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Found 23 results

  1. Welcome To our little community we have been hosting a pz server for over a year now and are on our 5th rebuild. This build is little harder than our previous build and is running the years later mod. We took this decision as a community. Always looking to expand so why not come check s out. Our biggest change is adding in a skill limiter to certain skill which will apply a cap allowing for a more community driven server which dose include player shops. All the skill information is on our discord. ```- Max Players: 32 - Basic Starting Gear - Welcome package - Day Length - 2 hours - Water & Electricity - OFF - XP - 1.2 - Skill Books - Small XP Gain - PvP - Disabled - Loot Re-spawn -One Week(168 hours) - Loot - Extremely Rare(Custom Tweaked) - Safe house - 2 days - Faction Creation - 5 days - Nights - Darker - Infection Mortality - 1-2 weeks - Transmission - Bite Only - Zombie population - High - Zombie Re-spawn - Two Weeks(336 Hours) - Zombie Migration - 10 Days(240 Hours) - Climate change zombies - see our discord. - Skill Limiter - See our discord. - Random Zombies - Day(4.0% Sprinters) - Nights(10.0% Sprinters) - Thick Fog(20.0% Sprinters) - Multi-Hit - (Level Requirements)- Strength 4, Fitness 3, Weapon Skill 2 - Expanded Helicopter Events - Enabled - Scent of Blood Ranges - Scratch(2), Laceration(5 - 8), Bite(5-8), Deep Wound(10-15) - Skill Journal - 60% Regain - Passive Not Included - Claim 5 Vehicles - Free Trait Points - 10 - Server & Player Shops``` Server Reboots Every 6 Hours Auto Mod Update - Reboots on Detection Server Location: USA Server IP: pz.nupergaming.com Port: 16261 Discord: https://discord.gg/mU9ArGdhAY ModList: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3047201026 Guide: https://nupergaming.com/server-mods-guidepve
  2. Hello fellow Zomboiders! As the title suggests we are looking for people interested in working on a new server or just people who want to stick around till it is done. We recently decided to start this project so there isn’t really much to tell, yet. But here‘s a little bit of info about it: Language: English Server Focus: Roleplay/Realism Host Location: Helsinki, Finnland Links: Homepage Discord What are we looking for currently? - Writers/Loremasters - Helping Hands - ... What should you bring? Well, depending on what you see your experience and expertise in, skills or knowledge related to that. Additionaly you should: - Be 18 years or older - Have a working microphone and not have a problem with voice - Bring time and dedication What can you expect? That really comes down to what you expect yourself. I could write an endless list of benefits, and promise heaven and above. But I‘d rather have you, tell me, what you’re looking for and what you need to dedicate yourself to a project. My DMs are always open. My Discord ID: filzball Thank you for reading this far!
  3. Welcome to OBLIVION DEDICATED SERVER AMD EPYC 74F3 24-Core 4.0GHz 128GB DDR4 RAM 3200Mhz 512GB NVMe SSD • Servers [PvPvE & HARDCORE PvP] • Skill Recovery Journal (Save character progress by writing in your journal) • Safehouses can be claimed anywhere! Stores, Warehouses, Military & more (Respawns Enabled) • Brita's Weapons & Armour with heavy balancing! • Integrated Build Tool (Create houses & more! For a price...) • Improved Crafting • Loot respawns every 3 in-game days • Endgame Cure Content • Map Expansions • Auto Updates • 10 Minute Autosaves • Events • Short Nights! Full Information, Events, Giveaways & More! [JOIN THE DISCORD] Full list of active mods: [ACTIVE MODS] We are looking for new & experienced players to join the community! Recruiting in-game & Discord staff to help with moderation, events and map design now! [CONNECT] [PvPvE] Server Name: OBLIVION | PvPvE | EU | 24/7 | SAFEHOUSES | NEW IP: Port: 16261 [HARDCORE PvP] Server Name: OBLIVION | HARDCORE PvP | EU | 24/7 | RAIDS | ORP | NEW IP: Port: 16327
  4. Welcome to our small and friendly gaming community. Founded in late 2022 by a couple of friends who wanted to play Project Zomboid with some Map mods along with some QoL mods. Thus NuperGaming was born, We have spent some time tweaking the server to add more challenges for the experienced and the novice players. The settings are still being tweaked slightly. There is always room from improvement if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know on discord. Some of our current settings are as follows: Max Players: 32 Basic Starting Gear - Lantern, School Backpack, Bottle of water, Baseball Bat Day Length - 2 hours XP - 2.0 PvP - Disabled Loot respawn - Weekly Loot - Rare Safehouse - 1 day - Truly Safe Faction Creation - 5 days Nights: Darker Transmission - Bite Only Zombie population - High Expanded Helicopter Events - Enabled Horde Nights - Every 30 days(Will be Tweaked) Free Trait Points - 30 Auto restart on mod update Fresh Map 25/11/2022 Some Mods Full List on the link Below: Maps - Bedford Falls Raven Creek Trelai & many more... Mods - Rv Interior Basements Mod Autostar Trailers Brita Weapons & Armor Stalker Armor Horde Nights(Every 30 Days) Expanded Helicopter Events Server Points - Lots of Items More being added & many more... Full List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2891968383 Connection Info - Server IP - Port - 16261 Dont Forget to Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/mU9ArGdhAY
  5. The Grimsby Elite [Pve] [lightly modded] [Mostly vanilla settings] The Grimsby Elite is a password protected server. It has an expanding community that has been very active since its last wipe on the 12/11/2022 We have a list of mods on the discord (https://discord.gg/fE7qAbeY) as well as the password. - Zombies set to shamblers - Loot re spawn - community building set to be claimed as safe houses There are very few rules. We have a group of players who are working hard to make Doe Valley a working town with infrastructure. Although it has been a very active server there is still areas left to loot and plenty of people to trade with or willing to help.
