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  1. I'm not familiar with Unraid but if it's fairly sanely set up, and you can get glibc version 2.15 or newer and OpenJDK JRE 7 (or Oracle equivalent) on it, it should work the same as any other Linux distro. Here's one tutorial on it.
  2. What kind of hardware does it have for starters?
  3. There's a limited amount of testing the devs can realistically do themselves, which is the reason the IWBUMS releases exist. So for better or worse, much of the testing is in practice up to the community.
  4. Correct, but you'll probably still be less visible to them than you'd be normally during the day.
  5. I'd maintain your skepticism. I think a lot of players have based how they feel NPCs are going to work on their expectations, but no one really knows how they're going to work as they expect, or if difficulty concerns will result in balancing adjustments, and so on. Besides that, there's no ETA for them, and I think that anticipation is fueling a lot of the "magic bullet" sensationalism over NPCs. It's best to just wait to see what TIS does down the line. I think they're doing a good job fixing problems as they arise without the need for NPCs as a cure-all. There's no ETA, but there's a not-an-ETA of Q1/Q2 2015 from the relevant mondoid.
  6. IIRC Lemmy's said the way the stairs are now is an engine limitation, so this might not be happening any time soon.
  7. Compared to the game's time scale, trees take pretty long time to grow to useful size. Also last I checked about 1/4th or more of the map is covered by trees, you're not going to run out any time soon. Besides, doesn't Erosion already handle this to a degree?
  8. Yep, you have to prioritize survival to survive. The game's take on violence is fairly realistic, which means you really don't want to go into a fight you're not sure to win. Focus instead on scavenging for clothes and equipment, and use the bunker you started in as a base until you have a sleeping bag.
  9. The 192.168.1.* one is your local network IP, that is what you want to forward the ports to. You can connect to your own server by typing the word localhost into the address field.
  10. Sitting is pretty much confirmed to happen at some point.
  11. Yes, that is exactly how it works currently. If the client can't connect to the master server, the button won't show.
  12. You might also want to update the thread's title.
  13. How large groups are you referring to? As I understand it, one of the goals of all of this is to make the player taking on groups larger than 20 or so infeasible.
  14. Yes there is actually, see Mediawiki documentation. Or were you looking for something specific?
  15. Adding an UI indicator of how charged the next shot will be would help cut on the spamming. Currently a player may not even know there's any charging involved.
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