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  1. I can't believe you figured out that mess nice one Svarog
  2. My summary of the the modding guidelines was more inclusive than your "golden rule".... wrong is wrong no matter who you are. Stop tripping balls & do your job instead starting shit over nothing. "cheers" Moderator Warning Yup, and you were wrong. Enjoy your ban.
  3. EDIT: God, Paz Lenchantin stands out like a sore thumb in that video Oh, Hells Yes One of my favorite music video's ever..... So damn creative
  4. And how are either of those rules related to the conversation? I somehow need to re-read the modding guidelines that I've already read a number of times over the last 6 months because I summed up the main point of the rules in order to illustrate that there isn't a problem making a personal hygiene mod?
  5. download this mod.... I posted the hotfix for the build 25 filesystem on the last page of that thread but I'm not going to update the download until I'm finished with the new content I am working on
  6. Yeah, Its a spoof.... A particularly well done spoof I think I have to play this game too
  7. The golden rule is that you can do what you want with Project Zomboid as long as it is not for commercial purposes (i.e. for your own profit) or for malicious/illegal purposes. I'm.... Sorry..... What did I miss? The specifics about modding a way for people to play without purchasing? Mentioning that TIS can turn around & use my content without any obligation to even give me credit for it? I feel as though your being pedantic there nigma, considering I pretty much summed up the golden rule in my own words
  8. Even after the tools are out, we need access to the original models to create clothing & animation extensions
  9. I used to say that about New Vegas too.... eventually I got to the point that I considered it a little harsh to kill a man & strip him naked in order to sell his clothes for bottle caps EDIT: I joke but Romero was doing the "naked zombie" thing right from the beginning.... Child zombies too, both Night of the Living Dead (1968) & Dawn of the Dead (1978) had zombie children
  10. As long as you don't mod anything that will harm the users computer (turn PZ into a virus), use someone else's creative content or accept money on behalf of your mod, you're free to mod as you please.... I don't intend on doing it but be certain that SOMEONE will create nude body re-placers & sex animations & child models & virtually every sordid thing you could possibly think of.... When you think about it, a censored Sims style bodily hygiene mod is tame in comparison to what we are more than likely going to see in the future....
  11. There is no specific list but if you have a look at the script files located in this directory: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\ You will see files set up like this: module Base{/************************Weapon************************/ item Axe { MaxRange = 1.5, WeaponSprite = Fireaxe, MinAngle = 0.2, Type = Weapon, MinimumSwingTime = 3.0, KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE, SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0.002, Categories = Axe, ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 30, Weight = 3, SplatNumber = 1, PushBackMod = 0.3, MaxDamage = 2.5, SubCategory = Swinging, ConditionMax = 15, MaxHitCount = 2, DoorDamage = 35, IdleAnim = Idle_Weapon2, SwingAnim = Bat, CriticalChance = 20, WeaponWeight = 3, DisplayName = Axe, MinRange = 0.61, SwingTime = 3.0, HitAngleMod = -30, MinDamage = 1, SplatSize = 5, KnockdownMod = 2, SplatBloodOnNoDeath = TRUE, Icon = Axe, RunAnim = Run_Weapon2, TwoHandWeapon = TRUE, } item BaseballBat { MaxRange = 1.5, WeaponSprite = Baseballbat, MinAngle = 0.2, Type = Weapon, MinimumSwingTime = 3, KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE, SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0.02, Categories = Blunt, ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 20, Weight = 2, SplatNumber = 1, PushBackMod = 0.5, MaxDamage = 1.2, SubCategory = Swinging, ConditionMax = 15, MaxHitCount = 2, DoorDamage = 7, IdleAnim = Idle_Weapon2, SwingAnim = Bat, CriticalChance = 10, WeaponWeight = 2, DisplayName = Baseball Bat, MinRange = 0.61, SwingTime = 3, HitAngleMod = -30, MinDamage = 0.8, KnockdownMod = 0, SplatBloodOnNoDeath = FALSE, Icon = BaseballBat, RunAnim = Run_Weapon2, TwoHandWeapon = TRUE, }now as far as additem is concerned, the only parts you need to pay attention to are. At the very beginning there will be a module reference, in this case "module Base".... This means that any item in this list will begin with the module reference Base. At the beginning of each item in the list there will be an item reference, in this case "item Axe" & "item BaseballBat"These 2 pieces of information come together to form the module\item reference, which in the case of these 2 items are: Base.Axe & Base.BaseballBat
  12. Really?.... Before I fix up my "parser" I'll write it to check exactly what Items can use what module references. Although I'm only getting one reference for for Flint & Steel knuckle so, yeah, your probably right.... Still weird though
  13. I.... I don't remember saying anything negative Kind of a dick thing to say but I fail to see how anyone could take offence to it.... I suppose I could actually add to the delayed conversation though.... You gotta wonder at what was going through a parents head when they name their son Sean Bean. I know his actual name is Shaun Mark Bean but regardless, they should have known what was gonna happen
  14. Oh come on.... I can't seriously be the only person shocked by the fact that the module reference is irrelevant
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