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Proyecto de Hub de servidores hispanos de Project Zomboid -El objetivo de este servidor es ser el server de epicentro para los otros servidores hispanos de PZ -Con 7 servidores afiliados, escoge lo que mas te guste, entre Rol, PvE o PvP. -Con apartado también para gente que busque cooperativo -Soporte técnico del juego en español (Aunque no somos TIS, con limitaciones) -Staff especializado, atento y profesional Servidor Ingame: -Con servidor comunitario propio 24/7 ubicado en Canadá (64gb de RAM 50 slots) -Latencia estable para Europa y América (sobre 100 de ping) -Sistema PvP con ciudad PvE. Reglas claramente establecidas -Con sistema de facciones, crea una o únete a una y llevala a la gloria -Zombies variables, 2% corredores de todo el total -Más de 80 mods en pack propio. Aquí no hay reinicios de servidor por mods. -Reaparición de loot cada 4 días + máquinas donde poder comprar lo que necesites -Sistema de economía ¡Robales las joyas a los zombies y vendelas para ganar dinero! Servidor de discord: -Servidor especializado por roles para evitar el spam innecesario -Comunidad agradable y atenta -Sistema de roles de servidor según las horas que tengas en PZ ¡No esperes más, tanto si buscas rol, PvE, PvP o incluso un cooperativo, únete ya! -https://discord.gg/mEkfQJasa5
  7. Welcome to Project Knox RP. We are a small roleplay community hoping to grow into an active non-toxic community, We welcome you with open arms if your interested in Joining! Projext Knox Lore: It all began on June 13th, 2021, but let's re-wind, On December 27th, 2020, the Knox Military Base had animals as well as human life undergo unethical and classified testing. The Center for Disease Control would also be assisting the KMB (Knox Military Base) with the Development of a virus that could be used to for attacks against any nation deemed a threat. There were 5 scientists who were in charge of developing the virus with about 20 i total working under the 5 Scientists. they’ve named it PK-10. This project ran throughout the year, until June 13th, 2021. On that day, alarms sounded throughout the Military Base’s halls in the early morning. One of the infected test subjects with PK-10 had escaped his chamber due to a power shortage in the facility. Four C.D.C Scientists have been bitten, and turned. The Infection spread like wildfire in Fort Knox, with living dead on a complete rampage, sending things into mayhem and wreaking havoc day and night. Getting past blockades and different security measures. Nothing seemed to stop them from spilling more blood and their hunger for it. On June 14th, 2021, the U.S Army was sent to Kentucky to secure it, throughout days and nights, all you could hear were the bloodcurdling screams and the deafening gunfire. The Virus has been contained inside of Kentucky, and the military fights day and night, bombing runs, attacks to make sure it stays contained. ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ Our server is hosted by GTX gaming. https://discord.gg/vQ5gEEJY5y
  8. Welcome to Ez-Pz Community New community, new server, lots and lots of mods, like seriously LOTS (over 300) This is a server for those who want a friendly community to join and get to know like minded people. We encourage role play but don't enforce it. As the server is heavily modded you can expect server reboots every 3 hours to update them, this is done automatically but we have server staff available to do this manually if needed as well. You will need to join our Discord server to get whitelisted: https://discord.gg/YykUW7qWCQ So come take a look and maybe you will enjoy our community Server info: Server IP - Server Port - 16261 Server Slots - 32 Modded Maps: Bedford Falls - Blackwood - Blueberry - East Bridge - Eds Auto Salvage - Eerie Country - Fort Benning - Fort Redstone - Fort Waterfront - Glenport - Grapeseed - Kingsmouth - Lake Ivy Township - lighthouse - LittleTownship - Muldraugh Military Base - New Ekron - NewDenver - Over the river - Pitstop - RavenCreek - Refordville - research base - Research base road - Riverside water base - Rosebery - Save Our Station - Silverton - StBernardshill - Trelai - Valley Station Town - west point expansion - Western Scrap Car Yard - Xonics Mega Mall Installed Mods: Lots and lots of mods to enhance the experience 🙂 Server Details: -Due to 41.73 just coming out and the amount of mods installed the server auto reboots every 3 hours with a warning 10 minutes and then another warning 1 minute before, if for any reason the mods have updated within this window staff can manually reboot the server to update the mods. -Fresh new map for 41.73 - 08/14/22 -3x Exp Points -Default Days -Default Starting Points -Fire Spread Off -HELLA Reading Speed -Mini Map Enabled -Nearly Full Safe House Protection -Occasional zombie respawn, loot respawn every 336 hours -Safe House Respawn -Safe houses are enabled Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/YykUW7qWCQ Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/EzPz_Zomboid
  9. Welcome to Tokerzoid a newly created PvE server with added mods. We started as a small private server and have since decided to open the server up in the hopes of growing the player base. The main goal of our server is to just have fun and do what we do best kill zombies. You will find some of our server details below the rest of which can be found on our discord over @ https://discord.gg/mU9ArGdhAY
  10. Years ago Eudoxio created the server Death & Decay for Project Zomboid. It was a heavy role playing server that managed to bring together an amazing community of players, stories, and memories. Sadly due to financial instability, Eudoxio had to close the server back in 2017 after 2 years of running. Since then I've decided to get back touch with him. especially with animations being right around the corner: and asked if I could personally take over the server and reopen it with a new host and he was happy to contribute and bring this wonderful server back to life. So without further ado! Death & Decay: Sunrise Hello everyone and welcome back to the 5th season of Death & Decay! I know what you're thinking and yes it has been a while.. No we're not dead, In fact we're alive and better than ever! So we hope to see you soon, Survivors! Server Information IP: | Build: 40.43 Server restart times: Server Location: Server Language: English/Spanish Season 5 start date: Player slots: Discord: https://discord.gg/R8XHESC Forums: http://deathanddecay.boards.net/ _________________________________________________________________________ Server Rules: (OOC) Usernames: Please refrain from using usernames that are too complicated or use symbols. Keep it simple! Use a name suited for Roleplaying. No Metagaming: If you get some information from the forum or the discord, your character doesn't know what you know! Please play it as such. If you die and change your character, find a story on how you "found" your current living location as is. Dont "Kill On Sight" (KOS): Don't just kill someone after running up to them - if you get the itch for murder, you can find plenty of legitimate reasons to shoot at people. If you have a problem with someone, signal the staff and we'll resolve the problem. Griefing is Not Allowed: Don't break other people's stuff for no reason! Have a heart. Stealing: Stealing is allowed but only in character, so leave a note hinting you did it. That way people could play as detectives if they wanted! Be Respectful of Others: Use your judgment when playing your character. Don't go over the line. We're all here to have fun after all! Role Playing Rules: (IC) Use *R* when speaking in global chat: Putting *R* before what you type indicated to other people that you're speaking on the global radio. Use (parentheses) when speaking OOC: Try to keep the OOC (Out Of Character) chat to a minimum in game, but it's completely normal to have to say something 'Out Of Character' at some point. Use parentheses when you do so. Try to stay in character: We're not always asking for extremely deep storylines, but try to have at least SOME idea of who your character is, what they were before the apocalypse, how they survived up to where they are now. _________________________________________________________________________ We've come to the decision after a lot of thought that the sever should have brand new lore, and a new world. Seasons 1-4 were amazing and refreshing but Eudoxio and I thought it'd be nice for a new approach.. New Server Lore 6 months ago there was a mass epidemic, it spread through the world without notice for weeks and when top scientists realized what was happening it was already far to late. Originating from Japan, the virus quickly became airborne and spread globally.. Before long the Military had lost most of it's force, and major towns and cities were soon overrun and quarantined by what little troops remained. What was left afterwards was global destruction, cars piled on streets, bodies filling lakes and rivers, and entire city population decimated in days.. However before the collapse of civilization a cure was produced and released but only made it to a few city's military, never fully released to the public. _________________________________________________________________________ I also wanted to add as a side note that we are in fact planning on updating to the latest release (Animations), whenever that release may happen. We will be wiping the map, and removing all mods/maps due to potential issues regarding stability and performance. (We will be keeping the lore/character names if you'd like to continue your stories!) Once mods/maps are updated, and if they all work together well. We will be adding them back into the server. _________________________________________________________________________ New Server Mods & Maps (Necroforge & Cheatmenu are for staff) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM Improved Build Menu Simple Food Spawn Organized Storage Hair Styles Global Radios Rename Weapons Zombie Cure Medical Cocktail ORGM Suppressor Blind Trait MoreBuild Crematorium Wedge's Item Name Fixes NecroForge Cheatmenu Maps: Bedford Falls, Drayton Rebuild, Phoenix, South Muldraugh, Eerie Country, Lake Ivy, Over The River, Fetzen's East Muldraugh Nature Reserve. _________________________________________________________________________ Server Settings (Yeah there's a lot..) nightlengthmodifier=1.0 | PauseEmpty=true SafetySystem=true | ShowSafety=true SpawnItems=Nothing | HoursForLootRespawn=150 MaxItemsForLootRespawn=8 | ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=true NoFireSpread=true | NoFire=false MinutesPerPage=0.2 | HoursForCorpseRemoval=240 PlayerSafehouse=true | SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false | SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true | SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=12 SafeHouseRemovalTime=500 | AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true SleepAllowed=true | sleepNeeded=false MaxAccountsPerUser=0 Day Length: 4 Hours | Start Month: June Start Day: 5 | Start Time: 5AM Water Shutoff: 2-6 Months | Electricity Shutoff: 2-6 Months House Alarm Frequency: Sometimes | Locked Houses Frequency: Rare Food Spoilage: Normal | Refrigerator Effectiveness: Normal Rotten Food Removal: -1 | Loot Respawn: Every 2 months Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 720 | Months Since Apocalypse: 0 Darkness During Night: Dark | Fire Spread: Off Generator Working In Exterior: On | Temperature: Normal Rain: Normal | Erosion Speed: (100 days) Erosion Days: 0 | Farming Speed: Normal Plant Resilience: Normal | Farming's Abundance: Normal Nature's Abundance: Normal | Compost Time: 2 Weeks Maximum Fog Intensity: Normal | Maximum Rain FX Intensity: Normal Enable Snow On Ground: Yes | Helicopter: Once Meta Event: Sometimes |Sleeping Event: Sometimes Generator Spawn: Rare | Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5 Randomized House Chance: Rare | Annotated Map Chance: Sometimes Time Before Corpse Removal: -1 | Decaying Corpse Health Impact: Normal Blood Level: Normal | Food: Rare Weapon: Rare | Other: Rare XP Multiplier: 1.0 | Stats Decrease: Normal Endurance Regeneration: Normal | Nutrition: Yes Starter Kit: Nothing | Free Trait Points: 0 Player Built Construction Strength: Normal | Injury Severity: Normal Bone Fracture: Yes | Enable Vehicle: Yes Easy Use: No | Recent Survivor Vehicles: Low Zombie Attraction Multiplier: 1.0 | Car Spawn Rate: Low Chance Has Gas: Low | Initial Gas: Low Gas Consumption: 1.0 | Locked Frequency: Rare General Condition: Very Low | Car Wreck Congestion: Yes Car Alarms Frequency: Extremely Rare | Player Damaged From Crash: Yes Car Damage On Impact: Low | Siren Shutoff Hours: 0.0 Damage To Player Hit By Car: None | Clothing Degradation: Normal Speed: Fast shamblers | Strength: Normal Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva Infection Mortality: 2-3 days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 hours Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal Decomposition: Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal Environmental attacks: Yes | Damage construction: Yes Day/Night active: Both | Zombie triggering house alarms: Yes Speed: Fast Shamblers | Strength: Normal Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva Infection Mortality: 2-3 Days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 Hours Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal Decomposition: Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal Environmental Attacks: Yes | Damage Constructs: Yes Day/Night Active: Both | Zombie House Alarm Triggering: Yes Population Multiplier: 2.0 | Population Start Multiplier: 0.5 Population Peak Multiplier: 3.0 | Population Peak Day: 260 Respawn Hours: 72.0 | Respawn Unseen Hours: 16.0 Respawn Multiplier: 0.1 | Redistribute Hours: 12.0 Follow Sound Distance: 100 | Rally Group Size: 20 Rally Travel Distance: 20| Rally Group Separation: 15 Rally Group Radius: 3
  11. Hello, first of all, I am Legoland99 from the forums, creator of many custom buildings. I am planning on making a map, and need your help for that. I am wondering what kind of maps the community would like to see and play: a) A small City complete with suburbs, parks and such. A lot of undead. b) A wasteland type kind of environment with lots of burnt wreckages, half buried buildings, towns, bunkers, scarce resources and hordes of zombies. c) An overgrown game world after the apocalypse, with houses, buildings, gas stations, towns and other areas covered by greenery and ransacked. Scarce resources, high value areas with items such as nails, saws, car pieces or even guns. Car spawns are extremely rare and most of them are broken and require skills to repair them. Your chance to rebuilt society to an extent and make it yours. Most likely the c) map I would work on but I don't mind ideas, I can very well implement all of the maps into one, or compromise. Please share your ideas for buildings, areas and maps you would like to see.
  12. Hello, I am speaking for both the community and the Dev's, could you please add an Official Test Map for your latest updates ? For example a large parking lot with all vehicles having a place to spawn and such, different types of roads, terrain, etc. Zombies to roam a side of it, and a bunch more. Would love to see that kind of a test map. You could get a lot of information out of it and we could test all kinds of bugs and, fps decrease and other issues that pz needs fixed and as such I think it would be a good idea to be able to test the new features on a such said map. We could have trees to crash in or to chop, a mechanic shop filled with the parts you need to test out anything else and so on. That way it would be easier to test and see where problems arise. Below is a really poor example (really poor) but I think that everyone gets the idea. We can test houses, how the rendering will affect buildings and such and vehicles. We can have a dense area with a bunch of houses, a bunch of two story buildings and then just normal country road. Tight curves, intersections, etc. We could basically do a lot of stuff on it and it would be a fun way for everyone to test out new features before playing or if they are willing to make the game better and report anything unusual. This is just a suggestion but I hope it will come true. A cell or four at max would probably be enough for the car to accelerate, do leaps and anything like that. Please think it through and share your opinions with me and anyone else.
