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  1. There seems to have been an update that shows the weight value with 2 decimals in your inventory/bag/container, is there any way to revert it to the rounded number because it seems cluttered?
  2. I appreciate the time you put into this but No. Zombies can't and shouldn't 'evolve' period. Zombies that eat humans would just get bloated and tear open.
  3. In reality greenhouses do work during winter, but you need to heat them (and maybe add some lights in certain climates) to grow vegetables. I don't see how this would work without gas?
  4. Seconded, I hope you can make vinegar in the future seeing as humans have been preserving food for milennia. I haven't played build 30, but I hope that drying meats shacks will be introduced for meats and vegetables for example. There are mods for this, but i prefer an official solution in the game.
  5. That is an absolutely rad design :') Thx , It is about the optimal size. I like accesibility so sheet ropes, stairs and walkways. I like building so trees are a must have for me @ psykikk: I actually prefer WP, when you loot the business area you are set to build your fortress, less running around needed and yeah books . Safe houses always have walls for me, so windows are not really a problem. Fortress in Muldraugh: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.43721855124945175,0.20412110462197625,212.88960000000006 Is a good location for me because the Big Warehouse and McCoy are nearby for almost everything vital (and sledgehammer for destroying crates). Houses not too far for scavenging. I also built a giant skybridge to the southern tip of Muldraugh for easy looting (actuallya vanity project).
  6. Seems like a good choice! No trees nearby though, but would prove useful when build 30 rolls by. My safehouse at Twiggy's, a bit boring though and quite far from the residential area. I chopped down 3/4 of the trees nearby for it
  7. Thanks for the recipe! Yeah well, for dowels you need lvl 4 carpentry and it's labour intensive so still somewhat of a challenge. I just up the zombie count to compensate for mods (I only use food cannery and dowels).
  8. Cool safehouse, very nail efficient . I got about 2500 nails (or more, not sure) from raiding only the big warehouse and McCoy Logging. Remember: after you empty it out, destroy all the crates with a sledgehammer, it will take a while buy you'll get the same amount of nails from unreachable crates. You could actually make your safehouse invincible by removing the stairs and putting up a sheet rope. This would make for a boring game though. BTW: use the wooden dowel mod (it's somewhat outdated though and you can't build everything with it). logs --> 3 planks --> screwdriver + saw --> 9 wooden dowels.
  9. Twiggys Pros: close to the most important buildings in West Pointclose to the mall (relatively speaking, still quite far)little to no action (can be a downside)relatively close to fishing spotlots of storing spacelots of trees close byCons: no innate defensesno real bed (no problem atm)far from residential areashortage of nails (I use wooden dowel mod)What do you think?
  10. Looking good! This is mine from WP: (Under Constrution) The skybridge goes to my fishing spot north. Muldraugh: The sky bridge goes from my safehouse to the southern point of Muldraugh (took me a LONG time to make). The other bridge I was planning to make to WP, but gave up and started a new save.
  11. Looking forward to it! I really miss the carpentry tooltip, I have no way of knowing how much health my walls have.
  12. Damn, I hope it just doesn't take effect and not ruin my save game.
  13. Question: I assume that build 28 is compatible with build 27 saves, how would erosion factor into this? Will the erosion start the moment I play on (I'm at 2,5 months) of will erosion of 2,5 months be instantly introduced? I hope all the new stuff like the hunting rifle will still spawn because I'm already 20+ hours into my save game and have built a massive fort and a sky bridge spanning the entirety of Muldraugh.
  14. Not traditionally, perhaps there's a mod or save editor out there that'll allow you to do that. There isn't. There is one for world settings, but not character settings.
  15. Hmm, learned a lot in this thread. I usually go with brooding, light drinker and short tempered <--> stout and lucky. Would it be possible to change the traits of your character mid game? I already spent 20 hours making a massive fort and building skybridges and don't want to start all over.
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