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  1. No I dont mean like Mashone, but that'd also be cool. Mashone specifically cuts off arms and their jaw and walks around with them to gain a camouflage bonus to get past other zombies.
  2. Doesnt hammering also cause noise? Im pretty sure the amount of noise with an electric screw driver is actually less than banging on it with a hammer. But, yea it could cause the same amount of noise to be fair.
  3. I was thinking of just making some walls and calling it a green house, but you're right that it wouldnt actually do anything in winter currently~
  4. What you could do for now though is just go into the Project Zomboid game folder, media, scripts, and find the items.txt file and just change the value for cigarettes to whatever you want. Normally the happy change is 10, could make it -10 to give it a happyness bonus, or -100, who knows~ whatever you want, depends on how much your character would like to smoke. But I do think you're right, Im not a smoker myself but i dont see why smoking would make people unhappy... doesnt make sense to me that eatting a tv dinner would make you unhappy either now that Im thinking about it. Maybe I should go change that too. Anyway I wish we could add a list of favorites that our characters liked. For instance, if your characters favorite food is hamburgers then eating one would give you a pretty big happyness bonus.
  5. Ive seen a couple bad reviews, but most are positive I plan to make a positive one too, its nice being able to talk to the devs some back and forth too. One of my very first posts had one of the devs reply to it too, was impressed. I like being heard from time to time, and the game is really fun. Im sure when the devs finish it those sort of naysayers will have to eat their hats~
  6. I think what they should do is darken things some more. Nights are pretty bright too, it doesnt even really require anyone to use a flashlight.
  7. It looks closer to like 4 or 6 planks. Having it cost similar to two walls would probably be fair though. Too bad I wasnt around when wheelie bins were.
  8. Well I dunno about immortal, but I do sorta wish there was a way zombies would "play dead" more. That way you wouldnt know if you killed them or not. Like the zombie rule, always double tap to make sure~ That way the only way to kill them is to cause enough damage to their head specifically. Right now though thats a long way away since theres no hit detection for limbs on zombies, I think. But, could make it so you had to be by their head and attack them when they're on the ground to kill them at least.
  9. Realistically that return rate should probably be more like 90%, if not more. As long as you dont break it and beat on it. Realistically it should be, but I think having it at 75% would be better for balancing purposes so that the screws are not viewed as too overpowered over the nails and etc. Id worry more about balancing and "OP" stuff after the hurdle if it gets implemented or not. I think too many people worry about "nerfing" things to "balance it" in fear if they dont that it wont get implemented. I dunno, like I said Im the kind to suggest ideas get implemented first before worrying about sacrificing realism for balance sakes. If something is unbalanced it could easily be balanced later. Give it the chance to "be" first before taking a swing at it with the nerfbat. It isnt even out of beta yet so~
  10. Hah thanks everyone. I dunno, I mean I get that we can kill zombies or run from them, and I get that zombies are "bad". I just wish there was more fun ways I could interact with them like how some characters do in stories is all. And, it makes sense to me that we could possibly restrain or capture a zombie somehow if we were quick enough after knocking one down. Multiple zombies probably wouldnt work very well considering theyre super dangerous in groups but I think if we could get one alone it wouldn't be that difficult.
  11. Well regardless of computers id think most people would still have phones if they have tv right? Since you guys mention communication a lot
  12. I think it would be really cool if we could capture a zombie somehow, and if we were going insane being around that zombie and talking to it would improve our mood. This is sort of related to the implementation of npcs soon-ish. It would be cool if we could essentially turn a zombie into an npc, like restrain it in a way ala Walking Dead to have a little zombie buddy. Id think you first push one and knock him down, then right click with some handcuffs or rope or gag it with a rag or whatever, then you leash the little guy and bring him home. Maybe could even be a perk, Zombie lover. Sure, if you get too close or dont check its restraints then your little friend turns out to be a benedict arnold and your forced to either put it down or find out thats how you died. I've tried locking a zombie in my bathroom for this sort of roleplay aspect but, it eventually gets out
  13. Go lucky or go home~ Anyway hi there, yea I like all that too. Im surprised you didnt include anything about the dog houses we can find occassionally in the game though. I started my game in a house with a dog house... wish I had a dog to start off with, that'd be cool. I could pet him to improve my mood and feel less lonely, and Id have to feed him dogfood everyday.
  14. Realistically that return rate should probably be more like 90%, if not more. As long as you dont break it and beat on it.
  15. Heh, while I love internet to death its like, what purpose would it serve other than a reusuable way to fight boredom? But at the same time we should still have tv and we dont have that either~
  16. Actually I dont think anything could "force" you to change anything since you would still master them at the same level as before, that would still be a choice you could make. Do you control yourself and wait until youve mastered it enough to build something without risk? Or do you try anyway now that it would be an "option" to? And I dont find it that hard to get my carpentry up before the power and such is done. All I do is go get some carpentry books [also based on RNG] cut a bunch of trees, saw them and stock up a bunch of planks until I get my carpentry to like 2 or 3. Sawing gives decent exp to carpentry, its weird that destroying things doesnt give any though. Then I build some shelves for extra storage in my safe house since it takes a very small amount of materials to build it, and bam I get to build at least the small water collection barrels in almost no time if I want. But since I usually still have electricity at this time I work on other projects, like building a fence of "walls" as an outter wall so I have room for a garden. Walls level you up pretty quickly too I think. Now this is all relevant to what perks you pick at the beggining I guess, like if you start with something that gives you a bonus to carpentry since that depends on how fast you level normally. But hey if you had to you could barricade one board and unbarricade it over and over to level at a cost of nails if you only needed to level a little bit. I try and not do that though since it wastes a lot of nails... Also maybe its just me but I dont like building the crappy first tier walls either so I wait a bit for walls. I just think they look tacky and ugly. Again nothing "forces" me to build the first tier walls, and if I "decide" I should start on walls earlier than I like I can. Its a choice after all too, and no different that what the OP was suggesting.