  13. In the middle of June, 1993, a mysterious viral outbreak began to infect the citizens of Kentucky. Before the end of the month, already 95% of the world's population was either killed, or infected with the virus. Survivors from across the nation struggled. The military did all that they could to keep the situation "Contained"... their mission was a Critical Failure. The president in Washington did all that he could to keep the nation calm. In the end, though, he was just another victim like the rest of us. Communications went dark. Somewhere within the Radio Tower, repeated messages from the days prior to the "End Times" would appear on the Televisions across the darkened streets, for the few who are lucky enough to hold a generator in their safehouses... a small, peaceful reminder of the days long gone. A few weeks have passed, now, and most, if not all that remains of humanity, now rests within the small town of Muldraugh, Kentucky... and a few handfuls of its surrounding areas. But food continues to grow scarce. In the end, the people are left to either ration out their supplies, or work for their own portions of food, water... even beds. The clock no longer ticks. Time has already run out for us all. Now, as you wake up from yet another nightmare, only one question remains. How long will you last, within ? The main goal of this server is to build a group of communities that, together, work as a whole to survive the end times. Loot will be Rare, and Everyone is "infected". However, PvP will only be used as either a way to "Put infected players out of their misery" (through THEIR consent, of course!) or to initiate "Faction VS Faction" battles, which are only to be done inside lootable buildings. Said buildings are to have at least ONE player from both factions camping its doors to avoid other players getting caught in the cross-fire! Should players wish to rob others, you are NOT to kill on sight! You are to approach them IC'ly, make your demands, and wait for them to respond. The maximum amount of items you can rob from them are 3 or less, and you can only rob the same player once every 3 in-game days (1 hour, 30 minutes IRL), regardless of their yields! If they don't have anything, then you are to let them leave, and only rob them again after the 3 day limit is up! If they choose to flee, give them five seconds to run, THEN tick your "PvP" to "On" and give chase! After thirty seconds (after the five seconds have passed), if you fail to kill the victim, then they have escaped, and are no longer a target! Therefore, you are to turn your "PvP" off! (That's the red box at the bottom-right corner that replaced the green box you ticked first!) If you are seen walking around with the red box in check, your character will be seen as "having ill intent", and/or "open to PvP", which makes YOU as much a potential victim as everyone else! Only activate it when ABSOLUTELY necessary! The main goal of "PvP" is essentially to allow "Mercy Killing" the infected players by their consent, however! If they've been bitten or scratched by a zombie, they can request that someone put them out of their misery. In the case of a "Mercy Killing", it is recommended that the infected player be the one to turn "PvP" on, should the executioner not wish to have your blood on their records. (The "Players Killed" thing.) However, this option is up to the players in question. Should a safehouse not be "Claimable", you are to build a wooden sign in front of the entrance, and ask that I, Justin Daniels, paint it for you! In the "Options" tab, there's a way to change your character's "Voice Color". The sign will have your voice's color on it as "Proof of Ownership". Claimed Safehouses are NOT to be looted, if they have a painted sign outside! Should you wish to claim multiple safehouses, you are to let ME know, first, so that your claims can receive a routinely "Checkup". If you need a roof built, let me know, and I'll build you one! OOC chat is either done via ( <-These-> ) or "Global" chat. IC "Radio" Chat is done via HAM Radios and Walkies, now! If you fail to find any, let me know, and I can spawn you one for your safehouse(s)! Though it isn't a 24/7 Server, I hope to keep it running for as long as I can! If your character dies from lag, bugs, or unfair situations, let me know, and I'll help you regain your stats you've lost! (Recently reset everything, and opened it up via "Dedicated Steam Server". Should now be possible to join at any given time! Server will pause when everyone's offline, though, so it isn't a guarantee that you'll wake up from a 3-month nap!) Should be a no-brainer that burning houses is grounds for a ban. Fires CAN be spread, so be sure you burn responsibly, and NOT near any safehouses! The server is currently unmodded, but adjustments are more than welcome to be made, by players' requests! Finally, have fun! And let me know if you have any questions on the server, its rules, its lore, etc. and I'll be happy to assist! Bottom line, though, just think realistically, use common sense, don't associate "REAL LIFE" from "VIRTUAL LIFE", and if all else fails, let others know! Odds are, even that "Bandit" that just robbed you is actually a good person outside the game! Interested in joining the (relatively small) community? Feel free to join us! Search for "The Deadlands" in the Server Browser, and/or visit our Discord by clicking on > THIS < link, and say "Hi" to the community! The rules are further expanded on in the Discord Channel, after all!
  14. A the title says, here's my suggestion towards the Dev's for another type of large vehicle that I for one would love to see in the game. I saw in some threads the mention and occasionally pictures of buses and other transport vehicles. Since there's already kindergartens and schools in Mouldraugh and WestPoint (probably someplace else also I don't quite remember) and on custom maps I would love to first of all, see School Buses like this one, which let's say, can hold up to 12 people or such in total. Now, the vehicle won't be op. It drives slower but has a large fuel capacity, it's harder to steer it at higher speeds and turning in general is a challenge just like in real life, also it's more durable but replacements parts and such are harder to come by (ex: only found on trucks and mechanic shops). Same things apply to the Prison Bus. As for the Prison Bus, being reinforced to stand up to more damage will mean that the consumption of fuel might be a bit higher but overall it will offer more protection for the player/s. Also, inmate zombies with a matching Bus ? WOOP WOOP! Now, moving on to the Trucks section. We already have the UPS type trucks and the mail delivery trucks in the game, but they are just for small deliveries. While I know large vehicles might be a problem in PZ, I think that they should be added since cars are becoming more and more diverse. Cars like security trucks, dump trucks, garbage collecting trucks and transport should be something worth of finding. Large fuel capacity, large consumption, hard to turn but with good speed and durability. Not to mention that they are loud and they'll attract zeds worse, if not the same as a bus would. I'm not sure if adding trailers to it would be a thing but I would surely love to see that. A box truck (furniture moving, delivery truck etc. Knox Telecommunication Utility Vehicle.
  15. Hey Survivors, You are Searching for a new Community?! Youre welcome, play like you want, active admin-team, most friendly survivor. Wanna Play?! JOIN US NOW: NOW WITH "HYDROCRAFT"
  16. Hi all, I wonder if a community map project is on the way to fill up the existing map. With the creative mode coming from build 33. A mapping project to complete it (ie zone around the railyard, unfinish zones with roads or the warehouse out of town with no roads) could be nice. Maybe the devs could add it to the game if it's well done? I'm not a mapper, but that new tool remember me the building mode from the sims. I will learn how to use it and take time to make my own project. Creating new houses and neighborhood. But, if someone starts a mapping project I will follow him!
  17. hey guys ! No game suggestions here, i just wanted to say that i read many suggestions these last Times, and i saw many similar or same posts. Many of them are good, but unfollowed. We got to remember that a suggestion is stronger if many of us support it. No matter who post the suggestion, ideas are here, and devs dont look at the person who post the suggestion, but its content and its number of followers. All to say that we need to read old suggestions, wich have been debated, improved by the community and support by it. I know it is all said in "read before Posting" posts, but i feel like many of us didnt take time for read it, and so condemns And burried many of the Best suggestions i read before, by Posting same titled and nearly same mechanics, but sometimes less well explained than older ones. Writting this in english was a real pain, please apologize my poor english and ask for precision if i didnt make it clear, but i felt it got to be said ! Keep suggesting guys, and devs, just keep your way, you build one of the Best game i ever knew from far !
