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  1. I have to agree. After playing around with the new IWBUMS branch, it feels in many respects like an entirely new game. Very familiar to how Zomboid was in its earlier stages, but with a lot more depth than it used to have. It can be as brutal or as forgiving as you'd like, but it never feels cheap or unfair.
  2. Considering you can turn nutrition off altogether to avoid micromanaging that stuff, I don't see the point in people complaining that this is too in depth. At worse, this could be another toggle option alongside Nutrition—like, "Vitamins".
  3. Might be a bit much to add, but I'm a fan of the idea. You could also boil it down to genres, which—while not as much fun to collect, would make the mechanic work just the same; your character has a random value attributed to them upon being generated, which means they'll enjoy a particular genre more and others less. I'd also say that you could probably find out the stats of a book or the genre of it by "inspecting" it rather than reading it entirely.
  4. At best, I'd maybe vote for zombies to have the ability to scale tall fences when enough of them are crowded around it, but as far as walls and other non-climbable surfaces go– Please, no. This would make things like log walls and other fortifications pointless against hordes, which is exactly what they're meant to be used against. This would make for an interesting mod, but I'd rather not see it in the base game. Sprkng's idea would also be a neat enough alternative, although I'm unsure how Zomboid's engine might be able to calculate corpse pile height. Maybe by determining the height based off of the tile's total weight? Would it be exclusive to corpses, or would I be able to climb up walls by dumping 8 logs in a single tile space, too?
  5. I was always curious about what could be done to heighten the whole nutrition mechanic, and this isn't a bad idea for it. I think it'd be a neat idea to have "Vitamins" be split up into additional items or have variants of it to act as supplements, or just various consumables that could help the player stay healthy over longer periods of time or to combat (non-zombie related) sickness. One effect of neglecting your health like that could be higher chances or sensitivity to illnesses. Alternatively, you could possibly even just have a slightly lowered health value, or have your physical stats (Strength / Fitness) start to degrade very slowly. It's a good incentive to pursue a healthy diet beyond just managing your weight.
  6. I really enjoy auto-drink when I've got a bottle of water on me, and I'm really glad that my character is smart enough not to take a swig from a bottle full of tainted water. That said, I wouldn't mind if the auto-drink mechanic was something you could turn on and off, kind of like a more binary version of "Reload Difficulty". That, or... Maybe restrict auto-drink to specific items like bottles and canteens.
  7. Not the most productive thread—I know, but one I felt I just had to make after spending some time with the new IWBUMS builds. I first picked up Project Zomboid back in 2013-ish when it first made its debut on Steam, and my initial thoughts on it could be summed up as "Woah, this is weird.". I was never a fan of the isometric perspective, but I was a massive sucker for Zombies at the time—and despite the game looking somewhat bare, I wanted to give it a shot. At the start, things felt a little iffy. The game mechanics were new and unfamiliar to me to the point of not really enjoying it too much. That said, it didn't take too long for me to get the hang of it and realize what mistakes I'd been making, how to correct them and how to properly get immersed in the game as a result. Cut to just short of nearly a decade later, and Project Zomboid was—and still is—one of my favorite games to date. It doesn't matter whether I play it solo or via multiplayer, the game hardly disappoints. I've seen many fantastic servers come and go, I've had an amazing time with countless groups of friends, and I've always—always—appreciated the amount of effort being put into the game itself as well as the communication between the dev team and their playerbase. Say what you want about production time, but I've been—and will continue to be—as patient as the dev team need me to be, because everything they've released—everything that I've seen and played with, anyway—has been nothing short of great. Now, this isn't just me trying to kiss up to the dev team, believe it or not. I've had my fair share of suggestions, criticisms, and I've even gotten impatient now and again for certain features to be released. However, the indie game development scene has left me pretty jaded; I've seen hundreds of promising indie titles come and go, most of them abandoned in their first year while others turn out to be blatant scams. Project Zomboid, on the other hand, is something special. I've never felt disheartened after visiting the website for updates, and the amount of communication on the 'News & Dev' page is, quite frankly, insane. It always gets me excited, interested, and on one or two occasions I've even considered sending you guys my resume to join the team—however possible. Long story short; We're a fair ways through 2020 already, and Project Zomboid first released in 2011—I believe—and 2013 for the Steam version. Regardless, development has been going for nearly a decade and, to me, knowing the scope of the team behind it and having had personal experience in game development and QA, that's just crazy. You guys are great and I'd like for you to know that your work is appreciated. Thanks, guys.
  8. Thank you very much, this solved pretty much all of my initial problems. You guys are doing great, keep up the fantastic work!
  9. Unfortunately, it seems as though the only thing it copies is; http://steamcommunity.com/id/MySteamName/ There are no numbers aside from that.
  10. Fantastic, and where would I be able to find the Steam ID needed for that? Or is it the same that I would otherwise get from a game like Garry's Mod or Counter Strike?
  11. This worked! Thank you. Can the same be done for other players?
  12. I've tried setting PlayerServerID and ResetID to blanks - PlayerServerID was already blank due to prior accidental character wipes with non-steam hosted servers... But it still asks me to create a new character. Is there something else I need to do? Or can my old character saves no longer be used?
