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New clothing for females.

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I have managed to edit the long skirt into a more shorter one, I personally find this too short, but I had to make it shorter to show off the differences between each clothing item. This is still a WIP.


Where are saved that sprites ?



The way i do it is i go into my project zomboid folder in my steam files common>Projectzomboid>Media>models. Then scroll down to f_skirt and copy and paste that file someplace safe, then put the new f_skirt file in the model folder. ^_^

I dont see a download file though. I had it at one point, maybe ill recommend Lux to put the download for the file.. Has no issues and works with multiplayer also, hehe. :P

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Hey I'm wondering Is there any mod for Like Appearences?

Cause you know there are like headphones, earbuds etc Could someone make it like you could equip those and they would show on your head or back? Like If i wear headphones in PZ (Which i cannot) could someone make a mod if i could wear them it would show?

also the bag on the back it would be awesome and would bring more suspense for me :3 

If anyone has or did Thank You In Advance

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Was this every released to the public? :(


While there are tons of clothing one could reasonably want added to PZ, probably the *only* thing I think that needs to be added is shorts. Anything else can theoretically be covered by existing models/textures already in the game.

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