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  1. Hey there, yesterday Windows decided to restart my PC all of a sudden (yes, I ignored every warning before it restarted) while I was playing on my private server. After restart I noticed everything kinda rolled-back (1-2 minutes back in time) but vehicles and items inside them were duplicated, so I've got myself 2 vans and 2 chevaliers. Every item inside these cars merged with original items when I tried to loot it (guessing because they have same internal ids or something) and disappeared, basically lost every duplicated item, not a big deal, didn't want these thing anyway, felt like cheating Wonder if that's known issue when suddenly terminating server? If yes just remove this topic. Build: latest Thanks, Alex.
  2. I'm using internal sound card (Realtek HD), but there is something interesting in the console and game options related to sounds.
  3. Build 32, look at these spikes, the game freezes for a half second or so. Every 2-3 seconds. Ever since early vehicle build. Read some people here experiencing similar issues, anyone else? SP and MP - all the same.
  4. This build is not lagging for me anymore, only a little bit sometimes, nothing compared to what was before - completely unplayable. So thanks for that! Please devs don't overengineer vehicles! Just deliver stable build and let us play.
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