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Fanny packs are useless (?)

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So a small experiment with the organized trait


Fanny packs weigh 1 in the inventory

Fanny packs weight .3 when equipped

Putting a 3 weight item into the pack reduces your weight by .21


3 weight item vs Fanny Pack (equipped) + 3 weight item in pack = -.09 weight, so you end up weighing more by using a fanny pack.


Also of note, the fanny pack did not receive increased capacity with the organized trait. I could not add a .1 weight item to the fanny pack after placing a 3 weight item in it 


Got the same numbers when testing with a character without the organized trait.


So currently, in regards to fanny packs, the organized trait does nothing for them, and they seem to be a minor weight penalty at the cost of having an additional container to organize stuff? Guess it really depends on how much .09 weight will encumber you, maybe if they had a very minor reduction on weight and/or added quickslots like the belt they would be more useful.

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Thinking about this more... IRL, vagina... I mean fanny packs are often used as concealed carry containers... An alternative to a holster so to speak... Could it maybe be an alternative "Attachment" point for small handguns or other useful things ? Would basically work same way as any other prerequisite to [unlock] an attachment point.... (Belt req for left/right)... (Holster req for pistol) to attach.. etc...  To make it more realistic, maybe draw time could be slower vs. holster... On that note, a sling should be the prerequisite to be able to sling rifles on the back...

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