  13. I do not. This doesn't seem to be the case with all of my friends, but some are having more trouble than others - I've invited them through the Invitation tab on which you can allow / deny friends from joining... They're all, obviously, allowed. On another note, is there a way to easily convert Build 33 worlds / characters? I've tried this with what toolsets are currently available but it still asks me to recreate a character.
  14. With the new build, I was hoping that the Easy Coop feature would eliminate the need for Hamachi and other shenanigans that are otherwise required for an easy server launch... But this doesn't seem to be the case. I've launched a server, and invited friends, but it appears they cannot join me; Server Not Responding being all they can see when accepting my invitation. I've tried this with friends who have already launched the game, and those who're standing by on their desktop, but that doesn't seem to make the slightest difference. We're not running the -nosteam launch parameter, we're all going full vanilla at the moment, so we aren't sure what the problem is. Any help?
  15. Just an update on my previous statement - closing your window does not stop people from climbing up a rope and entering a window, they automatically open it.
  16. I'm not too big of a fan of a military presence, if only because it would make the sense of seclusion and loneliness a little less effective.
  17. Well, to be fair, one can assume you tucked the axe under your arm, or something.
  18. Yes, in fact. I did take inspiration from it, and honestly, I love the abundance of stats and traits that the game has. ... And yes, it's soul-crushingly hard compared to Project Zomboid.
  19. That's fair, and I'll admit, I don't have a problem with all skills being up for grabs, despite my earlier post. Though, I do like that the skills not inherently part of your character's background already come with a much steeper learning curve, it provides a bit of immersion for myself that I need to put some actual effort and planning into learning a new skill. Compared to the earlier builds where everyone could learn everything at the same pace, and everyone was naturally a 'Jack of all Trades' seemed kinda... Lackluster. It was the reason why Construction Worker and Ranger became so overpowered as they provided the only real advantages. At the end of the day, so long as deciding one's background continues to provide a real impact to my play style, I'll be happy... But I completely understand why locking off certain parts of the game may be a little extreme - though, I still believe it'd be pretty cool in a multiplayer setting, but that's just me.
  20. I'm almost tempted to suggest using Don't Starve as a model for mobility. Almost all terrain leaves you with your base movement speed, depending on who you play as. Roads and other paved surfaces allow you to move faster, rightfully so. Particularly hazardous or uneven terrain, like mud or marches, slow you down. I would love to see players move a little slower on grass and dirt, but have their speed return to normal when using player-made roads or streets. Meanwhile, forest environments just slow you down altogether - maybe not gravely so, but enough for most players to find it inconvenient.
  21. As a huge backer of late-game progression, I whole heartily agree with every point you've made thus far. I am a strong believer that this game can only become as strong as the interest it provides towards the more dedicated fan base it has, and as one of said fans, I do also have to admit that the game lacks any real end-game. Can I blame the game devs? No. Hell no. The game is still in its infancy, technically speaking, and I do have to cut them some slack due to such. But I don't think ignoring these suggestions is a very healthy way of tackling the growth of the game. As it stands, the late-game ends when you've created a farm, and from then on the game becomes a farming simulator where maintaining said source of food is your one and only priority. Water is either readily available through the use of wells or rivers, or is out of your control if you depend on rain water. Safety becomes trivial once walls have been erected, and zombies will hardly ever spawn where the player spends most of his or her time. In short, once that point is reached, the game's appeal hangs solely on the hopes that the player remains immersed - which, not everyone can. Again, I can't blame the devs, and the game is already one of my favorites, so do take my opinion with a grain of salt. Speaking of maintaining a farm, though. I do love the idea of there being more to do than simply watch over one's crops. Maintaining your safe house, your generators, your vehicle - if we get any, and so on. Having the game beckon you to go out into the dust-caked remains of an empty city for parts, or specialized tools, or just to explore the potential hazards of a derelict town. On the topic of safe houses, I do also like the idea of being able to build more things - given the right skills and background... I'm not against making certain parts of the game accessible only to characters with the right professions, that only makes having a cast of varied characters more valuable and makes replaying the game worth the effort. I'd love to see generators that only a mechanic can build and correctly maintain, and so on. I can go on forever, but I shouldn't seeing as I may be at the risk of sounding like I'm complaining - which I'm really not.
  22. While I support the Devs' decision to make zombie bites hyper-lethal, I do like the idea of there being an increased chance of surviving a bite if you immediately treat it. Personally, I would happy with that kind of preparedness rewarding you with no more than a 2 - 5% extra chance of survival - I like how ungodly lethal a successful zombie can be, but I do also love the idea of having a bit more reason to just sit down on my character and pray to the Zomboid Gods that I somehow pull through... Even if I don't, the tension generated would be well worth it.
  23. I don't believe tents protect you from rain... At least, that's how it was back in 31, and I've yet to test it out again. I would love to see an additional tent-like kit made of tarps, like a makeshift roofing that can easily be put up and brought down which would otherwise protect you - and anything under it - from rain.
  24. Removed? No! Not at all! I don't think anyone wants Skill Points or Skills in general to be removed. I think what he suggested was for their value and use to be altered in a minor way, so as to make achieving them more challenging.
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