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Zombies that go outside only during night time


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Could be a fun option to play with. State of Decay has sort of the reverse in effect, wherein zombies gather more indoors at night (though not entirely). Definitely makes night runs feel different from day runs. Great option for sandbox.

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yeah that'd be hella intense-- maybe varying degrees of photophobia as well?


1. Afraid of the sun, electrical lighting, campfires, and player held light sources.

2. Afraid of the sun, electrical lighting, and campfires

3. Afraid of the sun, and electrical lighting

4. Only afraid of the sun

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Ahem! I just want to say that this is a fun idea but, I am a great fan of Richard Matheson. He's actually one of my favorite authors.


That being said, the beings in "I am Legend" are actually vampires, not zombies, which is why they're photophobic. I saw the Will Smith movie, and I'm pretty sure the beings in there are mutants not zombies. The reason why Matheson's work is so closely intertwined with zombie lore is because his vampirism was an epidemic caused by a bacteria (widespread infection like in zombie lore). Another key component of his work, not seen in the movie, is that the vampires are actually sentient, not brainless beasts.


If you've read this far down, check out the story, and "Last Man on Earth" (film). The first movie is the closest related to the story. There's also "The Omega Man", of course "I am Legend", and "I am Omega", which all are different adaptations to the story.

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