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  1. All stories/fanfics/etc. written by me will now be properly posted here in addition to the forums:



  2. (trying out the Drivable Cars mod) "Holy cow! A working truck with a full gas can! Allright everybody, pile in and let's get out of here!" *four survivors all grab whatever is close at hand, not really bothering to prioritize usefulness, and get in* *zooms off down the nearest road at top speed* "Hoo-yah, we totally survived! We'll just drive out to the farm and raid the warehouses and build a wall and blah blah blah..." *runs at full throttle into a literal solid wall of zombies* D'oh!
  3. Can the Electronics Workbench recipe please be fixed? At the moment it is ridiculous because the computer unit depicted in the finished product only needs a mouse and monitor and not the main computer unit itself (all of which are hellishly rare BTW, on the order of MRE pallets) and it doesn't even need a connected generator, so the computer would do nothing at all.
  4. It really likely isn't. If your first experience with PZ is playing in Hardcore Survival mode with Hydrocraft running, you're probably going to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of good resources, marginal resources, raw materials, red-herring items and TFUS (Totally Freaking Useless Stuff, as we call it on our private server) that shows up. You'll go crazy just trying to figure out what to keep...heck I'm a 3- year veteran of Zomboid and on my first playthrough with Hydrocraft my jaw was literally hanging as I ran around trying to grab everything that could be useful. Play on easier modes or at least without HC installed for a month or two and come back if the amount of new stuff is frustrating you. I promise you the experience will be a lot more fun and a lot less mind-boggling. And it also gets rid of something that is really glaring in vanilla Zomboid: the fact that your player character either has some kind of survivalist X-ray vision and only sees exactly the items that he/she would immediately find very useful or the former occupants lived at poverty wages. Here's what I mean: you go into a house and start looking through drawers and cabinets - and there isn't a fifth of the stuff that would be there in real life. Very basic kitchen utensils, no spices besides salt and pepper, ~6 kinds of clothes across the entire town (and no underwear or bras), no toys or comics in the kids' rooms, no umbrellas in a very rainy area, no textbooks or atlases or Bibles on the bookshelves, no vacuum cleaners anywhere...get the picture? Either everyone in Knox County is dirt poor or all the stores around there have a tiny fraction of the variety in goods that you could find at any major chain store in real life. Hydrocraft fixes that, and the only reason it seems overwhelming is because we're used to cupboards almost as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's.
  5. At the bare minimum erosion needs to have its own variable. Plant overgrowth as-is now is fairly realistic but buildings in my long playthroughs start falling apart like they're made of cardboard. It's somewhat ridiculous to see a commercial building's walls start to crumble when IRL my city has abandoned buildings that have stood for decades with zero maintenance and the only thing broken are the windows. Concrete and brick just do not erode that fast and I am very much with you that things need to change.
  6. The last one is hardly implausible. I clearly remember a documentary where one small island by the UK used old car alternators stuck to small windmills and battery banks from telephone companies for electrical power.
  7. Working cars? In Project Zomboid? And TANKS?! And AIRPLANES?!?!? _ _ 0.0 <----- My shocked face o I am truly amazed at this. Multiple types of vehicles realistic to the location and with different fuel usage/storage/speeds that fit the vehicles themselves. While the interface is a bit clunky, I realize that you are doing this solo and have some fairly strict limitations to work within. Thank you more than words can tell for the work put into this. My first look at this with the Rebuild (Drayton) map is pretty much what I expected after I mastered the controls. Rare finds, high value, require a rare resource to operate and if you break it you're seriously SOL. Haven't found a tank or plane yet, and only one gas can after weeks of searching. Doesn't help that the map has all of one gas station! Future suggestions: -Possibility of cars being automatic or manual transmission, plus a specific key for reverse ("R" maybe) before you can back up. If you shift a manual wrong or shift any car into reverse at more than a crawl forward you can damage or even ruin the car. -Backing up warning beep on the trucks when in reverse, giving a downside to the hefty cargo storage. -The tank requiring a military profession or a skill book to even start, or a menu option to "Learn startup sequence" that randomly takes hours to a day before it starts for the first time, because a quick google search shows that turning one on is NOTHING like operating any civilian vehicle except (very remotely) a tractor. Maybe a small time cut for characters with Electrical skill who would at least have some idea of what the hell all the buttons and levers did. EDIT: Just thought of if you ever plan to make the tank gun(s) or the armored car's turret operable, or is that too much time/energy/overpowering to do?
  8. Would be a pretty rare item though. Powdered milk tastes !@#%ing NASTY (my dad was a farmer and had it often for ~10 years of his childhood) as it was originally designed for wartime shipping to cut weight/space and was definitely considered poor-man's milk until the infrastructure improved to where anyone who wasn't homeless could afford fresh milk. Now you can't even find it in most places. Same goes for powdered eggs.
  9. Holy walking dead! Not one but TWO mods incorporated into hydrocraft? *sings* "Oh happy day..."
  10. Spracky stole almost all my suggestions - brilliant idea to use the weapon repair system - but I wonder if it should be possible for Z's to still scratch/bite you if your speed is low enough and the car is damaged enough?
  11. Seconded. I love HC but if all you want is something approaching renewable fuel (biodiesel, solar panels, etc) you have to deal with an avalanche of other items just to have a chance to find them. I imagine that's frustrating to a lot of people, as is the inability to pump gas after the power is out, which while not a cakewalk for the uninitiated is hardly impossible. As for adding an actual, honest-to-God powerplant...truth be told I can see it being added someday as a long (long, long, long) term goalIt would be a tremendous draw for a survivor community, for people to want to start securing the area and setting up a food supply and working toward the hopeful goal of getting the power back on. That being said it would requires several people with the proper high-level skills to keep it running in any kind of capacity and probably require repairs in the first place.
  12. And let me second the concern about being tied down to any particular part of the map too much. That has been a HUGE part of PZ's appeal to me and my gamer friends both for playing and RP purposes, especially the latter.
  13. Cliche thanks to Minecraft, I'll readily give you. But it's still 100% realistic. Tire walls should hopefully be added the same time as vehicles make it. Dusty Lens also brought up an EXCELLENT point regarding tire walls. They have been recently used to great effect by protesters in the Ukraine (see here) and filled with dirt would take an insane amount of damage from pounding zeds because they were built to take tens of thousands of miles supporting a 2 ton vehicle. To balance that they would weigh like crazy and you'd have to run back and forth with sandbags and have a shovel.
  14. Wow, that was quick. I guess remove this topic then, thanks!
  15. Pretty simple idea, really: a dedicated command that could be bound to any key/button that when used triggered the 'stomp' attack. The usefulness of this would be to reduce wear on rare weapons such as axes and baseball bats. Obviously stomping a zombie to death when its down is more effort than slicing its head off with a manufactured axe, it might be preferable than breaking the axe that took you days of risky searching to find to finish off a zed that is already downed.
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