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  1. I think they do listen to suggestions. I like to believe my suggestion about zombies doing a ground attack after going through a window inspired the similar feature that showed up in the game a few weeks later (it was because it was incredibly OP to do insta-kill attacks on prone zombies after they went through a window or over a low fence, the goal wasn't to make your lives miserable, I promise! :)).. One can never know of course, their version was slightly different, and at least in one way better than what I wrote. Could also be a coincidence, but they used the words "lunge attack" in the p
  2. I thought you could turn that on/off in the server settings, but it was so long time since I played on those versions so I can't remember..
  3. If you're not playing IWBUMS beta a tip is to start a multiplayer game, even if you're not going to play with others. That way it's much easier if you want to change game settings later
  4. I think Tarkov style (or Diablo 2 style if you prefer :)) would be a good addition to this game. It looks nice and makes you consider both weight and size of objects The negatives I can think of is that it doesn't handle tiny objects well (1 square for a single paper clip etc?) so they'd have to come up with a clever solution for that. And that it would require a lot of art assets, so maybe there are more impactful features they could spend their time on.
  5. Personally I think early game is fine as it is, just trying to survive while looting for basic items is a full time job already. I agree with your reasoning that early game is important since it's the first impression for new gamers. But there's no downtime where the game gets boring during the first couple of days, so I don't think this part needs that much more content. For me this is the most fun part of the game I also think NPCs will bring more towards endgame content, not just from the rebuilding society perspective, but as in having built your zombie-proof base and filled it
  6. Share away! I like talking about game design and theorycrafting And since you mentioned game progression in another comment, I might mention that I've written a suggestion regarding that too Pretty sure the devs have said that when everything else is done they're going to add stories (i.e. mini campaigns) that you play through, similar to how the first demos were. Of course things may change, but I don't think sandbox mode is meant to be the main game mode for PZ.
  7. 1177. Have sound events cause a bit of anxiety in the player character. Different amounts depending on the sound, i.e. dog bark = low, gunfire = medium, human death scream = high
  8. I wrote a similar post a while ago. No proposed solution, just some discussion in case you're interested in what was said then.
  9. Shouldn't need nutritionist to see stats on canned food, it's literally printed on the can Well, at least today it is, not sure if food had energy info labels in USA in 1993
  10. Change the helicopter event to be recurring by default, though with different effects each time they occur: * First time it moves semi-randomly and follows you around if they can see you (i.e. they might circle and move away if you go into a building). * Second time they use a megaphone to shout things at you, e.g. "this zone has been evacuated, no civilians allowed", "looting is a federal crime" etc. * Third time they escalate the threats, e.g. "this is your final warning", "looters will be shot on sight", etc. * Fourth time and on they shoot at you with a rifle.
  11. Just to clarify so that we're talking about the same things: Vitamins and dietary minerals are considered micronutrients, as opposed to fat, protein, carbs, water and fiber that are macronutrients. The reason I suggested the system should be simplified to just 2 different values (+the existing macronutrients ofc) is to keep it easy enough to be playable for people with minimal nutrition knowledge, and I think 2 values could be enough to force the player to diversify their food intake. For example cabbage should be low on calories (making it a pretty inefficient food source), low on
  12. I thought about that too, but I keep remembering how it turned out in ATLAS (they had 3 different vitamins that you needed to manage IIRC, though the number of them wasn't the only issue) What some fans thought about that: The risk is that managing your vitamins isn't a *fun* mechanic, it's not something that you're looking forward to doing and I'm sure many players will hate it if it becomes too present. What I hope it would do is to add a little flavor to the game and break the monotony a bit, not for it to become a chore. Depending on how you balance i
  13. 1112. Reduce field-of-view when wearing a helmet that covers your face. A small reduction for mc helmet and a big reduction for welding mask
  14. How vitamins currently work has been bothering me more than it should, it's just ridiculous that you can chug them for an instant energy boost. So I was thinking how it could be made more realistic in an interesting way. * Add two internal values (similar to how the game keeps track of hunger and thirst) for the player: vitamins and minerals. * Add vitamin and mineral content to all food items: Vegetables have high vitamins, meat has high minerals, junk food is low on both, etc. * If the player doesn't get enough of either vitamins or minerals for an extended time (e.g. e
  15. I'll add a disclaimer in case my previous post appeared to endorse WWZ style zombie physics: IMO World War Z looks ridiculous, but I think it some variation of this idea could be realistic. If you have a large horde of zombies pushing towards a building, and you keep killing the ones in the front, it would eventually result in a pile of corpses. Maybe it depends a little on your zombie lore, but I don't see why the rest of the horde wouldn't try to climb over the fallen to get to their goal. Zombies in PZ already walk over corpses, except the corpses are paper thin
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