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  3. I stand corrected Thank you for the report!
  4. Should be fiexed with one of the hot-fixes. Have you got the latest update? Any mods?
  5. It's a cool idea but, as was said, keeping a log of which books you have is a thing you can do with good old notepad.exe or a piece of paper.
  6. We have also put it in front of a few other native Portuguese Brazilian speakers who said it was a good translation Through this we have also corrected a few typos, added a small bit of polish and I have also been able to give accurate lore feedback when required. Thank you SO MUCH for your contribution - it really is very much appreciated.
  7. You can write down everything you need on a sheet of paper or a notebook and then mark everything you've got during the run.
  8. It's been a while since I played 41 so may have changed, but one way I used to keep tabs of books I had was by reading at least 1 page of each book. That way when you're out looting, you can immediately see which books you have back at base. Even if the book was too complicated, you could read it still but just have messages like "I don't understand" pop up.
  9. I just played PZ again after some time and 20 minutes in running around half naked I quickly caught a cold. The Icon said I'm slower and heal less quickly, and I couldn't run anymore. My point is that an illness normally need some time to show symptoms and to affect the body. After 2 in game hours (around 20 minutes IRL) the cold was already affecting my body severely. Shouldn't there be an incubation period? I started in June with normal temperature settings at 7 am. I know the mornings can be cold but meh. With much love me.
  10. Again, I don't see why this has to be the way. Set the flag when an item is "launched" from a zombie during a hit. Easy.
  11. I went the whole game thinking you were able to pan the camera in a vehicle if you had the window down or were playing with a controller. If you try holding down the right mouse button and try to look around it doesn't work. However I found the button that allows you to do this so I figured I'd share it with everyone who didn't know this already. The reason it's so hard to find is that it's an un-binded key by default, this one specifically: Also, if you want to use the buttons on your mouse/mouse wheel button in the key bindings you probably found that they do not work. I found a way to use them all after some searching. This is what I use, it allows you to bind mouse buttons to keyboard keys: If this is already obvious to everyone and I just missed it somehow I'm sorry.
  12. The "injured" negative trait is part of a mod and not the base game. I'd suggest you report the bug in the mod's comments in the steam workshop so they can fix it there You can also try a run without the trait/mods, see if the same thing occurs in order to know for sure.
  13. Because I don't trust tags, this occurred on the IWBUMS version of PZ. -- This has happened twice to me so far, where a zombie would attack my character and either my clothing would take the hit and it wouldn't break through or the character would dodge, thus receiving no injury or damage whatsoever, and then a short while later (due to my setting the zombification speed to 0-12 hours) I would develop symptoms and die, despite never receiving an injury or taking damage. This has also happened in a run (which happens to be the most recent one before this post) where I was very careful and thus was only 'hit' once, and the hit was dodged. Shortly, death and zombification then occurred. This is what leads me to believe that the zombie infection is passing to my character despite not directly taking hits such as Scratches, Lacerations, or Bites. I was using the Injured neg. trait in both of these runs, and in the one that I only dodged an attack and proceeded to die, I only lasted around 13-14 hours, so I do not know directly if this is related to Injured or not.
  14. I noticed it was added that your panic is reduced until it is gone indoors while reading or resting while you have the claustrophobic trait. The bug I encountered is if you right click at any time while doing either activity, your panic will begin to return as if the game thinks you stopped even if you continue to read/rest. This one may not be a bug but just unfinished animations, but while reading if you click "Sit On Ground" you will instantly drop into the crossed-leg sitting position. It looks pretty funny though. This is all on v41.50.
  15. I was wondering if anyone had thos idea but,i had an idea,like you could climb certain objects or cars to get in a advantage point agaisnt zombies and reach high places from other points instead of taking the normal route
  16. Yesterday
  17. I love that you can climb big fences too (and depending on exhaustion level and carrying weight you can fail and fall back down too). Climbing over without knowing what's on the other side is definitely a risk, so unless I know for sure its safe, I listen for the tell tale gurgle of zombies on the other side. It would be great if it was more of a two step process. Hit key to climb once: jump up and look over, hit key again, climb over -or- hit melee key to drop back down on same side. Taking a look only would put you in view of zombies who could aggro to you.
  18. And also what what skill level you have shud be in the info text.
  19. This idea is to add an option when you right click a cabinet or bookshelf to "Mark as Bookcase". Then any books added will have "Owned" in the description, letting you know which skill books you already have. For example, if you had Electricity for Intermediates in a contained marked as a bookcase, any books with that name in the world would also have "Owned" in the description. I personally always end up with copies of skill books, and they tend to weigh you down on looting trips if you grab enough.
  20. Double clicking on a can of soup (and possibly others) allows you to eat them unopened, with nothing to open them with (v41.50).
  21. Guess I could test it out near zeds...tend to want to avoid large groups of them unless I am ready to fight. lol
  22. Ahh ok. Thanks man.
  23. Picking traits that up the speed it levels up helps. I've always assumed that you get more xp from jumping obstacles the more zombies around you, like lightfooted and sneaking. I could be wrong though.
  24. I was thinking something along those lines too, it's almost like a pull-up so it'd make sense being tied to your strength. Maybe if you do it too often, it exerts you too.
  25. Shagyee

    UI Opacity

    At the bottom right of the inventory menu is a triangle you use to resize it. Here's a picture of what I mean.
  26. Also I don't want anyone to think I'm for confederates or anything I just realized those pictures don't give a very good impression, for anyone from the United States. I typically choose my names after bad people for dark humor. I've also had an OJ Simpson and a Michael Vick, they seem to last longer in a world where you kill everything.
  27. That I know about. Where do you go to adjust the size? Is it in the menu options or what?
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