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Random Trait Suggestions

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Parkour (Traceur) (+6) +1 Sprint, +1 Nimble


Fencer (+6) +1 Blade Accuracy, +1 Blade Guard


Tip-Toes (+3) +1 Sneaking


Tinker (+4) +1 Electrical


Quick Draw (+4) +1 Aim


Speedloader (+4) +1 Reload


Masochist (+4) Cannot become unhappy while in pain or bleeding. Ignores accuracy reduction while in pain.


One Arm - (-10) Cannot use secondary slot, or wield weapons that require two hands.


Terrible Cook (-2) Your cooking will never give an increase to happiness. Ever.


Ombrophobia (-2) Panics during rainstorms. (panic while indoors, extreme panic outdoors)


Photodermatitis (-8) Being outside during the daytime causes gradually increasing Hyperthermia, regardless of the weather. As Hyperthermia increases, Sickness and Pain develops as well. Once it reaches Fever and Agony, health starts to drop.


Nyctophobia (-4) Fear of the dark. Extreme panic while outdoors at night, or indoors without a light source.

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Yeah, it is rather irritating to have to take hunter or be a burglar to have some sneaking skills. I mean, what if I'm just some kid that used to work in a haunted house? I'm by no means a professional sneaky sneak, but i've got a little stealth going on. Sure I could take inconspicuous or graceful, but I want variety! ... not to mention another 3 point positive.

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