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  1. Loneliness might actually be planned but, since there'd be no way to fix it, not until NPCs are added.
  2. Kedryn


    I like that fire; and the smoke from the zombies might effectively nerf zombie burning because you won't be able to see them when there are many. Unless you're in a car, but that's a whole different issue.
  3. I use foraging as a poor man's sleeping pill. "Oh, it's almost midnight and I'm not sleepy yet. Guess I'll go forage." It's a little silly.
  4. Probably not a bug but vehicles, even with fully-inflated tires, feel almost like they're dragging a brontosaurus behind them again. If I don't want to do a weird morse-code with the accelerator key to maintain speed I have to hold it down until I hit 90, release it and, when I hit 60 about 1 second later, start holding it again. A 30mph drop in 1 second without using brakes feels a little off (to me). Also brakes don't seem to slow the vehicle any more quickly than simply releasing the accelerator. Edit: I should have reported this earlier but I didn't want to sound like I was bitching. Edit2: Watching Cromulent Archer and he's noting that, at least on the police car, the RPMs go up really high before shifting gears. Video at appropriate time:
  5. I'm not sure but I think they're using the no-pass line because they already have it doing 90° as an existing art asset; I've never seen the single white line doing 90°. I do agree with you that it would look more appropriate as a white line, though. Or even a single yellow line. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be signifying; if it's 'fire parking' it should be red and if it's handicapped parking I think it should be blue. Large vehicle (like delivery tractor-trailers) parking would be yellow, I guess? Edit: Speaking of 'appropriate', I think we need more road signs (especially with the sudden hard-right turns due to lack of actual curves). Signs like the cross or traffic light symbol for upcoming major intersection on highways and the curved arrow with the recommended speed for upcoming sudden turns.
  6. In my non-professional opinion an invisible object that can suddenly stop your vehicle at possible risk of death is definitely a bug.
  7. Is that on the second (or was it third?) dirt road west of Rosewood? If so, I also crashed into it. It's an invisible tree; I chopped it down and it gave me 1 log. I didn't have gps coord mod and the location isn't on the map yet so I didn't report it because I didn't have any helpful location information. I was lucky it didn't even hurt me because I was going really fast at the time.
  8. Not just you. I think it's because sound direction in the game is based off of center of screen as opposed to the character's point of view; which can be confusing, especially when you get really 'into the game'.
  9. I read every page to see if this had been mentioned before but one of the house models in March Ridge has it's floor replaced by grass; using the 'pick up object tool' says there are no floor tiles to pick up. All instances of this northward facing house in the bottom right of the screenshot seem to have this problem.
  10. I found a tire pump in a warehouse full of crates.
  11. Took me awhile to find a pump in a test game but yes, much better now; I had no idea that 4 air units would make such a huge difference.
  12. How much under is considered under-inflated? My tires are all 36/40 and I was concerned about going higher than that.
  13. In the new build (single player) cars drop speed very quickly when releasing the accelerator; the Chevalier Dart and the police car went from 60 to 0 in approximately 1 second and the trucks and vans take about 3 seconds to come to a complete stop without braking.
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