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  1. The construction of doors has drastically decreased thanks to the ability to jump walls and using sheet ropes as routes to enter the base, besides zombies will focus doors when attacking the base and they are weak compare to walls. -To encourage players to build doors again could introduce a mechanic to “reinforce a door”, just like in real life it would need extra hinges, doorknobs and planks or metal sheets. Also could be added the ability to build the door with the little window to see what’s on the other side, zombies or survivors on multiplayer, and don’t risk to go out into an ambush. -This ability to reinforce doors could be receive at level 4 carpentry and divided on 3 stages to reinforce and gain hp/durability. The first stage could be 3 hinge and 2 doorknobs, 6 screws and 3 planks, second stage 4 planks, 8 screws and third stage 5 planks and 10 screws. **Using sheet ropes should consume twice stamina compared to climbing a wall and only possible if both hands are free. This is just common sense upon how hard those moves are in real life.
  2. Injuries could have a chance of creating scars. Only visual representation with no effect but cosmetic. Could be optional some people are to fancy for this. **A new type of injury: Scratch on the eye it will reduce the visual cone 30% left or right until it heals. Limited to one at the time no need for totally blind character. Could leave a scar like in the picture below.
  3. I feel the game have the basic items to survive but is lacking “unique items” to be found. I consider unique the military backpack and the katana but even those are quite predictable to find if you play on 6 months later with high population. I recommend add additional unique items to encourage map exploration with the reward of finding them as the game progress. I do not recommend these items to be found on zombies cuz at high populations is quite common to find katanas for instance, then there is no feeling of finding something special but something that is disposable instead. The items could be 2-3 spawns in the whole map and have extra duration and just little of extra damage compared to regular items. Having a very low spawn will add replay ability cuz u wont be able to find all the rare items in the same run. Here some examples of rare items: Electric baton (short blunt, uses batteries) Taser (can knock out other survivor to be capture and be used to upgrade weapons with electric shocks) Mountaineer pick axe (one hand axe) Aluminum Baseball bat (two hand blunt) Military Knife Steel heavy pan (short blunt) Professional tent kit (weight less that the one u can craft) Canteen (carry more water uses less space)
  4. I think this is the best option, i don't like my character becoming a zombies, but there is no human way to kill the character so he doesn't become a zombie, hope they can put this at some point.
  5. Yeah man but is not the same as taking a shotgun and blow your head, there has to be some sensitivity limit on the matter.
  6. I agree with u, the only problem is suicide cuz is such a hard topic and could make the game have problems with the age ratting unfortunately only that will have to come with mod not officially on the game.
  7. *When dying to a group of zombies the character could lose pieces of skin just like the zombies. *When infected with zombi virus, last stage will make the skin pale and the character will puke blood (puke animation needed). Skin Pale effect could be also use when: -Having less than 30% hp. -Having fever caused by infected wound (please bring back fever). -Food Poisoning character will puke some green vomit.
  8. The game will never have a cure, and by late game im trying to say more things to do after surviving for 6 months or more, some of the skills need a reason to be level up, also challenges don't scale with the player skills to kill zombies once u know the ropes. The goal is death just like every intro says "this is how u die" but having a worthy life before dying is what keep trying one more time.
  9. if u find big seats with organized trait it goes up to 39 or something like that, if u want more space get the ambulance 6 seats and the trunk plus is fast, also to much space would be op since u will be able to loot so much that u don't have to make second trips.
  10. To be honest i haven't had this problem every time i open a door immediately push or hit with a weapon i don't even wait for the zombie to be loaded or practice walking by the door not aiming and opening while u walk away is also a good strategy
  11. Pretty much i feel the same with the post u made. Im trying to work on suggestions that could extend gameplay to late game, if u are interested i could share some ideas to see if they are good.
  12. Yep i don't think special zombies fit pz but migration of hordes around the map is a natural thing and the game lacks currently u clear and area to build a base and then zombies will be very rare to be a real treat to overrun it. Also zombies are quite predictable maybe after 6 month they could have variations on the speed so kitting a horde is more difficult a slow walker could suddenly have little rush and be faster (not sprinter).
  13. Its no only about the difficulty but a more progressive gameplay, thats why i will try to propose with a series of suggestions to improve construction, zombie evolution, crafting, map exploration in a way that there will be still things to do even if u live several months and its not only a farming simulator and basic base management.