  17. I was just about to make a post about this and found this older topic. Yea I completely agree, destroying things with the sledge hammer should leave materials the same as hitting something with an axe~ :/
  18. Personally i like this because it gives people the freedom of choice, and I like choices. If you're someone like Hrot who hates randomness, you could still wait until level "whatever" until you have a 100% chance to build "whatever" you want to build and not take a chance that you could fail at lower levels. Or you could try building something at a lower level even if you might fail. To mitigate the failing at stuff you could just say you only lose a percentage of things, like a couple planks, instead of all the resources. Just as you could build a crappy wall now, and later go and chop the wall down and get some of your materials back and build a nicer wall when your level was higher. Essentially I always like stuff like this which adds more elements of choices. That way even if you dont want to risk it at lower levels, you dont have to. And if you want to try at lower levels, you can. This reminded me of one suggestion I forgot... why dont we get resources for breaking stuff down with a sledge hammer? *goes to make a post about that*
  19. Heh, thinking of heroes guide to the galaxy now. Always bring a towel~
  20. I understand it as a game mechanic, but what Im saying is the time needs to be extended. I should have at least enough time to put away stuff without growing super bored and suicidally depressed. That and I make my time longer and more realistic, like a couple hours for both day and night time. So this compounds the problem even more, barely "any" in game time will go by and my character is freaking out. At the very least there should be an option somewhere to handle this. ive also tried setting it so stats dont degrade as fast, I set it to very slow for my test purposes. And Ill rarely every get hungry or tired or thirsty, but 10 minutes indoors and Im already "getting bored".
  21. As long as you didnt start screaming obsenities the entire time you were in pain, sure. For some reason Im reminded of this though.
  22. heh, here I was thinking this topic was "We should be able to hammer in screws!" Which... is something Ive had to do when I ran out of nails and didnt have a electric screwdriver~
  23. Hah okay even though it's completely off topic, I can poke a bunch of holes in that statement, because it doesn't take much to do basic fact checking. I will however remain being lovely. First what you're referring to is probably the news that he supposedly said ADHD was a "Fictitious Disease", not that it wasn't "real". What the scientist [his name is Dr. Leon Eisenberg] actually said is that "ADHD is a prime example of a fabricated disorder, the genetic predisposition to ADHD is completely overrated." And saying he "discovered" or "invented" or is the "father" of ADHD might be a bit of an exaggeration but he DID contribute a lot of knowledge about it since he studied it a long time. And while it was never actually proven to be a "disease" it is a very real problem "some" people suffer with, though many more people are diagnosed with it when they probably shouldn't be... which is what Eisenberg was actually saying. The reason for this is that the medical industry can make lots of money selling medicine to people who don't need it. Really though what you heard was a purposeful mistranslation to cause the public to get upset about it. Anyway, even if you don't like the name ADHD the "flaw" could be called anything, like "gets bored and depressed too easily." Or Emo, or anything. Like I said, saying ADHD was "fake" is a bit off topic. However in fairness... it really does seem to me that every single character we make in Project Zomboid currently IS suffering with ADHD At least in my opinion, according to modern diagnosis~
  24. Lose durability? I dont believe so... my dad for instance was a mechanic and we used rags to clean up all sorts of stuff, and every few days we'd just wash a bunch of them. Now Im not saying that rags are invincible in real life, they do wear out. But the amount of uses you can use them? I dont even know, more than the licks to the center of a tootsie pop I'll tell you that at least. I think towels being reusable how they are is fine... For instance, doors in this game never break from average wear and tear either... you cant open a door 100 or 1000 times and then have to realign it or replace the doorknob. None of the lightbulbs in your house ever need replaced [before electricity shuts off anyway], neither does your flashlights bulb. I think just being able to dry and clean towels would be fine, similar to bandages. If anything thered be nothing stopping us from using ripped sheets more since, really theyre just like rags. Of course you might just be saying towels need to get dirty after you use it to clean stuff, and if so, yea I agree with that. [*never bothered cleaning up blood...*] couldnt you use ripped sheets though? Would make more sense to me to use something like that instead of a perfectly fine towel anyway.
  25. The main problem however isnt that you cant re-read books, its that the default is if you're inside for any period of time your character gets adhd and gets super bored and depressed for no reason. Its not realistic. If anything the current default way boredom and depression is being handled should be a negative perk, that you get bored super easy when inside and you're very prone to getting super depressed for little to no reason. Like I was saying in the original post it happens far too quickly, and it takes way too long [as you say "a while"] to reduce your boredom by going outside. Even though you're probably right and you wouldnt even have to worry about the problem if you built a bunch of storage containers in an "outside" area that still says to me that somewhere deep down you also agree that its sorta BS that you get bored so easy just from putting stuff away and so you know you dont have the problem if you do it outside, as a way of skirting the system. We wouldnt have to do any of that if our characters didnt get so bored and depressed rediculously fast in such situations. What makes outdoors less boring than indoors anyway? I find outdoors stuff to be pretty boring myself... and what would be the purpose of a toy if not a reusuable device to curb boredom?
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