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  1. Hi there, I've been doing this thing where I make music videos out of my current playthrough of the game. 3 parts thusfar, hope you like -- there's a story behind the character but I can tell ya about it later. https://youtu.be/qs1919NgFwk https://youtu.be/NbCl82Qf1jQ https://youtu.be/5izyD4-k8vw
  2. I'd like to make a humble suggestion to would be map makers out there. I've yet to see something western or in an arid climate. It could prove to be fairly interesting and I know just the place that'd be a fun place to hunker down in the zombie apocalypse... Rachel, Neveda As the closest habitation to the Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51, Rachel enjoys a modest celebrity, particularly among aviation enthusiasts and UFO hunters. The Challenge Sparsely populated and spread apart, Rachel's lack of vegetation and the desert heat combined with the looming threat of (Alien created zombies?!) should prove to be an ultimate test of wit and tenacity against all odds for even the most seasoned of survivors. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rachel,+NV+89001/@37.642628,-115.7445073,2020m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80b82b92d8b1b0cd:0xc86284b070fc2e35!8m2!3d37.64472!4d-115.74278
  3. Coooooooooooooool!!! But I guess I should have clarified. I chose the wrong haircut and it's driving me nuts; I'd like to be able to change that IG or perhaps even from the menu, or maybe even just a third party thing that edits my characters file to change it.
  4. Could a mod be made that allowed you to edit your charachter's appearance?
  5. Well if I were talking about playing in a singleplayer game, I'd grind until I had the capability to move the bed without any hassle -- that's never a problem. However, in the case I'm referring to, I was playing on RP server with skill gains set to a minimum. And I disagree, I've moved mattresses and bed-frames of all shapes and sizes and I've never once damaged them more than just a scuff. They're usually quite sturdy and if the frame is metal, 9/10 you don't even need tools to take it apart. At any rate, even if you were extremely clumsy, it'd be next to impossible to destroy a mattress by dropping it.
  6. This needs to happen. I tried to move 3 beds and one couch, with 2 in carpentry and each of them was destroyed. I'm pissed lol
  7. Uncensored. Lol but I'm taking a small break from this until I learn how to use the program a little better. I could release just the first to scenes as like an Alpha version of the mod. I think for practice I'll make a radio station mod that adds a couple stations that play music or whatever. What kinds of radio stations should I make?
  8. Realistically, moving a mattress isn't as involved as the game makes it seem. It's easier to build a log wall then move a bed. That makes no sense. Sure taking apart a bed frame is kind of annoying, but anybody with a screwdriver can do it. Same goes with bookshelves, tables, dressers, etc. It makes little sense and for me at least, takes the immersion away from the game. Same goes for moving crates, that's something that doesn't necessarily needs to be taken apart before you move it. It can be pushed/pulled or lifted -- if anything that would require a certain amount of strength and nothing else. So I think removing any carpentry skill requirements from certain furniture would be beneficial.
  9. I'm assuming the the blue and orange 0's mean days, like what day the broadcast starts and the duration before it stops repeating the broadcast each day, right? I can't find a way to change it :/ That's what I was curious about (as for the other stuff I have to read to test it out, then I'll get back to you hahaha) Thanks for helping me out with it!
  10. Sorry for the double post but I'm working on a mod and was curious about something. I'm transcribing the script for an entire movie -- if it's too long, will it cut out if it plays over the first day? Do I need to split it into multiple broadcasts and set it so they play in succession? Also, I've noticed on the broadcasts the blue and orange numbers -- in the normal files it appears those have been edited, but I can't seem to find a way to do it.
  11. Man, this server is dope I gotta say. The app's are relatively short, and the new rules and lore provide a very well rounded RP experience for beginners and experienced alike. There's always something happening, always unique characters and factions to run into. I'd go so far as to call it addicting. Good job guys.
  12. I actually started watching the movie and noticed that parts of the script were off, so I was writing while watching the movie in addition to having the script open. It'll take a while to get it entered in. Took, like 2 hours for 2 scenes.
  13. UPDATE: So, I've committed to putting the ENTIRE script for pulp fiction into the thing, not sure how that works out with broadcasts if it's too long, so I'll have to test it out see about maybe splitting it into several parts. Right now I've got the diner scene all the way up to Jules quoting the bible and killing motherfuckers.
  14. I have a couple suggestions from screwing around with it for a couple of days. I think being able to collapse the voices/channels toolbar would come in handy. And then maybe a keyboard shortcut to create a new line of dialogue, like CTRL+ENTER. Ability to change the voice of a selection of lines would also come in handy (for scenarios where you're changing multiple voices to one, or several lines within the same voice that should be different). I'm thinking a keyboard shortcut like CTRL+Scrollwheel while you're entering text for a line that would allow you to scroll through the different color voices for that line would speed things up as well. Also a way to split/merge broadcasts could be useful. I'm no programmer, I have no idea how hard it would be to implement any of those things. But, it's pretty intuitive thus far. Although, I'm not sure how long I can make a broadcast before the next day starts.
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