  18. AGN Present's Project Zomboid Serverlore Story! We have a poll up for 7 days! Go and vote here for the winner! http://www.aggressivegaming.org/threads/server-lore-vote.632/ i have asked permission before posting this
  19. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Last Activity Date 19/07/14 (Build27) First steps to the catalan translation. Changelog & Work Left List Contributors Context Menu Source : ContextMenu_CAT = { ContextMenu_Destroy = "Destroçar ", ContextMenu_Grab = "Agafar", ContextMenu_Sleep = "Dormir", ContextMenu_Fill = "Omplir ", ContextMenu_Drink = "Beure", ContextMenu_Turn_Off = "Apagar", ContextMenu_Turn_On = "Encendre", ContextMenu_Climb_through = "Passar a través", ContextMenu_Add_sheet_rope = "Col·locar soga de tela", ContextMenu_Remove_sheet_rope = "Treure la soga de tela", ContextMenu_Barricade = "Construir barricada", ContextMenu_Unbarricade = "Treure la barricada", ContextMenu_Add_sheet = "Col·locar sábana", ContextMenu_Open_window = "Obrir finestra", ContextMenu_Close_window = "Tancar finestra", ContextMenu_Smash_window = "Trencar finestra", ContextMenu_Open_curtains = "Obrir cortines", ContextMenu_Close_curtains = "Tancar cortines", ContextMenu_Remove_curtains = "Treure cortines", ContextMenu_Open_door = "Obrir porta", ContextMenu_Close_door = "Tancar porta", ContextMenu_Orders = "Ordres", ContextMenu_Follow_me = "Segueix-me!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Vigila!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Quiet!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Tots junts.", ContextMenu_Walk_to = "Anar a...", ContextMenu_Grab_one = "Agafar-ne uno.", ContextMenu_Grab_half = "Agafar-ne la meitat.", ContextMenu_Grab_all = "Agafar-ho tot.", ContextMenu_Grab = "Agafar",//AGAFAR... ContextMenu_Put_in_Container = "Posar-ho al contenidor", ContextMenu_Equip_on_your_Back = "Posar a l'esquena", // ¿PENJAR DE L'ESQUENA? ContextMenu_Eat = "Menjar", ContextMenu_Equip_Primary = "Equipar primaria", ContextMenu_Equip_Secondary = "Equipar secundaria", ContextMenu_Reload = "Recarregar", ContextMenu_Pour_into = "Buidar al ", ContextMenu_Pour_on_Ground = "Buidar al terra", ContextMenu_Take_pills = "Prendre pastilles", ContextMenu_Read = "Llegir", ContextMenu_Wear = "Vestir", ContextMenu_Unequip = "Deixar de fer servir", ContextMenu_Apply_Bandage = "Embenar-se", ContextMenu_Dry_myself = "Assecar-se", ContextMenu_Drop = "Deixar anar", ContextMenu_Full = "Ple", ContextMenu_Dig = "Cavar", ContextMenu_Fertilize = "Fertilizar", ContextMenu_Sow_Seed = "Sembrar llavor", // PLANTAR LLAVOR? ContextMenu_Info = "Info", ContextMenu_Remove = "Eliminar", ContextMenu_Water = "Aigua", ContextMenu_Treat_Problem = "Tractar problema", ContextMenu_Seeds = "Llavors", ContextMenu_Harvest = "Collir", ContextMenu_Keep = "Mantenir ", ContextMenu_Smoke = "Fumar", -- Crafting menu ContextMenu_Door = "Porta", ContextMenu_Stairs = "Escales", ContextMenu_Floor = "Terra", ContextMenu_Bar = "Bar", ContextMenu_Furniture = "Mobles", ContextMenu_Fence = "Tanca", // VALLA ? ContextMenu_Wooden_Stake = "Estaca de fusta", ContextMenu_Barbed_Fence = "Tanca de pues ", ContextMenu_Wooden_Fence = "Tanca de fusta", ContextMenu_Sang_Bag_Wall = "Mur de sacs de sorra", //MUR DE SACS DE TERRA? ContextMenu_Gravel_Bag_Wall = "Mur de sacs de grava", ContextMenu_Wooden_Wall = "Paret de fusta", ContextMenu_Wooden_Pillar = "Pilar de fusta", ContextMenu_Windows_Frame = "Marc de finestra", ContextMenu_Wooden_Floor = "Terra de fusta", ContextMenu_Wooden_Crate = "Caixa de fusta", ContextMenu_Table = "Taula", ContextMenu_Small_Table = "Taula petita", ContextMenu_Large_Table = “Taula gran", ContextMenu_Table_with_Drawer = "Taula amb calaixos", ContextMenu_Wooden_Chair = "Cadira de fusta", ContextMenu_Rain_Collector_Barrel = "Barril recolector de pluja", ContextMenu_Dark_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta fosca ", ContextMenu_Brown_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta marró clar", ContextMenu_Light_Brown_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta marró", ContextMenu_Wooden_Door = "Porta de fusta", ContextMenu_Door_Frame = "Marc de la porta", // MARC PORTA? ContextMenu_Dismantle = "DesmanteLlar", ContextMenu_Build = "Construir", ContextMenu_Bar_Element = "Barra", ContextMenu_Bar_Corner = "Cantonada de barra", // CANTONADA BARRA // CANTONADA DE LA BARRA?? ContextMenu_Plaster = "GUIX", ContextMenu_Paint = "Pintura", ContextMenu_Blue = "Blava", ContextMenu_Brown = "Marró", ContextMenu_Cyan = "Blau Fosc", ContextMenu_Green = "Verd", ContextMenu_Grey = "Gris", ContextMenu_Light_Blue = "Blau Clar", ContextMenu_Light_Brown = "Marró clar", ContextMenu_Orange = "Taronja", ContextMenu_Pink = "Rosa", ContextMenu_Purple = "Lila", //PORPRA? ContextMenu_Turquoise = "Turquesa", ContextMenu_White = "Blanc", ContextMenu_Yellow = "Groc", ContextMenu_Equip_Two_Hands = "Equipar amb ambdues mans", // EQUIPAR AMB TOTES DUES MANS.// EQUIPAR AMB LES DUES MANS -- Camping menu ContextMenu_Build_a_fire = "Construir foguera", //FER FOGUERA? ContextMenu_Add_petrol = "Afegir gasolina", ContextMenu_Light_fire = "Encendre foguera”, ContextMenu_Put_up_tent = "Muntar tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Take_down_tent = "Desmuntar tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Put_out_fire = "Recollir foguera", ContextMenu_Add_fuel_to_fire = "Afegir mes llenya”,, ContextMenu_Sleep_in_tent = "Dormir en tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Light_fire_with_kindling = "Encendre foc amb llenya", ContextMenu_Light = "Encendre", ContextMenu_Spill_Gravel = "Abocar grava", //ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Spill_Sand = "Abocar sorra",////ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Spill_Dirt = "Abocar terra",////ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Take_some_sands = Agafar una mica de sorra", ContextMenu_Take_some_gravel = "Agafar una mica de grava", ContextMenu_Take_some_dirt = "Agafar una mica de terra", ContextMenu_Repair = "Reparar ",//ARREGLAR? ContextMenu_NameThisBag = "Nom" ContextMenu_RenameBag = "Cambiar nom", // CAMBIAR NOM DEL CONTENIDOR ContextMenu_Lamp_on_Pillar = "Farola",//FANAL //LLANTERNA SOBRE D’UN PILAR? } Farming Items_CAT = { DisplayNameCampfire_materials = "Materials per a la foguera", DisplayNameStone = "Pedra", DisplayNameKindling = "Llenya", DisplayNameKnotted_Wooden_Plank = “Planxes de fusta foradades",//LLISTONS DE FUSTA FORADATS? DisplayNameSturdy_Stick = "Pal robust", DisplayNameFlint = "Pedernal", DisplayNameSteel_Knuckle = "Puny americà", DisplayNameFlint_and_Steel = "Encenedor", DisplayNameTent = "Tenda de campanya", DisplayNameTent_kit = "Kit tenda de campanya", DisplayNameTent_Peg = "Varilles tenda de campanya", DisplayNameSeeding_Broccoli = "Llavors bròquil", DisplayNameRadish = "Rave", DisplayNameStrawberries = "Maduixa", DisplayNameTomato = "Tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato = "Patata", DisplayNameCabbage = "Col", DisplayNameMilk_Package = "Paquet de llet", DisplayNameBacon = "Beicon",// BUFF.. BACÓ NO M’AGRADA MASSA //CANSALADA FUMADA?? wtf… DisplayNameBacon_Rashers = Filet de beicon", DisplayNameBacon_Bits = "Trossos de beicon", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise = "Pot de maionesa", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade = "Pot de salsa", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Half) = "Pot de salsa", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Empty) = "Ampolla buida", DisplayNamePotato_Salad = "Amanida de patata", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad = "", DisplayNameVegetarian_Potato_Salad = "Amanida de patata i verdures", //AMANIDA DE PATATA VEGETARIANA.. DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad_Vegetarian = "", DisplayNameBoring_Salad = "Amanida insípida", DisplayNameSimple_Salad = "Amanida simple", DisplayNameTasty_Salad = "Amanida suculenta", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Boring_Mixed_Salad = "", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds = "Llavors de pastanaga", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds = “Llavors de bróquil", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds = "Llavors de rave", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds = " Llavors de maduixa", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds = "Llavors de tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds = "Llavors de patata", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds = "Llavors de col", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de pastanaga", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de bròquil", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de rave", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de maduixes", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de patata", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de col", DisplayNameTrowel = "Pala de jardineria", DisplayNameSpade = "Pala", DisplayNameWatering_Can_(Full) = "Regadora amb aigua", DisplayNameWatering_Can = "Regadora buida", DisplayNameNPK_Fertilizer = "Abono ecològic", DisplayNameEmpty_Fertilizer = "Abono buit", DisplayNameMildew_Spray = "Aerosol antifúngic", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_(Empty) = "Aerosol buit", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_(Full) = "Aerosol amb aigua", DisplayNameInsecticide_Spray = "Aerosol insecticida", DisplayNameAxe = "Destral", DisplayNameBaseball_Bat = "Bat de beisbol", DisplayNameNailed_Baseball_Bat = "Bat de beisbol con claus", DisplayNameButter_Knife = "Ganivet de mantega", DisplayNameHammer = "Martell", DisplayNameKitchen_Knife = "Ganivet de cuina", DisplayNameMolotov_Cocktail = "Còctel molotov", DisplayNameFrying_Pan = "Paella", DisplayNamePen = "Bolígraf", DisplayNamePencil = "Llapis", DisplayNamePistol = "Pistola", DisplayNamePlank = "Tauló",//PLANXA DE FUSTA, DisplayNameNailed_Plank = "Tauló con claus", DisplayNamePoolcue = "Tac de billar", DisplayNameScrewdriver = "Tornavis", DisplayNameShotgun = "Escopeta", DisplayNameSawn_Off_Shotgun = "Escopeta retallada", DisplayNameSledgehammer = "Massa d’obra", DisplayNameBarbed_wire = "Malla de pues",//CABLEJAT DE PÚES? DisplayNameBarricade = "Barricada", DisplayNameBelt = "Cinturó", DisplayName9mm_Magazine = "Carregador de 9mm", DisplayNameBowl = "Bol", DisplayNameBucket = "Galleda", DisplayName9mm_Rounds = "Bala de 9mm", DisplayNameCandle = "Espelma", DisplayNameCoffee = "Cafè", DisplayNameBag_of_Concrete_Powder = "Sac de formigó", DisplayNameCrate = "Caixa", DisplayNameDoor = "Porta", DisplayNameWooden_Door_Frame = "Porta de fusta", DisplayNameDoorknob = "Pom per a portes", //POM PORTA//POM DE LA PORTA DisplayNameDrawer = "Calaix", DisplayNameDoor_Hinge = "Frontissa per a portes", // FRONTISSA // FRONTISSA DE LA PORTA DisplayNamePicture_of_Kate = "Fotografia de Kate", DisplayNameKettle = "Tetera", DisplayNameLog = "tronco", DisplayNameEmpty_Mug = "Tassa buida DisplayNameNails = "Claus", DisplayNameEmpty_Notebook = "Cuadern buit DisplayNamePaint_brush = brotxa de pintura", DisplayNamePillow = "Coixí", DisplayNamePistol_Magazine = "Carregador de pistola", //CARREGADOR PER A PISTOLA? DisplayNameBag_of_Plaster_Powder = "Sac de guix", DisplayNamePool_Ball = "Bola de billar", DisplayNameEmpty_Pop_Bottle = "Botella de refresc buida", DisplayNameCooking_Pot = "Olla", DisplayNameBandages = "Bendatges", DisplayNameRoasting_Pan = "Safata de forn", DisplayNameSaw = "Serra", DisplayNameSheet = "Llençol", DisplayNameSheet_of_Paper = "Fulla de paper", DisplayNameSheet_Rope = "Soga de tela", DisplayNameShotgun_Shells = "Cartutx d'escopeta", DisplayNameSock = "Mitjó", DisplayNameStairs_Piece = "Part de l'escala", //PEÇA DE L'ESCALA DisplayNameTea_Bag = "Bosseta de te", DisplayNameCan_Opener = "Obrellaunes",//OBRIDOR DisplayNameCanned_Beans = "Llauna de mongetes", DisplayNameTuna = "Llauna de tonyina", DisplayNameWall_Piece = "Part de la paret", //TROS DE LA PARET DisplayNameEmpty_Bottle = "Ampolla buida", DisplayNameWooden_Window_Frame = "Marc de finestra de fusta", //MARC FINESTRA FUSTA // MARC DE FUSTA PER LA FINESTRA DisplayNameBook = "Llibre", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Beginners = "Fusteria per a novells", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Intermediates = "Fusteria intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Carpentry = "Fusteria avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Carpentry = "Fusteria per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Carpentry = "Fusteria per a mestres", DisplayNameCooking_for_Beginners = "Cuina per a novells", DisplayNameCooking_for_Intermediates = "Cuina intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Cooking = "Cuina avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Cooking = "Cuina per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Cooking = "Cuina per a mestres", DisplayNameFarming_for_Beginners = "Agricultura per a novells", DisplayNameFarming_for_Intermediates = "Agricultura intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Farming = "Agricultura avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Farming = "Agricultura per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Farming = "Agricultura per a mestros", DisplayNameDoodle = "Diari personal", DisplayNameJournal = "Diari", DisplayNameMagazine = "Revista", DisplayNamespaper = "Paper", DisplayNameApple = "Poma", DisplayNameBroccoli_Chicken_Casserole = " Cassola de pollastre amb bròquil", DisplayNameBanana = "Plàtan", DisplayNameBowl_of_Beans = "Bol de mongetes", DisplayNameBoring_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa insípida", DisplayNameBoring_Soup = "Sopa insípida", DisplayNameBread = "Pa", DisplayNameBroccoli = "Bróquil", DisplayNameButter = "Mantega", DisplayNameCarrots = "Pastanaga", DisplayNameCheese = "Formatge", DisplayNameCheese_Sandwich = "Entrepà de formatge", DisplayNameChicken = "Pollastre", DisplayNameChocolate = "Xocolata", DisplayNameCigarettes = "Cigarrets", DisplayNameComplex_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa elaborada", DisplayNameComplicated_Soup = "Sopa elaborada", DisplayNameChips = "Patates fregides de bossa", DisplayNameCupcake = "Magdalena", DisplayNameEgg = "Ou", DisplayNameGrilled_Cheese_Sandwich = "Entrepà de formatge