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*approaching to a two-floor house slowly*

"looks like the first floor is swarmed... i wonder about the second one"

*two deadheads falling down the second floor window right next to me*

"lool okay done here"

*runs away*


*boiling a soup in the campfire*

*pressed skip time x3, doing a move to cancel it and get my soup*

*steps into the campfire*

*runs around and dies*


btw when i came back to my base as new character the soup was still boiling...

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(trying out the Drivable Cars mod)


"Holy cow! A working truck with a full gas can! Allright everybody, pile in and let's get out of here!"

*four survivors all grab whatever is close at hand, not really bothering to prioritize usefulness, and get in*

*zooms off down the nearest road at top speed*

"Hoo-yah, we totally survived! We'll just drive out to the farm and raid the warehouses and build a wall and blah blah blah..."

*runs at full throttle into a literal solid wall of zombies*



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