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  1. keep an eye on the Thursdoids for any news about future MP stuff thats all we can tell ya, their ain't no definite release date given.
  2. yeah, your right. thought the Dress Style Watch may be the Missing Link. but it too is digital, has the temperature. spent the last hour running around the mall, cannot seem to find the old stand-by Alarm Clock. weird
  3. we have 2 types of watches, those that DO tell the temp, and the Classics that DON"T thats the Devs giving those who want the ability to know, and for those who don't seriously, chill the sarcasm. done here
  4. exactly HOW can Zombies be irrelevent? you do understand how having the watches display temperature ties directly into the Health Menu, right? watches in today society are nowhere near as important as they would have been in 1993. we have phones with weather apps. aside from that, tell me, have you found any earbuds in any dresser drawers in-game? they did not exist in 1993. Reality Suspension, and Devs choosing to add or create items that did not exist. like Zombies
  5. you make it sound like its 100% finished. it's not, they are still working on it. they are very aware of people complaining about it causing performance issues, and have steadily grown the team in order to try and get it a whole lot better. personally, using a Ryzen 3700 8 core, 16 gb ram ddr4, 570 Radeon gfx card and a dedicated ssd, i see no issues no lag when driving either
  6. please dont bump. only been 7 days. plenty of work/tweaks to come, watch the patch notes and semi weekly Thursdoids for news
  7. syfy

    PZ Multi?

    using Build 40, yes. using any of the current IWBUMS versions, nope. not yet. in time, but there wont be a firm ETA given on the return of MP.
  8. if ya dont like having that info, find one of the watches that don't tell the temp. that easy there has also never been, in ANY century, an actual Zombie Apocalypse. sometimes we have to suspend Reality for gameplay.
  9. syfy

    Jumps n' scares

    they don't generally give out any kind of ETA on updates
  10. syfy

    Jumps n' scares

    curved turns... i had hope SOMEDAY that may be possibel
  11. syfy

    Mod Spotlight: Boats

    this is awesome! thanks for being so dedicated/crazy. maybe i missed it, can we fish off the side of the boats?
  12. syfy

    New High Score

    looks like a Slender Man.
  13. you're right, that should definitely be used for removing barricades off windows and doors. i know i'd reach for one IRL before i reached for a hammer with much less prying force
  14. syfy


    agreed, but with a high risk of it pulling free just like IRL. adds a level of risk, makes you think
  15. the variety of new watches and jewelry is pretty good. though i don't know what some of the jewelry is, like the Bangle or Dangle thing apparently it goes on the wrist though
  16. syfy


    you won't get a specific time frame for MP. obviously a lot to still do on it and these guys learned LONG ago NOT to give out a rough Guesstimate on such things. people always read too much into whatever they say, and assume it will be coming in the next update. when the Internal Testers have had time to search for the BIG bugs, then MAYBE we get it on a IWBUMS branch just keep an eye on the forum, Discord, & Steam for news on MP.
  17. it may help to know the specs on the server itself home based? rented?
  18. syfy

    PriZon Break

    will be nice to not worry about falling thru the roofs anymore. had a LOT of broken legs & ankles due to that 🚑 or maybe it was sloppy gameplay? 🤔
  19. syfy

    Man BangleZ

    funny. all the good stuff in here, and the YES!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! moment comes from something been waiting for years for. the ability to refill the water dispensers. drove me nuts every time i used one up and could not dunk it in a barrel or use a funnel to refill the water container. thanks much
  20. and Lemmy has quite ambitious plan/goals for NPC. until we get told otherwise, all the above may be possible in future builds.
  21. dont know if this has been addressed, but will we have the option to set our controllers buttons to our own custom settings?
  22. still having issues opening wood & metal double doors. on controller.
  23. also applies to the metal double gate
  24. question is who finds the MOST TP in one house found 362 at Muldraugh Farm House
  25. 362 the number of toilet paper rolls i found in the Muldraugh Farm House damn Zombie Hoarders
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