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  1. Deodorant + lighter = short range, low use flamer Deodorant may be a mod item but still would be cool to see. nice mod idea, will follow
  2. awesome thnx for the reply
  3. i was in work today dealing with idjit customers when i drifted off thinking about random events related to firearms. could a script be written that "rolled a dice" each time you fired the weapon and, perhaps modified for weapon condition, resulted in rare weapon jams, barrel cracks and other gun related mishaps? would make for an interesting combat experience and compel survivors to look after their combat tools. maybe weapon additions could make this roll list branch off so silencers fail unexpectedly, resulting in a far loader "bang" then would otherwise have accrued. all these thoughts drifted through my head whilst pretending to listen to customers problems. any of this seem workable and/or fun? ow thanks for the reply about the screwdriver btw, much appreciated
  4. ah nuts, guess my rabbits will have to live indoors thnx for the fast reply
  5. so just to clarify, all the recoil pads, rifle slings and scopes we find in the game are currently unimplemented and unusable? is this right? 'cos i've been scratching my head trying to work out haw to attach them to my guns lol loving the mod so far, keep up the good work
  6. hmm been all over this map in many games and can't forage a thing anyone else having this issue or is it just me?
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