blinking light at the police station. STORY BEGINS.
  3. is there a way to make flour & yeast with farming?
  4. dont join this server, unless u want to get killed on spawn
  5. i did the cache clearing thing, i tried everything, i tried options menu and all, but i get 3-4 fps ...
  6. I get this error when im trying to reach West Point on this way http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8163814594622124,0.1853448736598418,330.00000000000006
  7. actually farming stuff should give some seeds too, cuz you cant recycle things, and thus you run out of seeds sometimes anyway and die starving
  8. its called suicide, you either want to be eaten by a zombie, or just end your life
  9. Out of curiosity, in what way is it superior? Doesn't it just boil down to preference? Survival is technically the "realistic" difficulty (the golden standard, if you will) -- the way most people (I assume) play when they are looking for a decent challenge. i play sandbox with sprinters, tho i set the zombies to extremely weak and fragile, but i like sprinters
  10. Its an easy thing for modders: When eating fruits/vegetables, you could get some seeds related to what you have eaten. This way you wouldnt run out of seeds, and you could recycle your harvested stuff
  11. what about gathering lop and top, cutting a tree and using a lighter. A much easier way to make fire. And anyway if you want to be so realistic, you cant light a log that has just been cut from a tree, its moist.
  12. Yes, better make existing stuff working, before putting in the new stuffs to have work with
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