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  1. Burial services for Ms. Attwood will be held when we are all back in a space where we are no longer fighting for survival.
  2. Her Highness's Royal Decree. We of the Junkyard are preparing for winter. Due to extreme initiative of our community members towards prolonged continued survival and acquisition of two wood stoves for cooking, I have decided to make some changes to the Junkyard rules and open up the iron fist which I never really held, it was just common sense because we were short, and now we have more working hands who supply technology and valuable items. I am hereby granting the following people permission to put generators on the Junkyard grid: Father Myles, Doctor Paulson, Prospero, and Jaime Wyatt. If y
  3. Glad and happy to see two new players amongst all the ones returning. More are welcome! Welcome Raul Tomas, Jonathan Young, and Burt Renalds. You guys are a welcome addition! Everyone else is welcome too. The world is well established, electricity is still up.
  4. Thank you all participants of Season 1 and Season 2 of our campaign. We loved having you in the past. With delight I am announcing that our 3rd Season has officially begun. As a reminder, as usual, our PZ game is a roleplaying game, with roleplaying enforced. As usual, we run in a kind of a TV-show format. All logs are reviewed and monitored. PvP is enabled, and has to be roleplayed out, killing without appropriate roleplay and without any words is not permitted. Raiders are fine, but they have to roleplay and let the community know that they are playing a bandit. All PvP kills are evalua
  5. Could anyone please write up a set of instructions for how to install it on a Linux server? I got players waiting to play, and I need to get the map ready. Thanks!
  6. Vamp008, please do help me get it on the server. I'm renting one that I run PZ on multiplayer.
  7. I subscribed to the mod, but it's not downloading it. How do I actually get the update? I am in the iwillbackupmysave branch when running the game on steam. I still see only west point or muldraugh as spawn point options. I'd like to put Bedford Falls on my dedicated multiplayer server too. Where can I get the actual zip file with the latest version?
  8. They can still play together, if the steam people run PZ in -nosteam mode. Thank you Enigma and EasyPickins. I finally got it all to work. Now I dread the next update XD
  9. By the way, I tried the method described here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514493377 to launch the client in non-steam mode by specifying a parameter -nonsteam It does not work. Launched the client with steam integration anyway, displaying my steam name in the player list. To run our roleplay server we really need to get the non-steam mode working, because a big part of our game revolves around player anonymity, people all know each other, but don't know who is playing who. I'm a noob at Linux. I got the server running in Steam mode, and the client running in Stea
  10. Oh look at that! Not having it in one line worked! Okay, we're getting somewhere, thanks Enigma! I guess it no longer works as one line.
  11. The guide in the original post is for windows. I decided to just try a clean install. Deleted all directories, now just have /home/steam Got SteamCMD setup. It's working to try and download. Now I used the command: ./steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/ +app_update 380870 validate +exit And the result is: FAILED with result code 20. ERROR! Failed to request AppInfo update, not online or not logged in to Steam.
  12. Could you please link me to a comprehensive installation manual for linux? My old method worked from build 27 and up to now. Is there a documentation for the new changes, like a step by step? Did I miss an obvious big forum thread where the new process is explained for server admins? Because the installation seems to have been completely changed, but there is nowhere you can find the instructions. How do you install and run the server in non steam mode?
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