fos", DisplayNameHearty_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa copiosa", DisplayNameHearty_Soup = "Sopa copiosa", DisplayNameLollipop = "Piruleta", DisplayNameHot_Cuppa = "Tassa de te calient", DisplayNameOpen_Can_of_Beans = "Llauna de mongetes (oberta)", DisplayNameOrange = "Taronja", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter = "Crema de cacahuet", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter_Sandwich = "Entrepà de crema de cacauet", DisplayNamePeas = "Pèsols", DisplayNamePie = "Pastís, DisplayNamePop = "Gasosa", DisplayNameOrange_Soda = "Refresc de taronja", DisplayNameInstant_Popcorn = "Crispetes de microones ", DisplayNamePot_of_Soup = "Olla de sopa", DisplayNameDry_Ramen_Noodles = "Fideus secs", DisplayNameBowl_of_Ramen_Noodles = "Bol de fideus", DisplayNameSalmon = "Salmó", DisplayNameSimple_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa simple", DisplayNameSimple_Soup = "Sopa simple", DisplayNameBowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa", DisplayNameSteak = "Filet", DisplayNameTV_Dinner = "Menjar precuinat", DisplayNameTasty_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa suculenta", DisplayNameTasty_Soup = "Sopa suculenta", DisplayNameCanned_Soup = "Sopa en llauna", DisplayNameOpen_Tin_of_Tuna = "Lata de atún abierta", DisplayNameWatermelon = "Síndria", DisplayNameWatermelon_Slice = "Rodanxes de síndria", DisplayNameWatermelon_Chunks = "Trossos de síndria", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_(full) = "Ampolla de Whisky", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_(half) = "Ampolla de Whisky", DisplayNameWet_Dish_Towel = "Drap de cuina humit", DisplayNameDish_Towel = "Drap de cuina", DisplayNameBattery = "Bateria", DisplayNameBucket_with_concrete = "Galleda amb formigó", DisplayNameBucket_with_plaster = "Galleda amb guix", DisplayNameBucket_with_water = "Galleda amb aigua", DisplayNameLit_Candle = "Espelma encesa", DisplayNameFlour = "Farina", DisplayNameA_Full_Kettle = "Tetera amb aigua", DisplayNameGravel_bag = "Sac de grava", DisplayNameLighter = "Encenedor", DisplayNameMatches = "Llumins", DisplayNameBlue_Paint = "Pintura blava", DisplayNameBrown_Paint = "Pintura marró", DisplayNameCyan_Paint = "Pintura blau fosc", DisplayNameGreen_Paint = "Pintura verda", DisplayNameGrey_Paint = "Pintura gris", DisplayNameLight_Blue_Paint = "Pintura blau clar", DisplayNameLight_Brown_Paint = "Pintura marró clar", DisplayNameOrange_Paint = "Pintura taronja", DisplayNamePink_Paint = "Pintura rosa", DisplayNamePurple_Paint = "Pintura lila",//PINTURA PORPRA? wtf. DisplayNameTurquoise_Paint = "Pintura turquesa", DisplayNameWhite_Paint = "Pintura blanca", DisplayNameYellow_Paint = "Pintura groga", DisplayNameGas_Can = "Bidó de gasolina", DisplayNamePainkillers = "Analgésics", DisplayNameAnti-depressants = "Antidepresius", DisplayNameBeta_Blockers = "Tranquilizants", DisplayNameSleeping_Tablets = "Somnífers", DisplayNameSand_bag = "Sac de sorra", DisplayNameSugar = "Sucre", DisplayNameTissue = "Mocador", DisplayNameFlashlight = "Llanterna", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameWater_Bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameBowl_of_Water = "Bol amb aigua", DisplayNameA_Mug_of_Water = "Tassa amb aigua", DisplayNameA_Pot_of_Water = "Olla amb aigua", DisplayNameVest = "Armilla", DisplayNameSweater = "Jersei", DisplayNameBlouse = "Blusa", DisplayNamePants = "Pantalones", DisplayNameSkirt = "Faldilla", DisplayNameShoes = "Sabates", DisplayNameCrowbar = "Palanca", DisplayNameFork = "Forquilla", DisplayNameGolfclub = "Pal de golf", DisplayNameRolling_Pin = "Corró", DisplayNameScissors = "Tisores", DisplayNameSpoon = "Cullera", DisplayNameWet_Bath_Towel = "Toaballola mullada", DisplayNameBath_Towel = "Toballola", DisplayNameBandaid = "Tireta", DisplayNameBandage = "Bendatge", DisplayNameBleach = "Leixiu", DisplayNamePlaying_Cards = "Baralla de cartes", DisplayNameComb = "Pinta", DisplayNameDice = "Dau", DisplayNameDogfood = "Menjar per a gossos", DisplayNameLipstick = "Pintallabis", DisplayNameLocket = "Penjoll", DisplayNameMirror = "Mirall", DisplayNameRadio = "Radio", DisplayNameRazor = "Maquinieta d'afaitar", DisplayNameString = "Cordill",//CORDÓ? DisplayNameToy_Bear = "Osset de peluix", DisplayNameVitamins = "Vitamines", DisplayNameWallet = "Cartera", DisplayNameWedding_Ring = "Anell de noces",// BODA?..//NÚPCIES DisplayNameWire = "Filferro", DisplayNameYoyo = "Yoyó", DisplayNameBeef_Jerky = "Cecina", DisplayNameBerry = "Baia", DisplayNameCandycane = "Bastó de caramel", DisplayNameCereal = "Cereal", DisplayNameDead_Rat = "Rata morta", DisplayNameOpen_Dogfood = "Llauna de menjar per gossos (oberta)", DisplayNameIcecream = "Gelat", DisplayNameLemon = "Llimona", DisplayNameMilk = "Llet", DisplayNameMushroom = "Bolet", DisplayNameOnion = "Ceba", DisplayNameStrawberry = "Maduixa", DisplayNameDuffelbag = "Bossa de lona", DisplayNamePlastic_Bag = "Bossa de plàstic", DisplayNameTote_Bag = "Bossa de asa", DisplayNameSchoolbag = "Mochila escolar", DisplayNameNormal_Hiking_Bag = "Motxilla de excursió normal", DisplayNameBig_Hiking_Bag = "Motxilla d'excursió gran", DisplayNameNewspaper = "Diari", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise_(Full) = "Pot amb maionesa", DisplayNameRope = "Corda", DisplayNameGlue = "Cola", DisplayNameBox_of_Nails = "Caixa de claus", DisplayNameBox_of_Screws = "Caixa de visos",//CAIXA DE CARGOLS DisplayNameBox_of_9mm_Bullets = "Caixa de balas de 9mm", DisplayNameBox_of_Shotgun_Shells = "Caixa de cartutxs d'escopeta", DisplayNameScrews = "Visos", DisplayNameBurger = "Hamburguesa", DisplayNamePizza = "Pizza", DisplayNameFries = "Patates fregides", DisplayNamePancakes = "Crep",COCA//COQUETA? o.O" DisplayNameMeat_Patty = "Empanada", DisplayNameWaffles = "Gofres", DisplayNameGarbage_Bag = "Bossa d'escombreries", DisplayNameEmpty_Sand_bag = "Sac de sorra buit", DisplayNameDirt_bag = "Sac de terra", DisplayNameDuct_Tape = "Cinta aïllant", DisplayNameWood_glue = "Cola de fuster", DisplayNameTwine = "Fil", DisplayNameTooth_paste = "Pasta de dents", DisplayNameTooth_brush = "Respall de dents", DisplayNameScotch_tape = "Cinta adhesiva", DisplayNameDigital_Watch = "Rellotge digital", DisplayNameHam = "Pernil", DisplayNameCorn = "Blat de moro", DisplayNameEggplant = "Alberginia", DisplayNameLeek = "Porro", DisplayNameGrapes = "Raïm", DisplayNameThread = "Fil", DisplayNameNeedle = "Agulla", DisplayNameCube = "Cub de Rubick", DisplayNameDough= "Massa", DisplayNameBakingTray= "Safta per a fornejar", DisplayNameRolled_Dough= "Massa aplanada", DisplayNameBaking_Tray_With_Bread= "Safata per a fornejar amb pa", DisplayNamePeanuts = "Cacauets" DisplayNameOpen_Canned_Soup = "Llauna de sopa (oberta)"} IGUI IGUI_CAT = {-- All the UI text used in game-- InventoryPaneIGUI_invpanel_Type = "Tipus",IGUI_invpanel_Category = "Categoria",IGUI_invpanel_Pack = "Ficar",IGUI_invpanel_unpack = "Treure",IGUI_invpanel_drop_all = "Deixar-ho anar tot",IGUI_invpanel_drop_one = "Deixar-ne un",IGUI_invpanel_Nutrition = "Nutrició",IGUI_invpanel_Remaining = "Restant",IGUI_invpanel_Condition = "Condició",IGUI_invpanel_Cooking = "Cuinant-se"IGUI_invpanel_Burning = "Cremant-se"IGUI_invpanel_Burnt = "Cremat" -- InventoryPageIGUI_invpage_Loot_all = "Agafar-ho tot", -- Character ScreenIGUI_char_Age = "Edat",IGUI_char_Sex = "Gènere",IGUI_char_Traits = "Trets",IGUI_char_Favourite_Weapon = "Arma preferida",IGUI_char_Zombies_Killed = "Zombis eliminats",IGUI_char_Survivor_Killed = "NPC eliminats",IGUI_char_Survived_For = "Díes amb vida",IGUI_char_Male = "Home",IGUI_char_Female = "Dona", -- Health panelIGUI_health_Scratched = "Rascada",IGUI_health_Wounded = "Ferida",IGUI_health_Bitten = "Mosegada",IGUI_health_Bleeding = "Sagnant",IGUI_health_Bandaged = "Embenat",IGUI_health_Overall_Body_Status = "Estat general",IGUI_health_zombified = "¡ZOMBIFICAT!",IGUI_health_ok = "Sa",IGUI_health_Slight_damage = "Danys mínims",IGUI_health_Very_Minor_damage = "Danys lleus",IGUI_health_Minor_damage = "Danys superficials",IGUI_health_Moderate_damage = "Danys moderats",IGUI_health_Severe_damage = "Danys considerables",IGUI_health_Very_Severe_damage = "Danys molt considerables",IGUI_health_Crital_damage = "Danys crítics",IGUI_health_Highly_Crital_damage = "Danys molt crítics",IGUI_health_Terminal_damage = "Estat terminal",IGUI_health_Deceased = "Muert",IGUI_health_Left_Hand = "Mà esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Hand = "Mà dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Forearm = "Avantbraç esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Forearm = "Avantbraç dret",IGUI_health_Left_Upper_Arm = "Braç esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Upper_Arm = "Braç dret",IGUI_health_Upper_Torso = "Tors superior",IGUI_health_Lower_Torso = "Tors inferior",IGUI_health_Head = "Cap",IGUI_health_Neck = "Coll",IGUI_health_Groin = "Engonal",IGUI_health_Left_Thigh = "Cuixa esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Thigh = "Cuixa dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Shin = "Espinilla esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Shin = "Espinilla dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Foot = "Peu esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Foot = "Peu dret",IGUI_health_Unknown_Body_Part = "Part desconeguda", -- SkillsIGUI_skills_Multiplier = "Multiplicador",IGUI_XP_Next_skill_point = "Seguent punt d'experiència",IGUI_XP_xp = " exp",IGUI_XP_Skill_point_available = "Punts d'experiencia disponibles",IGUI_XP_Locked = "Bloquejat",IGUI_XP_UnLocked = "Desbloquejat",IGUI_XP_level = " Nivell",IGUI_XP_Skills = "Habilitats",IGUI_XP_Health = "Salut",IGUI_XP_Info = "Info", -- PerksIGUI_perks_Combat = "Combat",IGUI_perks_Blunt = "Armes contundents",IGUI_perks_Blade = "Armes blanques",IGUI_perks_Aiming = "Punteria",IGUI_perks_Reloading = "Recarrega",IGUI_perks_Crafting = "Construcció",IGUI_perks_Carpentry = "Fusteria",IGUI_perks_Cooking = "Cuina",IGUI_perks_Farming = "Agricultura",IGUI_perks_Agility = "Agilitat",IGUI_perks_Sprinting = "Sprint",IGUI_perks_Lightfooted = "Pas lleuger",IGUI_perks_Nimble = "Destresa",IGUI_perks_Sneaking = "Sigil", -- Item categoryIGUI_ItemCat_Item = "Ítem",IGUI_ItemCat_Food = "Menjar",IGUI_ItemCat_Drainable = "Escorredor",IGUI_ItemCat_Weapon = "Arma",IGUI_ItemCat_Clothing = "Roba",IGUI_ItemCat_Container = "Motxilla/Bossa",IGUI_ItemCat_Literature = "Lectura",}
  20. Project Zomboid Survivor Outpost P.Z.S.O. *radio transmission* / The quick run down... " We allow survivors of the outbreak to make their way to our outpost. The infection rate is rising and we can't risk scratched or bitten citizens we hope you understand. All of those fit and ready will be listed and sent into groups to find food, water, medication, and more for our survival. These are the end times, this is judgment day and we wi- *static* " Alright basically this group is for those small group of people that like the game Project Zomboid or are fans of it and etc. I hope later on this group can grow to be a big portion of PZ's community on steam but as of right now we're a small unknown group slowly getting members one by one. As PZ changes I will be sure to keep our members updated and informed in our announcements. Hope those of you that join enjoy. > ZedHead I apologize for the rough description but we are still a young group. Now since Steam is drawing closer I wanted to post about our group on these forums. Now before some of you look at this and shove it to the side I mind you this group has been more successful than all the other PZ groups (from what I've seen). I plan to make this group grow in number and maybe host some events in the long run. Although we're not as popular as other groups I believe we've been more active minus the recent silence we have I do believe the discussions and comments will come back once PZ early access hits. I've been trying hard to get this group in a organized fashion and been tossing things here on forums and there on discussions. Recently I've had a few of TIS's team join the group which is very exciting since Captain Binky approves of the Spiffo. Not to mention we also have RingoD123 and the beloved nasKo along with Robert Johnson. Seeing these recent arrivals have made me very anxious to spread the word on these forums but I wasn't sure how to present my group in a way people would find it interesting. All I can really say is we're growing in size and I really want the PZ forum community to see that there is in-fact a group out in the Steam community that isn't a dead husk laying under at least twenty repeats/attempts at a good PZ group. The group is public and anyone can join so feel free to climb aboard if you're ever on Steam so we can survive this apocalypse together. Check us out on steam and give us a chance to get a good group going...
  21. Hello PZ-Community So as I understand we will get the Map-Editor pretty pretty soon (when WP gets released which will be very likely in the next few days). I think the Community-created maps will be a very interesting and important aspect of the game, so what are your plans ? What are you going to create first ? Do you have big plans maybe a few could work on ? And for the Devs , do you plan to add something like a little tutorial to explain the basics for it( if its comlexe) ? My first project is probably my RL surrounding , which is near collonge in Germany. I would love to expand it as much as possible and connect it maybe with other community created maps , that are located in a germany. For the Challenge mode i want to add a map that is a PZ-version of the Call of Duty Zombie Map "Kino der Toten". And my last idea/plan would be a map with locations of the well-known Tv-Series "The Walking Dead". This are just some of my ideas, but i am very exited for the upcoming Community maps and would love to join group-map-projects Dont be shy , just tell any crazy idea is welcomed
  22. Contributors PsychoEliteNZ (Adrian Jansen)Viceroy (Stephanus Siebrits Cilliers van Zyl) :) :) :) :) Survival Guide: Translation Notes: Notes: UI/Traits/Professions: Translation Notes: Tooltip: Translation Notes: Context Menu: Translation Notes: Notes: Farming: Translation Notes: Recipes: Translation Notes: IGUI: Translation Notes: PM me any translations done and I'll add them.
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