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  2. Looks like it’s now a mod causing the crash.
  3. Only option is using homebrew to enable integrated graphics.
  4. 1. MP for new animations build (build 41) is being worked on and is not available for general players just yet 2. What do you mean "..use joystick, which is not possible"? You can't figure it out or your joystick doesn't work or what? 3. If you have a bottle of water in your main inventory the char will drink automatically from that bottle. You don't need to make the char "drink" from it 4. If you can't fill an empty bottle by RMC a tap / water source - has the water cut off? Do you have any mods enabled? 5. Do you have a hammer, planks and nails (out of the box) in your c
  5. Today
  6. maybe you don't know that the IWMBUMS version is a beta for the new update they will do. so it is not complete at the moment. for this reason you see they are reporting the bugs here. the stable version at the moment is 40.43
  7. Do you have any mods enabled? if yes then thats likely the issue. You can disable all loaded mods by going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and deleting the "mods" folder
  8. That's what I imagined, it could probably get by without a lot of programming, like a sprite like that and an animation like the one when you take something out your pack (or no animation at all) would fit into the game great.
  9. I've found a few different recipes that I personally thought should have ingredients as options that were not present. There was only one that I would mainly like added, however, and probably the most logical out of what I've found. I'd love to be able to make tuna salads, especially when I have an abundance of crops and cans of tuna (it seems to be more common and used in less foods). Two other minor suggestions is the ability to add ingredients to soup (canned soup in pot is a complete meal, no optional ingredients) and fried eggs. I had eggs and pans without rice or noodles for
  10. Yep, this would be super helpful. It would function just like curtains. Click once to drop, click once to pull up. Just need a graphic for it coiled below the window when its pulled uip.
  11. With the semi-recent mechanic of the zombies destroying sheet ropes, I have a suggestion to simplify use of these. Currently, if you want to pull the sheet rope up behind you on your way in, you must completely remove it. Due to this, I now keep a hammer a nails next to the windows with sheet ropes to easily remove/add them. My idea is to have a way to pull the sheet rope up without having to remove it and re-nail it in. It would work well under the right-click menu that allows you to remove/close curtains and close the window. This only became necessary after the zombi
  12. That mod is nothing more than a restricted cheat mode from the description you've given. I don't want to give people more carryweight. I want to give them the ability to specialize their way of carrying weight at the expense of versatility. Maybe they could cheat the system for a couple extra kg of carryweight with a leveled tailoring skill. My most important part of this thread was the part about having 3 different types of backpacks; Sackpacks - Stuff your stuff into a zippered bag like we have now. General purpose backpack. Rackpacks - Tie those bulky large items
  13. ok i been on manufacturers website updated intel ran game thru 32 bit start option still crashes on the screen when your loading into the world (click to start) console.txt
  14. When filling gas cans from a pump, if you have enough empty gas cans, you can continue to fill them well above the 50kg limit. I had my character carrying 90kg of gas when I finished. (v41.50)
  15. i would love a 1%-10% chance to survive a bite, 1-10% depending on your character stats and lifestyle... even 1-5% to give the player the motivation to try to overcom the infection. you'll spend a few days fighting the infection (fever, cough, panic...) and then ... turn into a zombie for the vast majority of case or not if you're lucky (very lucky, and spend 3 days : eating fresh food/ drinking water / sleeping...) playing the agony sounds fun (to me) the 100% chance isn't realistic anyway.
  16. Yesterday
  17. You can leave city on day one, eat berry and fish and get the boring "end game" feeling at day 2... i have no boring "end game" my end game are fun because i have all the weapon i want and i can really burn and boom everything... to bad it's not possible trigger chain reaction (like set zombies on fire and drag em into a house full of gazoline tanks...(or maybe it is now? haven't tryed since long time). End game for me isn't about surviving anymore it's more "how can i improve my lifestyle even more?" ... so i need video game, piano, pool, alcool ... i am
  18. This is good, I also suggest that they make the insta kill 100% when a zombie is on the ground when using short blades
  19. "Although everything is looking very positive with the MP stuff PLEASE note that we still have a very long ‘to do’ list before we can consider a public IWBUMS beta release and Community Megatests."
  20. sys the drivers r not supported? ny other wey itry to updte them using windows its svys they all up to date?
  21. And how I tell early, I can play on Max settings with my intel processor and HD graphics on MacOS, but one thing what I see, I NO HAVE NEW FOG. Only right now think about that, I no have fog. But in other (Winter, Summer, Rain, Tree animations) effects all working. And yeah, I turn regular game mods (like Apocalypses or Fog) and try turn off all mods, still not working.
  22. What do you like to do the most and what gives you a biggest satisfaction? :)
  23. To add onto this report, "pinning" any clothes inspect box does not properly collapse the box.
  24. Yup. I always get bored in late game. But I think a great multiplayer experience with a few good friends along with increasing amounts of zombies coming for you on late game would make it still fun and interesting! Ofcourse a bigger map like Luisville will help alot too. I think the game would need some sense of exploration, currently the map is really small actually. But I suppose Luisville will fix that!
  25. I'll send them another Email Steam only allows links to images and videos on their discussions. We also sometimes hit the character limit, so we link here instead. We'll look into posting patchnotes on Steam proper after 41.
  26. Download the driver. Don’t use the automated thing.
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