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  2. It would be nice to be able to replace certain tracks in game, I've been itching to throw in some 28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later music for a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time.
  3. You can try deleting the options.ini and the Lua folder, then try starting the game again and it should let you pick a new language again.
  4. I remember that before hunters were able to craft all the trap recipes, just like a Park Ranger. However, as shown in the attached screenshot, it doesn't seem possible for them to craft a trap box now (at least not before getting level 2 in trapping and level 1 in carpentry). All mods were disabled so I could be sure it wasn't caused by any conflicts. Please let me know if any further information is required, or if maybe I missed something. Thanks!
  5. Hello! So for one of my mods I'm trying to manipulate what's in a Zombie's inventory while they are still alive. But methods like: zombie:getInventory():AddItem("MyItem") does not seem to work while the zombie is still alive. For example, I was using it while hooking into the OnWeaponHitCharacter event and it did not work. BUT, that will work after the zombie is dead. For example, when it is inside the OnZombieDead event. I noticed in the Java Docs that there is a DoZombieInventory() method that I was hoping initialized a Zombie's inventory, but calling this before and after the manipulation code had no effect. So, is it possible to access and manipulate a Zombie's library while they are still alive? If so, how? TIA, -PunkyRoo
  6. Yesterday
  7. in 41.41 nice ! If aynone got the same bugwith the last patch, please bump this topic
  8. Make it possible to adjust the played sound files as it is done for music: 1. Ability to change the volume during playback. 2. Ability to play a sound file - from the desired second from the beginning. 3. Ability to return the volume value. 4. Ability to return the playback position in seconds.
  9. Something similar happened to me too. But what happened for me is that after my second fishing attempt, game completely froze. Although I'm not exactly sure it's vanilla problem, as I was using mods.
  10. I think I had the same issue. And I believe the mod that is causing your problem is "Scrap guns". After disabling it, reloading started to work again.
  11. I'm sry that english isn't my main game and I'm planing to improve on it. Some realy annyoing bugs I noticed, kill the new combat system and my fun completly. One of them got fixed thx god, but the rest turn 1 out of 20 randome fights with more then one Zed to an gamble. Realy rare and not that gamebreaking is that a Zed you are standing on, completly ignores that you are standing on him for like 20 secounds and stands up. Got me killed in a 2v1 while I was tired and exausted. The one that annoys me the most and got me killed 3 times in a row is again when you stand on a Zed and another one is coming up to you and he is perfectly in hitrange, but your character starts to hit the Zed on the ground. The Zed grabs and bites you and you can basicly reset the word. The third one can be played arround but it's still sad that it fully disables a gamefeature. When a Zed crawls through a window, you character hits randomly the ground, even when the Zed is fully crawled through it and the hit indicator is ontop of him. I'm glad they fixed it that you aren't locked from the recovery animation if he hits you with the crawling attack into a hit animation and your were basicly dead because you can't move. ove. Edit: I know that it's common to die and die and die in this game, but I'm at a point where I know what I do and how to not get killed in an easy situation. The thing is, it's super frustating when you make some got progress and the game randomly kills you, not because you screwed up how it's almost all the time the case, but kills you because of an bug.
  12. Had to re-install the game and now it's all in French, even if my Steam is in english. I checked the file options.ini it really says language=EN. Thanks for helping.
  13. Program files x(86) > steam > steamapps > common I renamed project zomboid by PZ and made my files verified by steam. Steam recreate a Project zomboid file but still 41.27 when i launch the game
  14. What exactly didn't? If Steam is downloading the game, there'd be no reason for it to be 41.27 again
  15. I did what you told me but it didn't worked
  16. I would like to be able to wrap a piece of glass with a rag and inflict one fatal blow (like a knife) on a zombie. For balance, you can also add a random (small) probability of cutting the character's palm during this action. A shard of glass wrapped in a rag, to prevent a cut on the palm, is a rather terrible weapon in close combat. I see no reason to fence the mod for this opportunity. I would like to see this in the vanilla assembly. Thank.
  17. Yes. Level 3 and 4 also raises the skill quickly. This happens when the character is watching TV. And yes, I had insignificant multipliers at that time, from reading books. But in my opinion it was still inadequately added, I saw such an increase in skills for the first time. Thank you for paying attention to this thread.
  18. We intended it to give the first level or two to untrained players. So, I’m not following. Is it giving more than that?
  19. All I wanted to say, I have already said ... The bug is present and experience points are awarded inadequately. I didn't start playing yesterday and I understand what I'm talking about ...
  20. Rename the Project Zomboid installation folder. Then let Steam verify the files. It will find no files to verify, so it will just redownload the latest.
  21. My game stay at build 41.27 and don't uptade for the new IWBUMS of the beta... I never seen that the game was late on the uptades until now. i found nothing on internet and the forum that could help me. idk what to do pls help.
  22. I am requesting a mod for the clock. I would like one to either have the clock to be enlarged or a window pop up when clicking on the clock. The reason is that i play on a 4 k tv and the clock window is to small for me to read the date and the temp. I know I can't be the only 4k player having this issue. Thank-you very much.
  23. I was just playing this game 2 mornings ago on august 6. My coffee weight was .1 now when I turned on my game this morning August 8, my coffee now weights 1. Nothing mod wise or the main game itself has according to steam been updated in between theses times. My cabinet is now holding 127 weight units of coffee. you don't want to know what my vehicle weight is. Any way I will keep the save game around for awhile. I guess new start here I come. This turned out to be a bigger/smaller issue than coffee for some reason all my mods were turned off for this save. This happened after the 41.40 update to another save (yes yes I am a bad zombie killer). I just figured this was a glitch between the two versions. When running from the load screen the load says all mods used but when going to more and checking mods they aren't loading with the save I have to manually enable all the mods. So in one way I fixed the coffee issue in another way I found a Bug/Glitch/Issue. I will try to see if it does it from the continue screen as well. Thanks Nope didn't do it when I went from the continue screen .
  24. EasyPickens has committed a fix for it. It seems the xml data for the critical hit animation was messed up.
  25. Last week
  26. Yes, it seems to happen for kills, but also when they fall on the ground (they aren't necessary dead), and you indeed get stuck briefly when it happens.
  27. In many other survival games you can store your items in the clothing. I think it should be added to this game for more immersion. Also, clothes can provide more quick acess slots from the outer pockets.
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