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  1. SpaceJunk

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Frosting cupcakes takes a bottle of milk and a bar of butter, but only adds +10 happiness to the cupcake. 0/10 literally unplayable.
  2. To me it kind of represents a bunch of noises and other cues that aren't represented by the game but would you make aware of things.
  3. SpaceJunk

    Hydrocraft Mod

    But don't they get used up when making one? Pan + Potato -> Potato Pancake -> Eat + Pan "Lars" here. Pan + Potato -> 4x Potato Pancake -> 4 Eat + 4 Pan
  4. I bet you ride a omafiets you filthy casual. (/says the one with a dirt cheap hybrid)
  5. Packwheels... They are called panniers man. 30kg in panniers and something fluffy on the rack is doable even with the crappier ones people usually own.
  6. SpaceJunk

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Can't make salt shakers from rock salt. There's no such thing as an empty shalt shaker.
  7. Zomboid works fine on Linux, just sayin'
  8. IRL I used a generator for: * Running lights/TV/radio 1-2 hours before bed time. * Running electric tools. If you don't have a gas chainsaw (which are less common than electric ones), a generator would help save you tons of time cutting wood. Chopping/cutting wood with axe and saw is extremely tiring. I didn't run a fridge off a generator. I had an Einstein fridge (aka Absorption refrigerator), which runs off a gas tank and was awesome. I would expect a small chance of finding one in the trailer park areas, forest shacks or if there were vehicles, in motorhomes.
  9. On Multiplayer you have the issue that characters actually stay awake through the night. I think the simplest way to simulate the limitations of nighttime is to just compress time. Night goes by, hunger/thirst/etc tickers advance the right amount but you do less stuff due to IRL time being shorter.
  10. At the very least it could be replicated by having zombies become more vicious/stronger/sensitive further away from the center, and speeding up a lot hunger/thirst.
  11. I think to keep up with movie lore, panic should make opening windows and doors slower. There's definitely a couple situations I wouldn't have escaped from if my hands had slipped when running around a house trying to find an exit. PS. Also, panic screams would attract more zombies.
  12. Maybe the others died from regular infection, not zombie infection.
  13. +1 Barefoot: + sneaking, ++ hot weather, --cold/rain, -- speed, + chance of wounds Casual shoes: + sneaking, + hot weather, - durability, - cold/rain. Sport shoes: + speed Boots: - sneaking, - hot weather, - weight, + durability, + cold/rain No socks: + chance of wounds Socks: ΓΈ Warm socks: - hot weather, + cold/rain Having a few foot sizes would be nice as in somewhat discouraging hoarding all the shoes for a single character.
  14. It's Kentucky's specialty, the Pickle Ice Cream.
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