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What would MacGyver Do?

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I have released my first mod! It is still very much a work in progress, but it is working!


What would MacGyver do?


He would have course make all kinds of crazy weapons out of stuff that are obviously not weapons in the first place. Most people would settle for that baseball bat or a fire axe or a crow bar. But not MacGyver. He would be on a constant search for new and creative ways to kill zombies. This is what this mod is all about: Making new weapons from all kinds of stuff you can find in Project Zomboid. I hope I will never actually finish this mod, and that it will continue to grow and evolve as the game develops.


I will upload it to Steam Workshop when it has a bit more content and a consistent style of icons. Here are the two items currently in the mod.


Feel free to give constructive feedback.

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Milk + Chlore in a bottle. Shake & trow to watch zombies blow up :P

Broom + Kitchen Knife + 3 or 4 Duct Tapes = much zombie slaughtering fun for about five minutes :P


10 Cigarettes + Empty Pop/Water Bottle + Lighter = light & trow in front of a horde to create a disorienting smoke screen and RUN ! :)


Empty Jar + nails + insert Pipe Bomb into the jar = Trow & enjoy watching zed brains all over the place !  :shock:

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Another day another weapon ...


Take an Alupipe and connect this with a ball valve. Add an plasticbottel and an Bikepump. Finish it with an simple manometer and have fun when shooting Ballbearing Balls.




if you want you can take my fight club mod to make Dynamite and Soap from (Human) Fat.



Edit: Or much easier ... Take a Pipe add a Plank take some Twine and Gunpowder and craft this very primitive rifle.post-24928-0-27448700-1443175380.png


Harpoon 2



In BreakingDead Mod i have some Thermit. Mac Gyver used this once to melt through a steeldoor.

Simple find a source for Iron Oxide aka Rust and some Aluminumpowder and you can made a Thermitgranade or an improvised weldingtorch for example (damage vs doors must be fantastic :D).



Supersoaker with special feature







empty Pot, ripped Sheets, Matches, Plastic Shards post-24928-0-12467000-1443229935.png

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