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  1. I quote for a mod .... HELP ME ... I want to be a model Think about a Stylist Show/Contest
  2. Exactly Anyway ... a zomby is a rotting corpse ... so how they will "smell" us I think tha happiness or sadness ... boring ... anxiosity should be the best moddled using dirty clothes
  3. Where are saved that sprites ?
  4. What do you think about letting "rot" clothes ? We have to wash them soon or later ? And reparing clothes that have be reduce to rugs day by day To washup [ water bottles [2] keep empty bottle [2] or the same quantity form other recipient ] [ soap [1/4] use ] [ bleach [1/4] use] on [ any cloth ] or [ elettricity on ] [ click on washing machine ] [ soap [1/4] use ] [ bleach [1/4 use ] wash a [ not using ] cloth To repair (like repairing weapon) [ scissor [1] Keep ] [ needle [1] Keep ] [ twine [1/4] use ] [ rip sheets [1] use ] on [ any cloth ] To modify (like to modity any weapon) [ scissor [1] keep ] [ needle [1] keep ] [ twine [1/2] use ] [ rip sheets [2] keep ] convert Blouse to Shirt to Vest to rip sheets Pants to Skirt to rip sheets I woud like dev set Tayloring Skill to make some new clothes like Business Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes +25% ) Summer Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes -50% ) Winter Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes +50% ) Boots ( same temperture protection as regular shoes +25% ) Sandals ( same temperture protection as regular shoes -50% ) Raining Vest ( protect from raining day and from cold like Shirt +33% ) Raining Boot ( protect from raining day and from cold like Shoes +33% ) I thinik alot at confort wearing clothes ... and get unhappy for not wearing clothes or wearing dirty clothes ( negative moodlet )
  5. I think, my next game I will make this ( alot of )
  6. Yes, it has to be on the outer side of the window. I'm not sure if it allowed me to climb inside, I haven't used this trick in a while, but I'm 100% positive that it works with zombies. Anyway ... I have converted all external wall in windows ... i will make some difensive wall a some tile away So ... searching for nails
  7. This is not exactly an adventure or a trip . I was just extending my base ... when I fell down the stairs (see picture ) 4 days to recover , then I went out and set tu going to the center on the city... after two hits on a single zed, Cynthia begins to suffer and have heavy pain , and instead of one or two hit from my fireaxe to let sleep e zed, I have to hit 5 o 7 times ... impossible to survive so ... I went back to the base , luckily for me with only a few scratches in more than before ... They dont infected me ...
  8. Cool! I will Try --- Actually I can pass in windows, even with crate or bar may the crate or bar have to stay out of the house ? --- I can pass anyway ...maybe Zombies can't
  9. My base on total dark area ... there are e crafted idem that i can use to get some light ? ( all but windows )
  10. Ok, pensavo infatti fosse automatica, ma volevo essere sicuro che avessi la traduzione completa. Nell'inventario ho sia le "water bottle" sia le "bottiglia d'acqua" oppure le "canned tomato" e le "pomodori in lattina" Avrò fatto degli errori io!
  11. Scusate, dove copio i file ... Non sono riuscito a capirlo
  12. Those are very well Ideas too ... I like the "Just Turned" anyway
  13. Good morning , Apologizing me for my School-English trait I'm starting to play PROJECT ZOMBIES few days ago, I do not know if there are differences between zombies and zombies, so I'm asking. I wanted to say this: 1. Just changed (fresh meat)These zombies are acting like a human being and remember who they were before changing, are partially conscious. They will use their weapons if they have any. They are crazy, they have a great hunger and thirst for blood and fresh meat, are much more ferocious than a zombie normal. They are very fast, but have very little of life (one or two hits and die (again)), they hit with less strenght than a zombie. 2. Zombies commonI am sure I have seen them in the game. . 3. Ghoul Intelligent zombies, but without a functional mind. Their mutation had hit less their brains, made them more mad and aggressive. Often stop attacking survivor and start to eating zombies or other corpses on the ground. Often attack normal zombies to eat them. They are a bit 'faster than normal zombies, see and hear better than them but they are easily distracted, have less life, but more strength and endurance. Are much stronger at night. 4. Big BoyBig, strong, tough ... but very slow. Should be see near construction area, logging coop ... Attack on sight, they see and hear worsen than a normal zombie Also they make a lot of loudy sound ... Other zombies will go there. 5. GirlySmall, weak, fragile, but very fast. Should be see in houses, restaurants, hotels, shops ... Attack on sight, but are easily distracted from corpses (they are eating) and are often killed by other zombies. Also they dont make any sound ... so are undetectable 6. nighty Zombies. Nocturnal hunters. Very strong, very fast and very tenacious. They hunt in groups, have excellent vision and hearing (that see in the dark, possibly through the walls of a house). They may call for help ... And other Nighty will come, and many Normal Zombies will come ( not Ghoul since they are intelligent ) 7. more and more.For exampleex-military (wear armor and heavy weapons)ex-policemen, sailors, waiters, teachers ... (wearing uniforms) Obviously every stretch of "customize" the enemies in the map would make the game more unique. But avoiding the stereotypes of the characters like leaf4death or DyingLight ... Like this idea ? Pix
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