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  2. Katanas really need to get nerfed tbh. There's no way it'd be a lot better than Axe.
  3. also a good moment to relax and enjoy ptsd from all the horrors your survivor has witnessed
  4. I'm relatively safe in game but I'm constantly Anxious, is there something that's causing this that I'm missing. I've used consumables like magazines to reduce my anxiousness but it comes back in a matter of minutes. My character has no traits that would cause panic or anxiousness in doors, I'm wondering would it be something like cabin fever? I'm also trying to fight the early stages of the nauseous moodlet but have been anxious throughout which I imagine isn't going to help my recovery(if I can at all at this point). On a side note I've been trying to eat well and rest but I can't seem to find the rest option on any beds or chairs. Was this feature removed? Or is it not available in the drop down list because of my anxious moodlet?
  5. Plans are afoot. As soon as the theme people check their support queue
  6. And you can also look chill in the middle of the road with a groups of zeds around, that's badass.
  7. Is it possible? It doesn't seem to be. Or at least the weapon you add on to the spear should be removable after it breaks. It seems really odd to me that you can put a 100% condition hunting knife to a stick with some duct tape and when the spear breaks (very quickly, I might add) the whole thing is ruined and you can't repair it or get your knife back. I wouldn't expect a flimsy spear to last very long, that much makes sense. But it makes 0 sense for the weapon you added to said flimsy spear to be unrecoverable. In another survival game I enjoy (Neo Scavenger) if you create a spear, it's the condition of the lowest health part that decides the condition of the spear itself, and when it does you get the parts back that didn't break (with lowered condition depending on use). I would like to see the same thing in PZ.
  8. Yes, players stamina recovers much faster when you sit on the ground a rests for a while ^^
  9. Can I ask how you reduced your anxiousness? I'm constantly anxious and have no idea why, I reduce it with magazines but it instantly comes back.
  10. Welcome back! Glad you're enjoying it
  11. Hello, I am not sure whether this has been pointed out already or not, but there seems to be a glitch with savefiles once you die, and restart with a new character. I used to use multiple characters in the same world, so that if I died, I could find my old self boarded up somewhere, or not have to start a base from scratch everytime. Anyhow, in the IWBUMS build, dying and loading the save with the skull icon, leads me to creating a new character, which is fine, however, quitting at any time after spawning will cause the savefile to "reset", so if I were to continue or reload the save with the new character, I'd just respawn in the same house with the survivor I just made. This also happens if said new survivor dies, leading me to respawn as a clone. Also, setting zombies to "Sprinters" doesn't seem to do anything.
  12. That could be easily fixed by making either ctrl or right mouse button be a "change vision direction to this point" button, where you just turn your character's vision to that direction instead of both being "aiming/stealth". For now, a simple change in vision would be more than ok, even if the character's head doesnt turn (no need for animations) and he keeps on moving normally on the direction of your keyboard presses. But I would love being able to peek around corners...
  13. I'm using 40.43 and mod don't appear to me. It doesn't work with this version or it's a problem of mine?
  14. Не помогло.Осталось только переустановить windows.
  15. So I gave in, I listened to that nice cat above me and I ignored my inner whispering voices ; I played teh daym game (and Disco Elysium is awesome af but it doesn't make me shat my pants like PZ does). I hadn't played for a few years so even tho' I knew cars and some other stuffs made it in, I discovered it all at the same time. I felt like a new born player again, just as I wished It would be re-descovering PZ... and well I fell in love again <3 Sure it might need a few tweaks but I'm enjoying all that TIS work A LOT. The only things that "bothered" me were being unable to "look around" while sneaking/crouching, and 180 turns while walking being a bit awkward indoor, but it might just be me not used to it yet. Combat feels right, and if not perfect yet it sure is on the right way. I could difficultly fend for myself against 2 zombies at the same time with no special combat perk, which seems reasonnable to me, I killed a dozen zeds with a sledgehammer in a backyard, until high exertion did it and fending for my life vs a couple zeds became too hard... and the inevitable contagious bite. (That was my 2nd playthrough, the 1st one ended-up being munched on the floor by a group of 3-4 zeds)
  16. When I looked at the pictures it didn't look like a katana but when I finally found it ingame and took a good look, I could see it does look like a Katana, although the blade being a little bit too short in my opinion and maybe have it be more curved aswell. Other than that it is spot on, don't think it can look much better cause the 3d models have limits right? Then it's a little bit silly when idling with the Katana, the character holds or touches the blade with his other hand like when he carries the Axe but that is just probably a placeholder and you will give nice and proper animations for the Katana in the future Im sure. But I would love for it too be able to cut of heads for zombies, it would make it truly unique and badass. Otherwise maybe it can be modded with AnimZed animation tools when you guys release that
  17. SBooze

    Death By Tree

    Session was being played on Survivor mode, build 41 beta. Had a laceration on my arm and on my leg, was jogging away from a small mob that noticed me, trying to find a safer spot that I could rip my clothing to bandage myself. Decided to move closer to the woods edge, then circle around in between two trees, was jogging with shift. Then suddenly there was a crushing sound, like the one it happens when you get damaged, and boom, my character yelled and death animation happened, then the "dead - high risk of becoming rat food" or something like that showed up as a status. I think I might have bumped onto a tree? Not really sure. I didn't had enough damage, was still into slight I believe, didn't check the health status more than a quick peek after being damaged. Death was instant. The lacerations happened due to a zombie that latched onto me from behind.