  14. Currently all the options to build a base are separated and there is no well-defined connection between the skills carpentry, metal work and electric to create walls around the base. Metal walls are hard to built in early game, the quantity of work needed, doesn’t match the benefit from them. There is a reason you don’t see metal bases showcasing at the forums. Carpentry works fine due to having trees everywhere, makes it easy to build anywhere in the map. Electric have a relevant part to move appliances and preserve the generator but not on construction on 41. The way to integrate the 3 skills could be this way: -Carpentry walls can be reinforced with metal sheets. Improving in 3 stages the amount of metal sheets the wood wall can hold, according to the metal work level of the player to built metal walls. Wood wall level 1 with holds level 1 reinforced metal sheets stage, same with level 2 and 3. After reaching the stage 3 metal reinforced wall, it will have enough metal to be connected to the electric grid with level 4 electric skill and would be able to slowly electrify zombies to dead or stunt them. -The electricity will not instantly kill the zombies it will drain slowly their hp until they die. During that time they will keep banging the walls, so the player may still need to go outside to kill the zombies. // The other option is that the electrified wall will randomly stunt the zombies so they don’t break the walls to fast, preventing constant attacks on it. -The more metal walls you have connected to the grid will make the generator consume extra gas. So at some point could be better having 2 generators one for the house and another for the perimeter to be turned on/off when the base is under attack. -The advantage of still building a full metal wall is that it will be immune to fire since level 1 but still need to be a metal wall level 2 to be connected to the grid. Reinforced level 3 wood walls with reinforced metal sheets stage 3 would be fully protected to fires only at this point. -If there are to many zombies at the electrify wall, it will drain more gas from the generator with a chance of overheat and making the generator shut off. -At some point you could use the crafted remote control to turn on/off the electric wall and control the future electric systems once develop in the game. -Having these possibilities will extent the base building phase to late game combining skills in a more progressive and rewarding way for the player. -In a multiplayer scenario this would integrate 3 players with different professions each to build a wall. Same with npcs in the future. I think the late game base deserves to hold dozens of zombies banging the walls for longer periods. Is this realistic? Is more realistic than breaking the stairs of a house in 5 seconds with a sledgehammer, adding sheet ropes and be able to climb up those with a backpack full of loot.
  15. -Aiming will prioritize the near zombie to the player this a problem when selecting a target at long range, what if the could be a key binding to chance the prioritize radius to the aim reticle/mouse pointer or make rifles with scopes prioritize the radius around the mouse. -Aiming will highlight to targets very far away from each other to do a double kill. **SuggestionScope effect when aiming with scopes 4x and 8x with a extra zoom could help to see the aim outline, especially cuz u cant zoom in to see it.
  16. I think immunity is a hard no from the devs, but the idea sounds good if they expand the healing system with other diseases in the game. Zombie infection can be turn off in sandbox though.
  17. A lot of the topics you are talking are in the list to be develop. But more i would like to say that zombies in certain way are predictable u have slower and fast walkers and they stay just that way, which makes kitting a horde very comfortable, but what if later in game is more random a slow walker could suddenly be a faster walker when get close to you making the zombies more unpredictable. This one would be nice if they implement basements, they could introduce large underground structures military type, maybe with some type of gas in it, that u need hazmat suit or gas mask to explore. Also basements/underground structure is way more intense to explore cuz u don't have windows to scape or second floors to jump away, u will feel vulnerable/trap in this type of places. Plus they will be pitch dark only with a flashlight would be possible.
  18. Meditation would be great once "psychological system" start being developed. Although was meditation popular in the 90s?
  19. Also the events could be related to how long have your survived, making rewarding reach "late game" and find this big events and the unique items (maybe after 3 or 4 months they start happening)
  20. If you could jog as well, u will help a lot, i like to explore the map running but is so big that i start having pain in the fingers for pressing the buttons for so long, if u mod it pls send a link
  21. This a problem specially with walls, carpentry structures, you should be able do dissemble every structure that you create. I mean is just pulling out the nails with the hammer. To avoid spamming building and dissemble sploit, just remove the xp gained for dissemble structures made by the player. *Also destroying structures with the sledge hammer is not consuming stamina.
  22. This works as an event to attract zombies. -has the radius sound of breaking a window to a specific point on the screen area. -the classic jump scare. -the trees will shake where the event happen -happens only on foraging areas or forest areas.
  23. What is the reward for surviving long periods of time when most of the content is focused on surviving the first months? Get weapons, get food set up a base and start growing food this is easy for veteran players but after that what is the challenge? Weapons can be farmed from zombies, even katanas will be quite common that I don’t even bother to keep collecting them at high populations settings, drive 5 minutes and get the military backpack, drive another 15 and get 2 more. The most important event is on day 7, helicopter and then random gunshots. Wiring cars is on the first levels on mechanics and electrical easy to get in a few days once you have the books. Then you can level up mechanics skill, but why torture your self, just get another car. Winter is just a visual experience, crops keep growing and trapping works enough just to sporadically touch the can food, clothes have a high insulation above real concepts that wearing all the layers will melt your character. Dissemble dozens of TVs and Radios to move a stove and washing machine? Grinding metal work to built metal walls requires so much work on learning the skill and gather the materials, that benefit from having doesn’t match the effort. So what can be done to improve late game experience that is challenging and equally rewarding?
  24. This basic traps are more focused to be effective against other survivors not for zombies. Traps have to be replaced every time they are activated. Barbed wire depletes every time is used like regular wire. Empty cans are not trash anymore but a resource. -Cans sound trap 2 wood sticks, 4 empty cans and twine can be hide with 4 twigs and only visible for the one who placed or allies (the sound could be the same radius as breaking a window, and would attract zombies). Could be placed around the base to avoid being ambush. -Barbed wired ground trap 4 wood sturdy sticks and barbed wire can be hide with 4 twigs. Would hurt with scratches on the legs. -Bear trap Can only be found very rare. Deep wound on survivor will make a zombie a crawler. Can be hide with 4 twigs. -Secret Stash Can be created inside a house or outside fits 20 space, only one per player. Probably optional for servers -Barded Wire on Wall. Can be placed on the wall the player and others wont be able to jump the wall (or could be jumped but several scratches or even deep wounds).
  25. Also there is a vast amount of cigarettes at toolsheds u can find up to 120 cigarettes, office desk could be a better spawn area so the offices could be a point of interest there is nothing useful currently there, also construction and office zombie should have a better chance to have cigarettes and lighters.
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