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Its just a scratch...I'll probably be fine.


[i found out I was infected while burning zombies, as I was dying I fell on top of a camp fire. My reanimated corpse stood up then immediately turned into ash.]

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*Pumps a shotgun*


"Say Hello To My Appropriately Sized Friend MotherFu**ers!!"


I was bitten, I took an entire set of painkillers, washed it down with whiskey and wine, then for good measure drunk some bleach and got out a shotgun. I took down 50 of the bastards before the bleach killed me.



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Challenge The Last Stand - was sorting my stuff out in super barricaded second floor appartment when I hear:



''Wher.. how the fuck yall got in !?!?!  ''


3 slugs later I'm RIP.



(* Phoenix Long Road Edition - Sandbox Low Pop. everything else kept as original*)


'' wow this is an amazing spot, nice huge roof, premade high fences oh and a pine-like rooftop I can waaaaalllkkkk aaahhhhh!''


*falls through roof into lonely warehouse room breaking his thigh*


''fck. theres' gotta be a plank in one of these crates...''


finds zombie. knifes zombie. 


finds no plank. finds no exit no window no doors... no bleach...


''ahh a lighter... 8-)  lemme just equip my whiskey bottle...''


trows molotov and watches himself burn in agony :twisted:  (you survived 7 hours)

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