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Zombie variety request

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I'm not sure if this thread should go here,but I think we should have the following zombies:


1. in underwear, shirtless with pants, (men)


2. in bra and underwear ,or pants and in bra, mismatch them, not everyone died with clothe on (women) 


3. Police officers (both men and women)


4. Swat Officers


5. Doctors (both men and women)


6. Nurses (both men and women)


7. Patients in robe (both men and women)


8. construction workers


9 Soldiers


10. FEMA workers (with FEMA navy blue jackets)


11. prisoners in orange jumpsuit's


12. Fire Fighters


13. Grave yard zombies, torn clothe, and more skeletal (showing bones in certain parts of the body, but still with skin) 


14. make the color of the zombies more pale, grayish or greenish, 





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Cool idea, at least there's some variety already, not like in the Dead Linger where the 1 zombie model had looked exactly the same for 3 years. The devs keep adding stuff to the game, but don't deem the actual zombies important enough to work on.

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