  18. I don't know, I think it makes sense that some of the environment would have some sort of zombie bacteria or infection on it. Getting infected from trees and scrapes makes sense in my opinion. As Casual_Survivor has said you could have also gotten infected from poor hygiene, make sure to change and wash clothes regularly, my strategy is to have three sets of clothes that I switch between while I wash the others. I also forgot to mention make sure you wash your skin especially if you have open wounds.
  19. Today
  20. 1. Sometimes character faces the wrong way while doing some actions (e.g Drinking, filling up bottles, barricading etc.) 2. Some layering issues. If you wear a hiking bag or a vest over a jacket, you can see it clipping while walking. 3. Ties, bow-ties are worn on a wrong level. Character puts it on the skin layer, which makes it invisible if you wear any other clothing. 4. If you sneak and aim while moving, character will make a few steps in the direction of where he's aiming, regardless of the movement direction. (E.g if I'm walking to NE and aim to SW, character will stop and move a little bit to the SW.) 5. While filling up pots, bowls or saucepans, char holds those items in the wrong hand. 6. Weapons won't show up in character's hands while doing certain actions like opening the window, climbing through ut etc. 7. Turning while eating/drinking/smoking will cause character to stop for a very brief moment. 8. Some moodles like Bleeding and drunk don't seem to affect walking speed anymore.
  21. I've been playing the new build 41 (the latest update to be more accurate) and I've had a few bugs with cars: 1) Duped cars (look at the screenshot ). So I drove the police car by this spot, did some stuff then later drove back by this same spot and magic - the same car appeared like it was always there. It was the same car because it's condition was the same as mine's and it had the same loot inside (although the duped car had only things that I found at first in my original car, not the stuff that I loaded after). 2) Getting stuck in a car - I don't know how but when I got in my car, my vehicle UI disappeared (although if I pressed V, the circle vehicle UI could appear) and then if I tried to get out of the car - I couln't. Also wasn't being able to change sits, but was able to drive for some reason. Then when I quited the game, opened it again and loaded my save file - my character was at his first original spawn point without any loot that I got whatsoever. This character was the second in this game world, the first one died, but the keys to the car belonged to the 1st character and so as the loot. 3) Car vanishing. I parked my car just outside my house, went outside away from the house, quited the game, then loaded it again and got back to the house - my car vanished. After some time I found it on the road not so far away from my house. It's like it teleported away from the place where I left it. I believe that those are all the same issues with vehicles, but I am not so sure.
  22. I don't have a log because I deleted my Zomboid folder trying to fix the vanishing player character issue I was having, however, I have also experienced this exact issue (climb through window, crash, reload, everything's redistributed, etc).' Just a corroboration reply...
  23. In what way doesn't it look like a Katana?
  24. In game if you exit the game with your female characters hair untied and the join the game again you can untie the hair from her head rendering her bald
  25. Hi. I have progress loss problem. I created the game, played a little, was on the street, as shown in the screeshot of the saved game, went to the main menu, there I load the game it back to the beginning in spawn inside the house. Tried to run the game as administrator, did not work. Follows console.txt, logs and screenshot. console.txt logs.zip
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