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  1. valhalla_bound

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game, it's still happening.
  2. valhalla_bound

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    When loading up the game, in the middle of the loading textures prompt I am getting a beeping noise that does not seem to go away.
  3. valhalla_bound

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You may just need a higher level foraging skill. Or keep digging more. The more important question is does he have a spade or pick to mine with. I saw no mention of that.
  4. valhalla_bound

    [Abandoned] [Java] ModelLoader 1.16_02

  5. valhalla_bound

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Potato pancakes spawn frying pans when eaten.
  6. valhalla_bound

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Yeah it is on my todo list since it is tedious to track down.You could always just allow us to forge kitchen or hunting knives too. Saves you alot of work. Either way thanks!
  7. valhalla_bound

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Could we make the steel/iron/copper knives useable in cooking/skining etc?
  8. valhalla_bound

    Gunfire improvement

    I too would like an indication of hitting people.
  9. valhalla_bound

    MP - Allow server owners to skill cap

    Or you could pull your self up by your boot straps! Capitalism!
  10. valhalla_bound

    Fire is ridiculous

    Just make a camp fire. Do it when there is no rain and keep the horde loaded. Run in a big circle to keep em packed around the fire. If they leave the screen and get unloaded they stop taking damage.
  11. valhalla_bound


    Ok this is super awesome!!No more unrecoverable wagons!
  12. valhalla_bound


    10 ft tall and bullet proof - Survive a Gunshot
  13. valhalla_bound

    Easter Egg Idea

    I want bigfoot
  14. valhalla_bound

    Opening Bags on the Ground

    You should. Cause ya totally can in real life. Also, add animations of some one going through boxes or shelves.
  15. valhalla_bound


    Play multiplayer.