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  1. Yeah, I've looked through base recipes now and they all look very similar. Maybe something can be done with the OnTest and OnCreate stuff I see some recipes use. But I have no idea what that is Well, I will have to settle for something simpler for now.
  2. I'll have to try. But now I wonder if there is a way to demand that an item is fresh for it to be allowed in a recipe? Or at least not rotten? I am trying to achieve something a bit wierd, but if I can make it work I think it has some real potential... Basically I want to first make an item that then needs to be used the next day in a recipe for another item. If you don't use it within the next day it is too late. Possible?
  3. Away from comouter, so I can't test. But I just got an idea that would require a very long crafting time.
  4. Hehe, yeah, I'll try that - hairspray is vanilla item, so I can use that! No idea how to make flames appear, but nice challenge for my list of ideas. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I am very new to modding so encouragement is very much appreciated.
  6. I have released my first mod! It is still very much a work in progress, but it is working! What would MacGyver do? He would have course make all kinds of crazy weapons out of stuff that are obviously not weapons in the first place. Most people would settle for that baseball bat or a fire axe or a crow bar. But not MacGyver. He would be on a constant search for new and creative ways to kill zombies. This is what this mod is all about: Making new weapons from all kinds of stuff you can find in Project Zomboid. I hope I will never actually finish this mod, and that it will continue to grow and evolve as the game develops. I will upload it to Steam Workshop when it has a bit more content and a consistent style of icons. Here are the two items currently in the mod. Feel free to give constructive feedback.
  7. Just a quick question: Do More Zombie Loot introduce new items, or only vanilla stuff?
  8. I was testing a recipe with a Stone in it. The stone that NecroForge spawned for me was 1.5 weight and not the correct 0.3 base item. Just figured I should report it here? Or somewhere else? (I am a modding noob)
  9. Thank you! I guess I will keep three separate files for items, recipes and fixing then, so I can work on all aspects of each item beside each other. Another question has appeared, though, and I will adopt you as my newbro mentor, since you were the one who convinced me I could do it... How can I make a recipe require a certain skill level?
  10. I started looking into modding last night, and I am not looking back again. I have two clear ideas for two mods that are simple enough for me to do by myself. They involve new recipes and new items and how to repair the items that can be used as weapons. What I wonder now, is: Should, items, recipes and fixing all go into the same .txt file? Or should I split them up? I see other mods have several files for this. Are there more advanced reasons for this or simple reasons? And are there anything I should think about when it comes to making sure to keep the mods as compatible as possible?I will post my mods in the WIP-section as soon as they have become a bit more substatial.
  11. Hmm, but then how do I make my new png be used as an icon? I thought I could put it in my textures folder, then just enter the name of it in the item code? (Icon = ForkFingers) Sorry for being a total noob EDIT: Figured it out! The .png had to be named Item_ForkFingers.png
  12. Of course, why didn't I think about the wiki! Thanks!
  13. I am adding several new items made from vanilla items and I want the icons in the inventory to have a vanilla feel and look, and thus I would like to see the different art files up close in photoshop, but I can't seem to find them?
  14. Thanks a lot! That seems to do exactly what I need.
  15. I have taken the leap into modding and I am starting with a items/recipes mod. But I want to test it without having to loot half the map: Is there a way I can cheat/spawn items into my inventory to test out recipes and items I create?
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